Gigabyke Review: Electric Bicycle “Scooter” eBike!

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The Gigabyke Groove is a very fun and cool looking eBike (electric bicycle) – a 750w motorized bike that goes around 20MPH and gets 35 miles per charge. Best part, in most states these don’t require a special license, registration, or insurance! Enjoy the comforts of the bicycle lane while effortlessly cruising around with the wind in your hair! (*Helmet recommended 🙂

It’s a very smooth ride. Seat is well cushioned and extremely comfortable. The dual shock suspension is bouncy and fun, glides over bumps and other terrain!
The throttle and brakes are all very smooth, even has a hydraulic disc brake system in the front, and drum brake in the rear, easy to stop on a dime. Overall, lots of comfort and safety features, while looking sporty and cool!

It’s a great transportation device for many people! Daily commuters, but this way you won’t work up a gross sweat while riding into work. College students getting to, from, and around campus. City dwellers or if you live around town (urban or suburban), precise, agile, and fast to zip around and have a lot of fun while traveling.

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Victor Woodroffe says:

I am curious how long it takes to charge?

John Bradley says:

you didnt say if it was lead cell battery or litho

tzef73 says:

1,300 dollars is not bad at all! Is that including the shipping? I’m moving to California in a couple months looking into an electric bike, what are the rules and regulations for ebikes in CA?. Thanks.

GiveOrLooseIt says:


Yousuf A says:

is this legal in NY???

Ibrahim Mcinerney says:

I wish it was cheaper

John Bradley says:

and you didnt say load capacity i am 240 lbs will it be able to carry somebody that is heavy

3FLYTE says:

I’m looking for a folding one. Have you done a review on those folding electrics?

Mohammad Jamal says:

I laic baic

Jeffrey Burke says:

Where do you purchase this groov scooter?

Yousuf A says:

welp, i guess it’s time to get my 16 yr old ass to dunkin doughnuts 4 a job

adel Thmer says:

السلام عليكم ممكن اعرف كم سعر هذه الدراجه

Ivan Zhong says:

Do a ride review on the daymak em1

3FLYTE says:

I like it because it doesn’t look goofy. It actually looks cool.

Generic YouTube Name says:

20 mph for city people

demierre says:

This is a remade yamaha ec03? odd

Joseph Galea says:

Can eny one tell me if i found this from europe

tastemysaucer says:

Bafang 750 watt mid drive on a full sus mtb beats that in every respect

John Michael Delos Reyes says:

i really need that.. if i only had a chance 🙁

Shawna C. says:

I would love that. but it would get stolen.

Patrick Thibaut says:

Fun review. You said you’d like the bike to recharge when you pedal. Unfortunately you’d be soaked in sweat till the break o’ dawn before that would make a difference.

Meister jonte says:

Im pretty sure this needs a license somehow, atleast in sweden even tho it only goes on bus lines and bikes lines, but with the speed of 17 it would be weird if u really needed license for it

Kalisto Zenda says:

I wonder if in cities like Seattle they’d make me get endorsed like I had to with my 40cc moped, since otherwise looks pretty practical

Kathy cronick says:

I just bought an electric bike, for 1050.00….yours is so much more , like I wanted! I want this one too…

Raushan 10 says:

that’s awesome!

Richard Auyeung says:

Hi Ben. I was wondering if you’ve ever tested the max range for the Gigabyke, perhaps with something like a GPS app or a pre-planned route that you know the distance of. Also, I was wondering if you could comment on the battery indicator on the LCD screen. How many divisions/notches does it have and did you find it to be accurate?

Paul Cumber says:

how much was it

Jeremy Harris says:

$1,300 is a horrible price point. Wayyy too expensive. This company will go downhill fast

Justin Butler says:

I just saw an electric bike that’s lighter AND faster. just costs 100 dollars more.

powerhouse extreme says:

Is it less or more than 50cc

David Fleming says:

You’ve got to be kidding me, 17 mph? I can walk faster than that so you can forget about this bike.. There are bikes out there that can reach up to 35 mph so this bike is way behind.

ZAKARIA yahia says:

can i have that bike for free

Novelle Dilys says:

Where to order online ?

morgen dikmen says:

I has a really good and sharp look to it! Only problem is the 750w motor. My 250w ebike kit does 17mph with me and the bike weighting in just above 250lbs. They should have upgraded the motor to 1000w

Stayshtum68 says:

Great price,but a lousy range.For this to appeal to the masses,it really should be able to do 50 miles minimum.And regenerative braking should come as standard.If anything,this could put people off getting into the electric bike.
Also,I really would not consider this to be a bicycle.It is far too heavy for that.I have an electric bicycle that weighs 55 pounds,and I am also a very fit push biker,but on any incline the electric bike just kills the knees,without the pedal assist.Its fine on the flat though.My bike only has a 250 watt motor,but I can really benefit with having strong cycling muscles combined with it.An example,a 10% gradient on my normal bike,I can manage around 10 miles an hour.And on the e bike I do the same hill at about 15 miles an hour,but with far less effort,on full pedal assist.I can even reach over 20 miles an hour if I push hard on the hill.I do find the added weight of the bike,helps me go really fast downhill,so really good disk brakes are essential.

parsi zaban says:

this is a great bike.

Ben Lawson says:

REGENERATIVE PEDALING WOULD DO NOTHING. The energy you expelled turning the generator would be better used directly pedaling the bike. This is because the energy that is created from you pedaling does not capture the full amount of energy you burn proving that energy due to current generator inefficiencies. There would also be energy loss going from the battery to the motor. This complexity defeats the point of being able to recharge your bike by pedaling..

Eric YEE says:

is the battery removable?

Nick Kilcoyne says:

I found a hidden high speed mode on this bike. Its easy to turn on

Ivan Zhong says:

Can you review the emmo s6 e bike

GarudaLegends says:

can it fit in a front door

Hashir Ansari says:

this was very nice

milani claudio says:

,CCx..,…….. ,X. XX. ..??.?..”.,,,,’,,,.,.,?..!,..!,..!.!.,!!,..!..X”,.!.x

EnhancedNightmare says:

The price is very attractive on this one.

What kind of batteries does it use? They state Silicon batteries but I’ve never heard of those.

Clearanceman2 says:

The thing is you can buy a used 250 motorcycle for less than $1000. Insurance is $75 a year and they get about 75 miles per gallon.

Drunken Hamster says:

Meanwhile, people are strapping $130 Predator 212’s to bikes they already have, getting 5HP-6.5HP {instead of the 1HP that 750W equals}, a much farther range with faster refueling, and, as far as I know, not getting harassed by cops.

Dicky Cheung says:

in china,this only us$300

Mario D. Zmaj says:

its very slow

beboploo says:

good plug how much did you get

Vanessa Nasr says:

how much is it ??

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