Is This Bike worth $2000? [SUPER 73 REVIEW]

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Zama says:

Like the brand: class 1973 –> the best ever 🙂

PhotoVideo Guru says:

One thing is wrong here. All electric bikes are banned in NYC as of january 1st 2018.

Mavi says:

I loved this video but i got very distracted in the last part by that lense without the cap, CASEY PUT THE CAP ON

Trojan Laforteza says:

I love every music used in the video

Marco Wallner says:

Astronomer aim stare blow down writer husband show drift.

RealGeGe says:

the question is… can it handle uphill??

Zama says:

But for me the Eboard Skates: They’re still the best choices. Are lightweight and mostly important to be considered -> do not need to be parked

laws2ewun1t says:

Is there a low-cost kit for bolt onto user’s current bikes?

Stephen Lozada says:

Do your own intros?

Aaron Wild says:

yes! make DSLR gimbals more popular! there’s only like 3 on the market and they’re all $300 – $400. Hopefully more people get into the market.

Gemma Julien says:

Somehow I always end up MAJORLY binge watching literally all of your videos right when I should start/already be studying for finals. It’s bad. But also good cause I love u & ur vids and cinematography

joy park says:


Fan Art 4 Fun says:

Nice bike! Put some stickers on it!

william foreman says:

Make these available for big people 5 foot 10 to 6 foot five and up to 350 pounds make the seat thick enough maybe even consider some spring suspension of sorts bigger battery Stroger frame

Brent Douglas says:

I get the feeling you might get more done with Sam and a “buddy” rather with Dan. 😉

Vincent Quehenberger says:

The intro was just great

MSJ da Tube says:

Anyone from Jaipur here?

Captain J The BK says:

Casey you should check out zero motorcycles they make 100% electric motorcycles and they are crazy fast and programmable like a Tesla meaning you can have it go from 0 to 100% power with a slight touch of the throttle and no shifting because it’s electric

treemarble says:

comments saying is expensive .. try UK disability scooter price s (

Ryan Fuller says:

“It’s a lot like the accelerator on a jet ski ” haha such a Casey Neistat thing to say

Trisha B says:

How in the world did you film this? Did Dan bike backwards or something? Get in a cab and film out the back window? Drone?

Riley Morris says:

Look at every One of Casey’s thumb nails they all have him wear classes

Ninja Oldwars says:

NO Helmet

Ritesh Kotian says:

Try to make it dyi cn

Derek Yo says:

the bike looks cool but the basket at the back make it look like a delivery bike

azschalter says:

But will it blend?

HmanIsWatching says:

gunna need that soon with the way the gas prices are going in canada. looks dope

Pine van Wageningen says:

The “Dan failed to do an intro” was only amusing the first two times – I know Dan actually works hard in the background and he would do impromptu intros like the time machine – just becoming a lil repetitive. Still loving the videos!

dtiydr says:

My guess is that quite a few of the thumbs down are pretty certain from Boosted..

Joseph Samsor says:

If the boosted board company made a scooter, in a similar form to your average trick scooters, that would be sick

Matt Sezer says:

With that low seat, you don’t get proper leg extension, so it seems like it would be pretty useless in everything but throttle mode. Also, as pointed out, it looks like this would be a real pain to get in and out of buildings. There are folding e-bikes that can go equally as fast, albeit they don’t look as cool.

Arthur Belém says:

why are you not wearing a helmet?

Stacey says:

902 people can’t afford this e-bike

Multimik says:

Better then every Moped

Omar Vlogs says:

Does it have battery? How long does it last? More info plz

Charles New says:

2 grand is crazy price for any electric bike ,in my opinion,id just assume buy a used enduro and tag it and i can ride any place i want on it ,granted not sidewalks ,but i can get to just about any place i want to go on a regular motor bike with taggs


You gotta start shooting manual, everything is overexposed

R says:

Unless you’re a “celebrity” good luck getting one within a year of your order. These guys have dropped the ball so many times with customers it’s not even funny. BUYER BEWARE!

Matty Natural Horsemanship says:

Here is the thing. The dam politicians in city’s pretty much all get donor money from the transportation companies and so places like NYC make it REALLY hard for anyone to travel by there own transportation because they want you to pay to travel so they make money. That’s why there are soooo many ridicules rules and laws restricting where you can and can’t ride a bike or scooter or boosted boards. Government needs to get OUT of the transportation business. Our constitution says “we have a RIGHT to freely travel” By government making crazy rules that restrict your right to travel, they break the law.

Deimos Lets play says:

My e bike cost 6k levo 2k good price

Oliver Schumacher says:

Try riding a sondors bike, it’s super cheap and my dad uses it to go surfing everyday and it has similar stats

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