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Full Review: https://electricbikereport.com/juiced-bikes-ripcurrent-s-electric-fat-bike-review-1/ The RipCurrent S is an interesting combination of fat tire (4″ wide) eBike with up to 28mph of pedal assist.

With its full assortment of accessories it is ready for the daily commute and adventure ride almost every kind of terrain and weather.

Just some of the highlights are high capacity lithium battery options, a 750 watt hub motor, suspension fork, hydraulic disc brakes, pedal assist & throttle, and much more.

The Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S pricing starts at $1,699 with free shipping (mainland U.S.) and they have a month payment options as well.

Full Review: https://electricbikereport.com/juiced-bikes-ripcurrent-s-electric-fat-bike-review-1/


pj520 says:

Really! No ride test!

David Sonshine says:

Thanks for showing the Grin Cycle Satiator in the video.

Paelorian says:

Those are great features I’d want on any ebike! Walk mode, suspension lockout, the display features, etc. This looks like a very good electric fat bike.

Mark H. says:

Do earplugs come with these Chinese rattle traps?

John Cunningham says:

worthless without a ride test………I mean is not that what we do ride?


Excellent Value

Tim Z says:

1999 for the 48v 19ah. and 2999 for the 52v 21ah. w gps. Seems to steep for the best batt. I could just buy 2 more spares to take with me LOL>

abbaby555 says:

Very similar to the rad Rover bike. I wonder if the same factory in China builds them both

Freethinksman says:

Do you plan to post a road test as well? The specs and features can be found on a bunch of websites but there are only two videos I’ve been able to find on YouTube. One of them from the other primary ebike review people suggested it was a bit sluggish on takeoff, but the second video makes it appear super quick. Another unbiased report proving or disproving the sluggishness when starting would be really helpful. I have a hard time believing it’s anything other than jackrabbit quick as it’s the same basic drivetrain s the CrossCurrent S but with an even bigger motor. Nevertheless, rumors like that are easily proven or disproven by intentionally testing a filming it. A lot of us would appreciate that.
Great review though. I realize I’ve only bitched about it, but it is very helpful. I ordered one of these a couple of weeks ago after watching the other thorough review. Reviews like these are really the only way we can hope to make informed decisions. Thanks!

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