IZIP E3 Dash Video Review – High-Speed Urban Commuter Electric Bike

https://electricbikereview.com/izip/e3-dash/ The 2017 IZIP E3 Dash is a value-priced urban electric bike that includes fenders, integrated LED lights, a rear rack, and hydraulic disc brakes, it’s available in three frame sizes but only high-step. This is a high-speed Class 3 ebike that can reach ~28 mph assisted and because it relies on a cadence sensor, you don’t have to push as hard to get there, excellent weight distribution. Custom frame with internally routed cables and a bottle cage mounting point, turning the bike on and off requires extra steps, the display panel is not removable. Only one color choice but the silver looks cool and keeps you visible at night, the cadence sensing motor does not have shift sensing and the brake levers don’t have motor inhibitors.


Tony says:

The paint flaked off on the aluminum rear fender on my new 2016 Dash E3, purchased in April of 2017 (had about 50 miles on it at the time). I contacted the seller about the problem, he contacted the distributor and I received a new set of replacement fenders in about a week. Customer service at the highest level.

F r e e l e e says:

Why are batteries still put on the frame as an after thought in this day and age.

Luis Figueroa says:

Nice to have an air fork on an e-bike. I love how clean the bike looks and having those fenders won’t stop you from going faster even if it is wet or raining. Btw, I’ve been looking for one of your videos where you were riding with a friend with a really cool helmet that looks like a hat. I couldn’t find the video. I ended up buying that helmet and love it. I wear it everyday at work and everyone loves it. I loved your “Living in a Car” video. Soon I will take the whole summer off and will try to ride as many trails as I can with my brother. I want to go to Bentonville AR, Moab UT, Colorado, Ashville NC. It will be amazing. I love your channel and keep doing what you love.

Grape Eyes says:

It looks like a cheap self build ebike. I will stick with my Haibike Hardnine 6.0

Mark Hammond says:

What is the best $3500.00 e-bike?

Arnold Winters says:

Court, the Dash has no slap guard but the chain is high and since this is a commuter you won’t get too much bounce.

I bought the Voltbike ENDURO based on your review. I expect delivery from WA on June 2nd. I will let you know how my experience is. So far George in Canada has been very nice and we had good communication. THANKS.

David White says:

25.99? Ooh! Cheap…….

Bruce Ballad says:

Throttle option is a must and this bike has it. Cool bike with nice ride. I just dislike this type of battery packs for the looks. People often unnecessarily comment when they see those.

grantspassage says:


Will Nettles says:

15:50 — 15:56 the amazing backward, then stationary chain! It’s a frame rate affect, but it looks real. How soon will you have a drone flying in circles?
And watch those dangling straps on your day bag. Anything that can get hooked, will get hooked in the worse possible way. Don’t go Isadora Duncan on us.

Festivejelly says:

Its crazy that this motor that has 100 watts more than my haibike Yamaha… has less power…

HackHunter1835 says:

Great review as usual. I did notice the front tire was installed with the tread rotation backwards. 53 LBS AND 10 gears, love it.

Tronnic says:

Hi Court! You inspired me to buy an electric bike. I’m on the heavy side and I live in an area with a lot of hills and really almost no flat roads. Didn’t ride bikes since I moved here 7 years ago. I hope my new bike that should ship next week will help me be more active and outside. 🙂 Bought an Cube Reaction Hybrid HPA Race 500. Would love to see a review from you on that one. Hope it was the right decision to get that one. Did an test ride at a shop today and had a blast! Thanks for your videos. Best greetings from Germany! Have a nice weekend. 🙂 Edit: Also a little suggestion for your website. Would be nice if you add filters to show where they are available (EU, US and so on). Also would be nice if it would be possible to type in price ranges instead of using that slider which isn’t really precise.

dmitry manzano says:

I’ve bought Bafang BBSHD mid drive motor on aliexpress and now I wait for the battery I’ve ordered which is 52v 17.5 ah 14s5p Sanyo GA cells. I’ll use a pretty cheap but strong frame Bergamont Vitox 7.0 for becoming electric. I waited for this moment 3 years, can’t wait. I’ve had just 2 hub motors bikes with 36 volts batteries before, they were pretty boring to ride.

Dezső Nagy says:

how musch is ebike, and sipped to me in Ireland? cost all?

George Herman says:

So mid drive seems to be the most popular drive systems now. What happens when they fail? Will you still be able to pedal home on your own power? And what about the ease and cost of repair? With a hub motor you can just replace the whole wheel. In other words which is more costly to repair or replace, the mid drive or the hub motor system?

Juan Noval says:

sweet looking bike

spymaster41 says:

did you get to try any other bikes while you were there? I was looking at getting the peak +.

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