Let’s Ride: Brooklyn to Manhattan, NYC on Riese & Müller Electric Bikes

On November 1st 2017 I was able to ride electric bikes with Chris Nolte of Propel Bikes in Brooklyn and Erich Fuhrmann of Riese & Müller on an epic 30 mile adventure across the Manhattan bridge from Brooklyn and through Central Park, to the Empire State Building, by NBC Studios, through Time Square, and then back across the Brooklyn Bridge.

We each rode a Riese & Müller model including the Load, Delite Mountain, and Charger which I have reviewed separately at https://electricbikereview.com/brand/riese-muller/ this was not a paid ride or product placement, just something fun we decided to do and I thought it would be neat to film and share for those who have never visited.


MakeMoneyNow101 says:

Hi Court great video how many miles round trip and what level of pas, and did you make it on 1 charge for that ride.

Lorri Blouiin says:

Can you do a review a 2017 atom 27.5 if possible, I might be purchasing one love videos Mark B

walker2508 says:

Awesome video. Did you have to ride one-handed the whole way?

SeemsLegal says:

Very impressive camerawork man keep the good stuff coming

Andrew Hunter says:

Ornamental cabbage is totally enable all though it is grown for it’s appearance.

Richard Alan Dow says:

Hey Court, a really great video! Years ago I visited Manhattan often on business but never saw very many bikes. I did enjoy walking around and once hiked from Penn Station to Columbus Circle for the annual auto show. I had broken my ankle not long before and made the  trek in a walking cast. I think an ebike would’ve been much more fun! Question: I am always amazed at your ability to capture high quality and interesting video while threading your way through traffic and other obstacles. I am fascinated with the new, but not yet released, Sena X1 Pro helmet with built-in camera and audio — not for videos of your variety but for security and documenting purposes. Have you done any research on this? Will you be reviewing it before long? I’m not even sure what the release date is going to be. Again, a great job.

Taishawn Prince says:

You mentioned those type of bikes get taken from people in NYC. I have a stealth bike and its “them” kind of bikes but has pedals. Now is that frowned upon too? I obey the law and don’t go showing off and do have that extra speed only for off road use i use it. I been following NYC laws and what they are doing to them bikes. I guess what i’m saying even though my bike is different than a typical e bike, I don’t see the big problem if you do use the pedals and obey the laws. Also looking for a second much lighter bike, what do you recommend?

Greg McMahon says:

Looks scary from a cyclist point of view. Driving looks like chaos!

b b says:

Court, why are you using a full suspension on the road?

Henrik Agnemark says:

Amazed at how many police officers you can see everywhere…. it is nothing like that here in Sweden. By the way ….the Swedish flag is blue with a yellow cross.

Brian Foster says:

NYC has done a good job, but larger and more protected bike lanes are still needed.

Fancy McDancy says:

And “nice” could do with a little pruning too…….

gg morris says:

Didn’t want this vid to end, twas fantastic

ting280 says:

Did you post a route? Because a route could be helpful to someone like me who wants to do this next year some time

A Plus Print Shop says:

your best video ever!

ForbinColossus says:

Epic ride – this is a great change of pace from the usual testing – well done! Only suggestion is to add the telemetry overlay you had in your Stanford Uni trip

Rolando Alvarado says:

Greetings from Costa Rica. This is a most excellent video Court, good camera work and very informative in terms of the NY sites and bike related issues/concepts you met along the way.

Joe Xuereb says:

Awesome video i’m definitely going to do that same ride when I go to New York next year Love to see more videos like that. (Sydney Australia ) ps I have had an electric bikes for the past four years. I have travelled about 4000 km

Baron Of Hell says:

Lots of spot with cars blocking the bike lane.

Jim Sharp says:


Thanks for sharing this wonderful New York experience with us.  Much appreciated.


Vicki Boyer says:

Kudos from Canada! Armchair traveling is getting better all the time.!

Jim Hackney says:

That was a great ride-along. Thanks for posting.

Bingolittle says:

Wow! I watched the whole thing. Great video. Really enjoyed the ride.Keep up the great work.

Danny Gayler says:

I ride an E bike here in Tasmania , this , really inspires , to ride more , and travel more , Thank You !

augsburg says:

Having visited Manhattan dozens of times for work over the past 20 years and having walked all the areas in Manhattan that you biked, it is very impressive to see the speed and ease you made it thru town. Your ebike ride looks like a much nicer experience than taking the subway – especially in hot weather (when the subway train platforms are like ovens.)

wd9igy says:

Great video.I’m from a small town is Wisconsin,never been to a big city like New York thanks for the tour just incredible.

