Haibike XDURO FullSeven Carbon Ultimate Video Review – Light Carbon Fiber Electric Bike

https://electricbikereview.com/haibike/xduro-fullseven-carbon-ultimate/ The Haibike XDURO FullSeven Carbon Ultimate is a 2016 version of what is now called the FullSeven Carbon 10.0. This is a high-performance electric mountain bike available in four frame sizes, stiff carbon frame for improved power transfer and handling, carbon accents include seat post, saddle, handlebar, wheelset and more. Eleven speed Shimano Deore XTR drivetrain with Di2 electronic shifting for faster, more precise gear changes and reduced chain wear, the Bosch motor controller is also designed to reduce mashing. Beautifully integrated motor and battery pack, the weight is kept low and center, shielding is minimalist but effective, unique Sprocket Equalizing System raises the chain and reduces kickback. Prohibitively expensive at ~$16k, the weight is low compared to most other ebikes I have reviewed but it wasn’t as light as I expected at ~42.5 lbs, the wheelset may only accommodate up to ~209 lbs riders.


Ted Kidd says:

yep. dropper seatposts for all mtnbikes

phuck ewe says:


F r e e l e e says:

Carbon is a mistake for the e bike frame as its weak. yes weak bash a carbon frame and its finished for good.

F'd News says:

16K!, WTH…..You could buy a brand new motorcycle, a jet ski, and a high end regular bike and still have money left over instead.

Nemanja X says:

Haibike really needs to up their game in battery integration. This bike is far from being aesthetically pleasing.

AnAceism says:

stealth bomber would be a better buy then this

ForbinColossus says:

Insightful commentary about carbon’s true costs and limitations. Also good points about how a reduced battery size can improve ride-ability yet satisfy commute and short distances.

Torian the Cyclist says:

I like the reference to it being the “race car” of bikes. That really does put the price into perspective.

Jeroen de Smit says:

When will you review a haibike with the new intergraded display and yamaha pw-x motor? Really want to see some info on the hardseven 7.0

Raven M. says:

No disrespect intended but the Sportscar analogy really is apples and oranges. Expensive Sportscar can typically justify their more expensive prices by tangible performance results and future resale because of desirability. This is nothing more than an ebike that Haibike decided that just by using using a relatively common technology now, carbon fiber and rediculously low 350w motor could justify a regal price.

Malte Schümann says:

Haibike does by far the most ugly ebikes. This is their worst.

sbcfilm says:

just buy a used downhill bike or what ever you want, add a bafang bbshd, 1000w and 160nm of torque will leave any of these over priced 250w low power over priced bikes in the dust…

moinsen mann says:

A friend of mine bought one of these for 11000EUR in Poland. Just as you said, it is a sportscar!

Andrée Markefors says:

Look at that! Some people commenting are realising for the first time that the price/performance ratio isn’t linear all the way up to 10.000.000 USD. Who could have known?

Please, somebody tell Haibike, sports car makers and any other luxury goods makers to stop this nonsense IMMEDIATELY! Wrong buttons are being pressed here! Sensitive toes stepped on! Lean budgets are exploding….

For the sake of all that’s good: stop snivelling and dry your tears!!

Yu HaDeN says:


Florida Scot says:

Look @ it this way- expensive but a very light bike & costs only 380 dollars or so a pound , hmmmm damn it’s still way too expensive no matter how you look @ it but cool !

K Singleton says:

Way to noisy! I suppose that’s a good thing if you are in heavy traffic, you won’t need a horn to alert others you are behind them.

Larry Conger says:

You do a great job explaining and teaching about ebikes court. Happy you are making these videos and appreciate you having Chris there to help you out with your videos, I miss your chats about what’s going on in the industry maybe you will start that again?

TrumpCorp. says:

For this price i rather buy a stealth bomber or a motorcycle and a luxury vacation.

Dave Caldwell says:

Good Lord that’s an expensive bike! Far to many shortcomings for something so expensive. while I appreciate the sports car analogy, the drive train is the same as on bikes costing only 20% of this. Also. needing to charge the gear shifter separately is just silly. I hope they’ve fixed all these things in the new model!

George Herman says:

I wonder how many of these have been has sold?

Dmitri Nesteruk says:

IMHO, you don’t need carbon on an e-bike. Makes very little difference since you’re not going to be doing jumps anyway. Di2 is nice but, first of all, Bosch actually does a wire for running off the motor… why isn’t it being used, at this price level, instead of that ugly stem solution? Also, you’d think Bosch would put in the effort and integrate the Di2 screen output into its own monitor instead of having a second monitor. Looking at *one* is hard enough. Anyways, Haibike has never really impressed in the e-bike department, the only exception is their 24″ e-bike for kids (yeah you read that right) — but that’s only worth investigating because there are no alternatives out there on the market.

Christoph G. says:

The M1 Spitzing seems to be the better option in this price range.

Combustion69 says:

So it has a cracked frame from a bit of offroad use? Lmao

Martian Megafauna says:

Hey! Wait! I got a new complaint.
1. Those wheels. Even with full suspension, the idea of foregoing typical spoked wheels, and the resilience that they provide, in favor of rigid, non-compliant carbon spokes, seems like a wrong turn. In theory, and this bike is apparently NOT an example of this, a well-tuned, long-travel suspension system in combination with BIG tires could accommodate the rigid wheel, but why? This is no feather weight MTB.
2. $$, !!

Bob A says:

Nice bike Court but a little pricey! You did not cover the EI suspension functionality which I was impressed with on the Sduro Pro series. The EI looks like they should use it on more bikes, or at least as an option at some point IMHO. That fine tuning on trails comes in handy based on the way the system interprets bumps and hard terrain.– Not even CF or aluminum bash guard,
kind of surprising at that price point. I think Haibike needs to tweak this model on many levels and refine many components, make it look more stealthy as a ‘bike of the future’. Give it more futuristic appeal to make it really shine! Thanks Court!

Surfdocsteve says:

It’s a little over priced. But, Santa Cruz Bronson full carbon high end bike is 10G’s so this is not that off. Some high end road bikes are in the 12G range with no motor. This is not for the guy who cares about price and wants the best and lightest bike possible. This fits that niche. The rest of us will settle for a 3G version of the same bike and take the 15lbs penalty.

Grape Eyes says:

Haibike are the *_BEST_*

Not Sure says:

Sweet bike

Trekkie 4Life says:

what a rip off! 16 grand? are they insane nuts

runner4eg1 says:

nice a stupid expensive disposable carbon fiber bike.

tony stark says:

why the fuck do u put the camera right up to ppl face like a moron? I don’t want to see whats up ppl nose fix your camera skills

Playfer says:

At £15K, this bike doesn’t make any sense. You can’t race with it, so the concept of high price for marginal gains is pointless. It’s more than double the price of any other top-of-the-range electric full suspension MTB and only a little lighter.

Lynn Recker says:

So the wheelsets alone cost $3700? So much for my fantasy bike.

Grape Eyes says:

Can you review the Haibike Hardnine 6.0 in Turquoise please

pipeman451 says:


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