Juiced Bikes OceanCurrent Video Review – 28 MPH Cruiser Ebike

https://electricbikereview.com/ The Juiced Bikes OceanCurrent is an affordable high-speed cruiser electric bike, available in traditional cantilever high-step or relaxed mid-step for easy mounting, choice of five fun colors including traditional black or red. Excellent frame balance, the downtube battery keeps weight low and center, the compact hub motor blends in and offers immediate throttle on demand power, as well as torque sensing assist. Impressive low price, you can find the OceanCurrent at some dealers to test ride or order online, optional rack and fender set adds utility, solid Wellgo pedals and plastic chain guide. Decent mechanical disc brakes, externally routed cables don’t look as nice but are easier to work with, limited readouts on the LED display panel vs. LCD computer


007vsMagua says:

I don’t know why but every time I see a review of a bike that doesn’t include fenders, a rear rack, and a chain guard my first thought is why? I think those items should be standard.

Zach Watevah says:

Hi court… What is your opinion on those super fast ebikes, like enduro and what not ? also when do you think ebikes in general will be much cheaper?

spleujo says:

$1299? That’s insane. How are they facilitating service out of state?

kemetic75 says:

Shopping for an ebike for the summer and I’m torn between the Juiced bike and the Electric Bike Company. which one gets better mileage per charge?
Thanks for the great reviews!

Phil Eyers says:

excellent price. That battery looks to be exactly the same as used on Oxygen’s s-cross e-bikes.

FlyORdieInAfire says:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for reviewing this model! I wish you had gone into the detail about charging the battery. It uses an XLR style plug and I would have like for you to have shown if that was another rubber cover or not. Great to see you and Tora reviewing another Juiced Bike!

Seb K says:

Word of advice for anyone living in the UK buying a bike from the States . Front brake is on the left NOT the right . Don’t want to see anyone flipping over their bars !!!

CircleOfSorrow says:

I want to find a mountain bike with full suspension that I like and fit a Bafang 1000w motor for longer distance rides (over 40km return). Is there any basic advice you could give me? Is there anything wrong with my plan? I live in the Netherlands and love riding my Superior here because the bike paths are great and go everywhere, but I want to do some touring.

brighton dude says:

A cruiser style bike with battery in the down-tube of the frame is very nice. Mechanically simple bikes will be more likely to be reliable. Price is very good so it should be possible to buy the lights, mudguards (fenders) etc. if need be.

Stephen Germiller says:

@ElectricBikeReview.com Would you review the “Voltbike Enduro” if you get the chance? Its a $1800 full suspension, 350watt mid-drive mountain bike.

Clothed in shadows says:

Decent review court. One of the main things I dislike about the “juiced bikes” brand is the display, (it looks dated, (like it’s something from the ’80’s)). Other than that, they’re a brand that definitely has a product that you can say is an excellent value for the money.

Would you happen to know if the motor on these models are the Bafang 8fun or, The MAC motors ? .


Хороший аппарат!

Chris Carrington says:

Have been really liking all your reviews and have used them for the backbone of my research into getting a first ebike. I went ahead and ordered one of these.

Mr. Flipster says:

now u r talking my price $$$$$$

cuong luu says:

for e bikes, people say it’s best not to fully charge or discharge the battery. Is it true that it’s better to only charge it up to 80-90%?

David Macdonald says:

I really think your getting a lot for your cash here as lights etc cost so little, good job .

Tankbits Scatter says:

16:30 “now I’m going to Juice it”. Ha! Anyway this looks like a fun bike for the price. Great review 🙂

chris P says:

Juiced bikes are awesome. I got the cross-current and love it. got the refurbished and recommended if they still have any left as it was basically brand-new little rust on the brake discs didn’t affect performance. anyway they make great bikes at an excellent price. just have to adjust the derailleur little. but that seems to be the case with all bikes I’ve had at least

John Moura says:

Lime green and 28 mph – – Nice!

Ed E.J.Shonka@cox.net says:

what is the website for that juicer bike

samuel Townsend says:

As someone that has sold EBikes for quite some time now I would like to express to the public you pay for what you get. I feel the Ocean Current is a good platform that will improve with each batch that comes from the manufacturer let’s just say this first batch of 200 units were the beta units. I currently have 5 Ocean Currents on our show room floor I personally road one on a CicLAvia event for 18 miles and it did preform great but each and everyone of these bikes that come out of the box has to be prepped it takes us about 20 to 30 minutes. Some bikes cabling was too short others needed brake calipers bolts shimmed and aligned to your rotor I’m not hating I’m just pointing out on this first batch of Bikes if you have one delivered to your house be prepared to spend some extra time prepping it. As Tora addresses these matters I hope the price remains the same. I know other manufacturers have adjusted their pricing making for a more competitive market thats good for the consumer. I’m just sticking around to see what’s going to happen next

gothboyy says:

I love when he flirts with the guests 🙂

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