Jeff Lieber says:

Court, You’ve helped me get “hooked” on e-bikes and I’m now a
constant admirer of all you do. You may remember some notes back and forth last
winter as my wife and I picked out (with your help of course) Townie Go’s with
the great Bosch system. I’m 72 now and I hope to get to 1000 enjoyable miles
ridden so far sometime this month. For me, this video was truly an “experience.”  You see I was born in Brooklyn (Williamsburg),
went to college in Manhattan, and worked all over Manhattan before leaving for
the mid-west in my twenties. You made me remember the sights and sounds of my
hometown like I’ve never seen it before. The scenes were amazing which only
your Go Pro and stabilizer could capture. And to do this all on the day after a
national tragedy right there made it that much more important. You brought back my memories of working for a messenger service near Rockefeller Center and lower Manhattan.  My college (New York Institute of Technology) was a few blocks east of Central Park where you rode so much and having spent years walking through that park I just didn’t realize how much more there was to see. The pace of an e-bike was the best for capturing it all so perfectly. And of course it sure helped having Chris there as the perfect guide and e-bike
expert too.You keep showing us all the fun and excitement that e-bikes provide and this video was no exception. It might be a big diverse city or a mountain trail and somehow you captured the thrill of it all.  You are the best spokesman there is for e-bikes. And I continue to marvel at all you do.Thanks, Jeffrey Lieber 11-2-17

J. McInen says:

The white and blue flag next to Israel was Finland. Can’t really be mistaken with any other state flag once you learn it.

Ann-Jillian Reyes says:

Always disappointed when I see the bike lanes misused, if it’s not marked as a two-way, then don’t do it! neither of us should have to swerve around each other.

Mark Kennedy says:

Great video. I have a few electrics I ride mostly in the So Cal area. Not having been back east in many years, it’s great to see how biking in the city’s really changed.

brighton dude says:

I have greatly enjoyed watching this video. Cycling around cities is the very best way to see them in my opinion. I was in NYC last year and I was cycling around on my Moulton bicycle which I’d brought with me from the UK. It was most enjoyable indeed, on the bicycle or E-bike you see so much more of the city and you connect with it in a way that is unlike any other form of transport.

AdamSolarRides says:

Very cool!

Edgar Gomez says:

Thanks for this great video, cool to see that you had a safe ride. Never been to NY so I got to know it a little bit more. And clearly the eBike gave you a good advantage. Keep them comming, maybe do this videos internationally, how about Paris, Germany, Italy, Rio de Janeiro, etc

William Savage says:

I wonder about other cities, where I live in Albuquerque, NM, eBikes are considered to be motorized vehicles and are not permitted on bike paths. That also goes for the Sandia Ranger District of the Cibola National Forest, eBikes are not permitted on mountain biking trails.

WaderII says:

Thank you so much for this bike tour of New York. It was Like a guided tour! It is sweet to see it from a bike view perspective. I didn’t see many places where you could park your bike in the busy areas of town to shop or have a meal/coffee, however, I am sure there are some; just probably not cheap to utilize. Go Electric!!!! Keep up the wonderful work you do on your reviews!

Welsh Gaming says:

I would love to start doing videos like these but through wales, we have lush valleys and nice cycle paths to go through. good video mate 🙂

MegaTrdi says:

Oh yea real life, real city traffic. Goood one. Thanx .

James Mason says:

was that as cool as it looked to ride around the city like that

Brian Foster says:

It would be nice if the bike lanes weren’t bidirectional. Protected lanes going in the same direction are safer.

Steve Spickard says:

And your minor editing was flawless. Well done! Been following you for a while – this is a favorate.

MyBrucester says:

nice one..you brave soul you..Monica must be panicked..

Fancy McDancy says:

Court – I love your stuff and have watched many of your videos as well as viewing your website. I’m British though and I plead with you not to use the word “cool” so often, or describe so many fairly mundane things as “awesome”.
Too much? Oh, OK.

timothy miller says:

How many miles? How much battery left at the end? Eco the whole way?

This Guy Miguel says:

Awesome video I really enjoyed it. Being from Texas bikes are being used but nothing like New York and it’s refreshing

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