Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent S Video Review – $1.7k Powerful, Fast, Affordable Ebike

https://electricbikereview.com/juiced-bikes/crosscurrent-s/ The Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent S is a high-speed, feature complete, value priced electric bike that comes in four frame sizes, high-step and mid-step frame style, and three colors. Relatively comfortable thanks to fatter tires, a suspension fork with compression slider and lockout, Velo ergonomic grips, and a Selle Royal gel saddle. Full-length plastic fenders with mud flaps and a custom rear rack with pannier hangers, blockers, and bungee loops add utility but also stay fairly quiet. Heavier than I expected at ~57.4 lbs but the powerful 180 mm hydraulic disc brakes also include motor inhibitors to cut power instantly, multiple battery size options let you go further, custom-tuned geared motor is compact but powerful, smooth, and quiet.


Ajemo Haltom says:

Hooray for 1 kWh battery packs… 2 kWhs anybody? Lithium ion makes this reasonable to do on a bike.

gstea1 says:

Make it in America.

Joey Love says:

Great review

james eagle says:

Hey court, I found the haibike on Amazon it’s called the haibike sduro cross sl for $1450. Should I get the crosscurrent or haibike?

Go Time Electric Bikes says:

Way to tell it like it is Court! We love that you get the real deal on every bike. Good Job!

Russell Dawkins says:

Where I live in Canada, this bike is about the same price as the Voltbike Enduro. Would you say they are comparable in terms of power and uphill performance? I am interested in street and moderate trails, so I don’t think I need rear suspension, especially if a sprung seatpost like the Kinekt offered by Juiced would make a reasonable substitute. Any thoughts?
Am I wrong in thinking these bikes are similar in capabilities?
To me it looks like weighing the relative value of the rear suspension vs hydraulic brakes. From what you say, the CrossCurrent might be the more pleasant riding experience around town and on fairly smooth trails in terms of naturalness of response to the rider’s input. One thing I don’t see you mention is the feel of the bikes in terms of frame geometry—how secure and natural does the bike feel when transitioning into a turn, in particular. Finally, how about the hands-off stability of both of these—a characteristic I value. It’s handy to be able to ride that way sometimes, like when you need to have your hands free for a moment or you just need to change your posture for a break. Thanks for your detailed reviews!

ilikewasabe says:

I would opt for for serviceability to aethetics any day.. Being a hub motor. The price ang availability of the parts like the cranks, makes it possible to replace them myself.. Pricepoint is just right.. Gonna buy one for a commuter for sure

robbie 74 says:

Great video and a very nice bike

Chris Carrington says:

I have both the ocean current and the new crosscurrent s and they are both great. Your reviews nail it. Tora’s videos are great as well.

edwin pringle says:


Corn Dog says:

I have watched so many of Court’s reviews, I could probably design THE perfect E-Bike everyone would love. *hint hint* to all the manufacturers out there ;p
This does seem like a sweet deal though. Nice review!

Klaus Brinck says:

9 sequencial gears, higher quality components, big battery, big motor, s-pedelec, hydraulic discbrakes, quickshift,1699$, GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

inmer carbajal says:

I am in the market for a class 3 electric bike with a thumb throttle for around $1500. I was thinking of buying the original crosscurrent, is it worth buying? Or is the Crosscurrent S worth the extra $300?

Ricky Lease says:

Hey Tora. Are you shipping any s’s in January. I noticed that now showing February shipping preorders. Can’t wait to get mine. I love what you’re doing at Juiced

Juan Alfonso Noval says:

Love this bike and the price is spot on. Great job Tora and great review Court. As soon as the guys at Rocket Electrics in Austin get one I’ll go and test it. Thanks. =)

Wayne Bishop says:

Love this ! I love the way the company is on top of things . Get one soon

southeastbeast253 says:

Awesome review. I have an air 500w and love it. Tora has been helpful with some ordering problems and torque sensor upgrade questions I’ve had. Wish the S was in stock a few weeks ago!

MeOwnChannel says:

Always great reviews.

eBikeaholic says:

Looks nice. I like how they’re able to include the fenders, pannier, lights at that price.

Lenny7118 says:

Are the handlebars adjustable? Is the stem adjustable?

Reid Welch says:

Thank you, Court, for your always great reviews!
Am sold on the bike because of your review and also because of Tora’s character.
November delivery Crosscurrent S order #2372 glossy red L

dphotos says:

I was looking at the Juiced Rip Current S and the Rad Rover  My friend bought the Rad Rover last month and loves it.  The battery never runs out of charge after a long beach ride.

John Caban says:

Love all your reviews! I’m 48 and looking for a EBike in the under $2000 price range. Since you review all types of Ebikes could you recommend a ebike for me for that price range? Thinking of the Juiced bikes but would like your opinion on the best value for the money. Live in Massachusetts and don’t see too many Ebikes at dealerships….

Blue Monkey Bicycles says:

Tora’s my hero!
Excellent bike with awesome features!

Raymond Lew says:

I’m enjoying my CC very much! Waiting for an upgrade kit to ‘S’ model.

Alexander says:

This sounds like a shady company… :/

sam millr says:

BEWARE: Court himself reports that FORTY PERCENT of Juiced Bikes are defective! Tora simply doesn’t give af about backing his products or reliability. You’ve been warned.

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