Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent Video Review – Affordable 28 MPH Ebike

https://electricbikereview.com/juiced-bikes/crosscurrent/ The Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent is a An affordably priced speed pedelec that’s well balanced, not too heavy and available in three frame sizes for a good fit, you can also upgrade the battery size. Comes stock with a powerful 48 volt battery but lower 7.8 amp hours, uses a torque sensor to activate pedal assist which requires more effort but extends range (optional throttle). Simple LED display panel with limited readouts (battery charge level and assist mode), it blends in and is easy to use but you don’t get speed or odometer, neat Sport button for instant high power. Fatter tires and suspension fork improve comfort, battery can be difficult to plug in for charging while mounted to the frame, the kickstand is kind of basic, quick release on the front wheel but not the rear.


Patrick Daniels says:

Just picked-up a black XL at my local dealer. I was debating whether to get an FLX Trail but the Crosscurrent won me over (your review helped). I also added the throttle, it works fine but pedaling really makes it move. It’s very smooth and feels solid. Much higher quality and speed over my Sondors Thin. Got it to 25 MPH in assist 3 in just a short distance, I know 30+ in sport mode should be no problem for me (6’2″ 205 lbs). Stock seat is firm but reasonably comfy. I like that I can add a water bottle cage. Brakes are awesome. I like that I can get dealer support for warranty issues and service (can’t get that with the FLX). Loving it so far!

cresshead says:

looks nice , the RED is cool and well priced

N0ZP1K3R says:

Strava sucks it makes my iPhone heat up too much.

Theskybluelake says:

Only 350 watt ? LMAO Even Tora said this bike is not meant for going up hills. Also, it’s pedal assist OR throttle; Not both, & no fenders, no LED Display. LOL Yes it’s a Great bike with torque assist & nine gears, but I need hill climbing ability; not the need to go real fast. Radmini to my rescue.


At around 15 minutes the camera angles shows that is a solidly made bike or at least your weight I’d like to see sam ride it with the same camera angle. Very impressive you should sell e-bikes!

MarvFIT says:

I’m looking to purchase an electric. looking for something that’ll allow me travel 50+ miles and 25 mph. juiced new version of this bike looks like an excellent option, are there any others you can recommend? would really appreciate your help

Utomo TegarDhika says:

i like this bike

Levi7011 says:

Yes, I’d love to see a review on FLUX Roadster.

Clay Sorrell says:

I would really like to see a review of the new crosscurrent S. I’m ready to pull the trigger on the new model but want to get your thoughts on it first. Thanks!

chris P says:

this bike is awesome I got the refurbished and I’m really happy with it. it’s got really good power this thing goes fast no problem cruising around 25 to 30 miles per hour. it’s got pretty good power going up hills and modest inclines as well haven’t had any issues except a little trouble with the shifting got to do some work on the de rear derailleur I guess. anyway really good bike best value I have seen. one recommendation is get a shock absorbing seatpost as it’s definitely tougher on bumps with the added weight. but overall great bike


super value.

Ben Morris says:

I bought my XL CrossCurrent from OutSpokin Bike Shop on Saltspring Island here in BC in late July. I’m 180lbs and I take 10lbs of rack + panniers + gear with me on my ~13km commute, which I get done in just over 20 minutes — an average speed of ~35kph.

45kph (28mph) on the flats is no problem, even with with the added drag of the panniers. This bike is fun to ride… I look forward to my commute every day.

Downsides: No mounting points for front fenders — zap straps aren’t as stable as I’d like. And the 7.8Ah battery is a bit small… the 10.4Ah battery wasn’t available when I bought it.

Still, the best $2500 (CDN) I’ve spent in years.

Stayshtum68 says:

It annoys me that you have to leave the keys in the battery.They are in such a vulnerable place.The bike looks good for what you get though.

Patrick Daniels says:

Great review! I have a Sondors thin (enjoyed your review of it) but the motor out powers the gearing well below 20MPH, so I was interested in a speed pedelec for my next bike. This was on my list. Another you should review is the FLX roadster- looks like great specs for $1500+. Keep up the good work!

