Kalkhoff Agattu B7 Video Review – Cheap High Quality Bosch City Electric Bicycle

https://electricbikereview.com/kalkhoff/agattu-b7/ The Kalkhoff Agattu B7 is a very affordable Bosch powered electric city bike, comes with all of the accessories you need for commuting in rain or shine along with several comfort upgrades. Integrated LED lights, with an aimable headlight, keep you visible and help you navigate in the dark, reflective tires provide a larger visual footprint so cars notice you. Internally geared hub keeps the bike frame clean and is less likely to take damage at crowded bike racks or in the event of a tip, the chain should stay on track as well. Available in two sizes with separate wheel sizes to provide a great fit, the rear rack mounted battery isn’t as balanced as mid-frame, Bosch Active line motor is a bit gentler but operates quieter and tends to get increased range.


Steve Donovan says:

That seatpost didn’t look bad for an inexpensive linear suspension, it actually worked. I was recently looking at the Magura hydraulic rim brakes on eBay, some good pricing if your patient. Chris’ comments make them even more appealing.

supernova1976 says:

it is very similar to my BH bike , only difference 28 inch wheels and battery is between seat stay and wheel cortically

Michigan Mister says:

super clean, I love this one. Court, now that I’m healed up, (don’t ask) I’m able to pedal now. when I’m in pedelec, every gear is free spin. no resistance whatsoever? why would this be? thanks for ANY help. (boomerang+)

Vegeta says:

Hey man I’ve been requesting for a review can you please review the genesis b1 commuter electric bike?

Geoff Worthington says:

Will this bikes available in Australia?

leonie burnham says:

that is a sweet little bike… being a bit of a shorty myself 5’4″… that is perfect.
Cort … just as an idea would love to see you and Mony do a weekend away purely on ebikes. particularly if one could be a stretch cargo. Just to see the planning, range maybe a solar charger double batteries a good fast/slow charger??… if B&B’s are open to let you charge over night… can they be kept securely… can you get your wine home in one piece!!.
It’s something I’d like to do back here in Australia but I know I’d need to get some pricey-ish kit but we’ve got some gorgeous places about 80-100kms from most cities here. some of the journey can be done on trains here as we can take bikes on most trains.
Would definitely love to see you both out in the countryside again.

James Mason says:

that pump is cool didn’t know they had those

Lynn Recker says:

Love the bell!

smAsPa says:

:-/ With all due respect, $2,499 isn’t on the cheap end from my estimation. Are there really no options closer to $1,000 or lower? A cheap bike + conversion kit can get you a great bike for far less than $2,500.

Israel Adams says:

so i’m curious if it would work to say take a bosch powered e-bike and add a copenhagen front wheel? anyone done that yet?

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