Haibike XDURO AllMtn 8.0 Video Review – $5k Yamaha PW-X Enduro Electric bike

https://electricbikereview.com/haibike/xduro-allmtn-8-0/ The 2018 Haibike XDURO AllMtn 8.0 is a full suspension all-mountain electric bike with 150 mm Fox air suspension, sturdy thru-axles, powerful Magura MT5 hydraulic disc brakes, and tubeless-ready plus sized tires from Schwalbe. Available in four frame sizes, iconic angular hydroformed tubing and sporty paint job, three trim levels (6.0, 8.0, 10.0) allow you to dial in price or performance, global dealer network. Yamaha PW-X motor offers high torque output, support for faster pedaling, and is compatible with multiple chainrings (this is a 2x system), it’s lighter and more compact than the competition. High-capacity 500 watt hour battery that fits in from the side for lower top tube, bulky charger has a seemingly fragile plug design that’s in the path of the left crank arm, walk mode seems to be disabled, display has Micro-USB port built-in but isn’t as large or easy to read as some others, lots of menu options.


Mark Elford says:

This review was fun, the ebike sellers need to make sure there listening.

alan linnemeyer says:

2019 Haibike will have their own engineered integrated motors……expect to see many wild improvements !

nature albums says:

I do love these Haibikes superb quality excellent engineering but cost wise and value for money makes me still think the 2018 BMW might be a better option, good offers at the moment in the UK, I think the electrics have an edge although I love the look of both if money wasn’t the issue the Haibike could be my choice but I’m trying to be practicle and I think I’m going for the BMW. Thanks for a great review.

Johannes Nilsen says:

Good tyre choice, Maxxis Minion are great.
10:33 it won’t do much as a chain guide, only a proper chain guide will do tha, even with clutch it would still be a risk of it dropping, it depends on the gear, chainring size, and how steep and rough you go down.

Noo Hall says:

Dude you sound like Tom cruise………….

NEO ViSiON says:

What is better? XDURO ALLMNT 8.0 OR XDURO NDRUO 8.0? BOSH CX PERFOMANCE VS YAMAHA PW-X , and what is max watt after chip tuning this two motor ?

cresshead says:

I wish there were options for lower priced haibikes to opt for a 500w battery and not get stuck with a 400w and for high priced haibikes to opt for a bigger display be they yamaha or bosch.

Richard Lopez says:

Great info, but would like to see a more condensed and structured review delivery.

Bob A says:

Court-Really nice bikes indeed. I always ask the same question concerning ‘walk mode enabled’ for about 3 years now in the US. Was at a Trek dealer recently and I inquired, and they honestly did not know the answer to that question. I was doing test rides and I forgot to check that feature on the Trek models. My bad. A little pricey, but very cool looking bikes indeed. Cheers!

ModeBlitz says:


Florin Teutoc says:

In Europe with 5,000 I can buy a BMW ….. wtf ?? !!! That’s a thief is not a business … How the hell do you give 5 thousand on a bicycle …)))))))

Eddie says:

Great review, great to hear the other perspectives as well. Very interesting. I have a haibike sduro myself, it’s incredible, it wows me everytime I ride it.

MarsSheep says:

Could anyone with walk assist enabled bike try if this function works on stairs (going up) and let me know. Thanks.

Simonas Dailidė says:

Nice trip!

Florin Teutoc says:

She writes on it “SWISS” and is made in Poland))))) as well as on bicycles in France …. write “France” and are made in Poland ..))))

ForbinColossus says:

Happy to see another Haibike review! What is Yamaha’s excuse for that non-removable display? bosch’s Intuvia has been around for years and you can remove and charge off it. And it’s easier to see. Yamaha is a mature engine building company – they should be able to come up with something much better. Given the pricing of ebikes, manufacturers should have anti-theft features as standard equipment.

Alan H says:

Awesome bike!

Florin Teutoc says:

wtf….5000 dolars?!! is like when IPHONE lunch first phone…In 3 years this bike go to 700…!!! Is all full of gold??!!!


I need an electric bike so bad. I recently just lost my license it’s not my fault it’s a Clerk’s error and going to take some time and a court to clear up. I really need an electric bike to get around until that happens. Is there a more inexpensive bike that I could get that its not thousands of dollars that you would recommend? I would love to get one of these really nice ones but it’s just so far out of my price range. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you

Abby Chen says:

Wonderful bike, how can we contact you to do some business cooperation?

Tim Standaert says:

The 20 mph top speed is always a deal breaker..

Kevin Willis says:

The helmet cam perspective is excellent. You were able to ride more aggressively versus the sedate riding you are forced into when holding action camera in your hand! I like it! The helmet camera also gives more insights as to what the rider actually viewing. More test rides likes this! Please!

Oscar Kapac says:

When you climb a stip slope, just stand on the pedals and move your body to the front of the bike, so you will transfer your weight on the front, and the front wheel will not that easily loose control 😉

Forrest P says:

Court, thanks for the great review. Keep it up, you are the best! I almost bought this bike, but the lack of a walk mode for those steep mnt areas is a deal breaker.

james toms says:

You dont need a full sus bike for that sort of riding, a hard tail would have been better and cheaper

Autigers2010 says:

Why doesnt someone invent an ebike that charges battery as you peddle?

Heiko says:

What would you prefer, this Haibike or the Bulls e-stream evo AM 4 you presented in another video?

Mark G says:

These bike are old news and will be discounted highly soon after this years euro bike.

Larry Conger says:

Finally the review I’ve been wanting to see this one ☝️reviewed by u Court, Yamaha needs to enable walk mode definitely

VideoNOLA says:

Dumb question: Without an inner tube, how is air added to (and retained by) tubeless tires? Is the rim itself completely sealed as well? I can’t picture how the air valve stem is arranged!

Matthew Ryan says:

Very cool and stylish, how much do the components add to its total weight?

scott ferguson says:

you need a TON of speed or a dirt bike for that hill…..?

John Wiseman says:

The hill attempt would have been more informative if you had measured and disclosed the percent slope or degrees. Thanks again for your helpful reviews.

Kyle Morgan says:

I used to live in Fullerton and did the Fullerton Loop every week or two. Great review!

John Durkin says:

Be looking forward to the first review of Haibike FLYON just announced at Eurobike. Headline is 120 NM torque motor and a really cool cockpit. Bosch gone. BTW, can find Haibike models around for large discounts, particularly around model change out timing. I got a great deal at Motostrano.

Florin Teutoc says:

A PEUGEOT bicycle in France costs 2000 euros and in the US the price is 4000 ….))))) and are made in POLAND …)))

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