I have recently purchased an electric bicycle and I want to share with you my experience. In the video I show you unpacking, testing the bike out and I’m telling you my first thoughts about using this bike. This is not a sponsored video. I just bought it and want to tell you what I think about it. Enjoy, subscribe, love.

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Yahya Hamad says:

You guys aren’t going to have babies ?

William Robinson says:

Nice, better life over there for sure

BlackMesaSecurity says:

That was a great review!! Very interesting bike. Might be something I’d look into to ride to work. But after I buy my first motorcycle. Hopefully next spring.

Becky Driscoll says:

Nice bike.

William Robinson says:

Video makes me wish I was there that is what you are aiming for

tropcm4.6 says:

First ☺️

itsjoshshepherd says:

Hey mate, just to let you know the reason it’s capped at 15mph is once it goes above you need a license 🙂 Good review though!

Ozzy says:

You better buy a heavy duty security lock for it my friend. I imagine you take the battery in with you when you go somewhere. Pretty cool though.

Arek R. says:

For this money I could build quite a best.
So like every parameter at least doubled.
But after I moved to UK I don’t have access to my tools :/

Rogan Pogan says:

How cool!

Bradley Sullivan says:

Rock and Roll Maciej

mark stockley says:

Great review! I’m interested in this bike but unsure about it having only 1 gear. How fast can you comfortably peddle after the motor shuts off at 15mph?

Alan Smith says:

I use instruction manuals to sit my cup of tea on while I do the assembly!

William Robinson says:

You make me want to do a video log myself here in the south

Ibnu Otarid says:

congratulations for the picture & the frame , actually you chose a very nice frame , and the picture is very very beautiful wish you both a very happy life filled with love.

and congratulations for the new bike , or the e-bike to be accurate . Actually this type of bikes is not available in country I live in and it is very costly to buy it through the internet , but I’ve read about it in the internet , thanks a lot for making this review for the bike.

suman joseph says:

All the Best Mr. Macej for your new bike.. God Bless you

nigel Mc Hugh says:

The grin says it all, when the battery kicks in 😀

John C says:

The term you are looking for is disc brakes.

Marcin Gi says:

Zaraz przypomniało mi się jak pakowaliśmy Twój rower gdy pierwszy raz wyjeżdżałeś do Anglii 🙂 Pozdro kuzyn!

John Labus says:

I have a GTech battery vacuum cleaner and the battery lasts a long, long time. I live in a small apartment and it’s very easy to manage and it’s small to store.

bz2unow says:

Very cool review!

Everdaters says:

About the bike and the company. Price: £995. Shipping: within 2 business days. Returns and refunds: within 2 weeks if you are not satisfied. Customer service: 5 stars.

William Robinson says:

Great review! Just missing price range, shipping and waiting time. Other than that, great review!! Good job

Gerard Archer says:

Good review on the Gtech, I think you’re speaking of disc brakes, they look cool, but I don’t think they would make much of a difference.

David Parry says:

That thing is pretty cool Maciej. It should pay for itself eventually now that you don’t have to take public transportation right? I love that wedding picture, that is so nice 😀 Maciej, my marriage did not work and i’ve been divorced for almost ten years. I think why I love you and Monika so much is because I gave up on love and I’m 44. I’m retired from relationships, but it makes me feel so satisfied that Christian monogamous marriage is still in the world and that love is still very alive. You guys are wholesome and appropriate and I just enjoy that. Now you know a little something about me lol. Enjoy yourselves today my friends 😀

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