Robert Ho says:

First , thanks for your informative EBR. Suggest adding height of seat to ground, high and low position. Same for handle bars. Planning to get juiced CrossCurrent S. I used to be 6′, now 5’11” due to degenerated disc in the spine. Leg length of a 6′ person. Thinking of getting XL so seat would be in lowest position and body position to handle bars would be more upright. Large= 5’8″ to 6’1″ and x-Large = 6’0″ to 6’4″. The seat and handle bar heights to ground would be very helpful for inexperienced users.


I found this review overly negative. Makes me wonder what type of riding the reviewer does.

Fishpig65 says:

I appreciate your review ; however, you used the word “like” 39 times. If you want to be taken seriously, might I suggest you curtail the habit. Good luck.

42dunbar says:

I’m glad you took it out on the road to get a better feel for the performance. The geared hub motor can feel sluggish at slower speeds but it really takes off above 20mph. I’ve had one since May and added a 10sp shifter and a 12-28 cassette and find it much easier to cruise in the 22-28mph range compared to stock. I come from a road bike background so I don’t mind adding some power to the pedals to cruise so fast. I’m planning to get the 23ah battery when it’s released.

Richard Beltzhoover says:

To increase battery range keep the tires at 40psi min.

Rob02150 says:

Great bike, great review. I’ve had my CC for a few months now, just over 650 miles on it. Love it. Only gripe is the shifting isn’t as super smooth, mine will skip from 1 to 3 or from 7 to 9 most the time, but it’s nothing too serious. Seems like the suspension lockout on this model is different than mine.

Alex Bayne says:

How many miles does the 7.4 get?

Bob Gujavarty says:

Based on the review and a test ride I just purchased one last week and so far it has been a blast to ride around town. My trips are over mostly flat terrain but I find the bike has plenty of power even when it is set to only low-moderate assist. IMHO a great bike, and fantastic value for the money.

Tokin_Toño says:

i win

Josh Amidon says:

I will be ordering this bike very soon in black. I don’t think I will need the larger battery. my work is only about a mile and a half away and I’ll just be cruising the neighborhood. I have 1900 to spend and I don’t think I can get a better bike for that kind of money.

Beenthere Donethat says:

If you put the add-on throttle on the CrossCurrent can you still use it as a pedelec?

Beenthere Donethat says:

Im trying to decide if I want this bike, or a low end Haibike ($2500-3000). Any views? I’m thinking this bike since it can have a throttle. I assume Haibikes can’t add a throttle, right?

Michael Watts says:

Do a review on the new model!!

Michael Bordeaux says:

The Crosscurrent S just came out. When are you going to review it? Looks awesome. Thanks for all your great reviews. They are greatly appreciated.

Georgia Cruitt says:

In the background I’m seeing my bike the eJoe Gadis. It’s a great reasonably priced bike that I recently bought and LOVE. about the same specs. $1699.00 great price, super quality bike. 4 pedal assists, throttle, able to do 50 miles conservatively. Made for us ladies I suppose. Great looking bike. 7 speed. Disc brakes, good saddle. Nothing to not like about it. Ladies, check it out. I’ve had it 6 weeks and have put 730 miles on it! It’s a fun, powerful bike.

Charles Swank says:

This bike looks like a very good starter with a ton of upgrade potential and I think it would be worthy of! I’d like to get my hands and wrenches on one and see if I’m right.

I’m a well seasoned IT, bike, tech, electronics and mechanical geek who currently works in the bike industry and I’m slowly warming to ebikes. Looks like we’ll soon be selling lots of them too, like it or not. I’m open to it. I wrote quite the brain-dump about it but decided not to post that and dirty up your comments with a 2 page ramble but I still have it if you want to see it.

Thanks for all the reviews. Been watching awhile, I’ve learned a lot and been enjoying your work.

Aiden Metz says:

I am debating between this bike or a 2015 Izip e3 dash that is on clearance for $1,799 at my local bike shop. Which one is better in your opinion?

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