Lithium Cycles Super 73 Video Review – $2k Retro Minibike Electric Bike, Banana Seat, Kickstarter The Lithium Cycles Super 73 is a retro styled electric minibike that was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2016, available in one size, uses 20″ x 4.25″ slick fat tires for cushion and improved stabilization. Steel frame is sturdy and helps to dampen vibrations compared to Aluminum but may rust if scratched, thoughtful reflective stickers on the rim sidewalls and headtube badge, integrated rear LED light. Powerful mid-drive motor and rack mounted battery keep weight relatively centered on the frame but the battery is higher up and the frame felt a bit tippy side to side, battery can charge on or off frame. Smaller 160 mm mechanical disc brakes leave something to be desired given the 74.5 lb weight and higher 25 mph top speed, cadence sensing assist and trigger throttle work well, beautiful color display with USB port.


newstart1651 says:

Forget about the bike, Chris actually smiled, if you want to see this rare occurrence checkout 26:27 LOL. Just giving you a hard time Chris, cool little bike you guys are showing.

EPSTomcat11 says:

As Court mentioned, this form factor has a lot of potential, especially if you’re looking for high utility (cargo carrying, extra passenger). There are a handful of companies with models built around it, but IMO the best one is the Unimoke by Urban Drivestyle: ; The only gripe I have about it is that it doesn’t have a mid-drive. It would be cool to purchase one without any motor, and add a mid-drive post-purchase.

TheRealTraumatize says:

This could’ve been the E bike of the decade.
They slacked off and taxed on the Price.
Bike needs –
1. Front and Back Suspension. The Taco bikes had shocks.
2. 60 Miles range at least. other e bikes at this price have shocks and Twice the range.
3. Timing belt or rubber chain style. Especially on a mid drive.


I hear the 2018’s have many improvements.. i bought a limited addition super 73 rose ave . I am glad that you got to look at lithium cycles . I would like to see a video where you go out to their shop in California and review the new bikes they are making now and ask all the questions we have about the rose ave, super 73 2018, and he scouts . Great video thanks

Jordan Smith says:

I want this bike so I can still have kids instead of destroying my balls riding a mountain bike all day lol

Mandurath says:

Just looked up this, and its showing $3200 now as sticker. Its interesting, but no.

Jeremy JS says:

Or buy roller-skates or a train set if you want a nostalgic toy. Weight/price/flexibility/longevity – all ludicrous

Honky Tonk says:

its a joke.

Bernard Manansala says:

Pass Code to get deeper into the settings is 1919.

LivingLifeElectric says:

The bikes on their site is quite different now. Hub motor. Battery mounted up top looking like a gas tank. Smaller seat. Can you get your hands on a current version?

TheRealTraumatize says:

Solid Review Bro. Always Honest.

trekkeruss says:

I would want an e-bike that could be legitimate alternative transportation, not just a nostalgic toy.  I mean, I would not want to pedal a 75 lb. bike with a seat that low.  But to each his own.

polok890 says:

that thing is cool as hell. for lets see a 1970s ducati 900ss version

David Keenan says:

How about a Big wheel E bike, Remember that plastic low to the ground 3 wheel kid rider

LongIslandADED. says:

Love this bike, I’m not gonna lie im a bit surprise to see here on this channel, I think this is a fun bike to mod & work on, the owner needs to just care for his/her bike more & have more understanding of what he/she has

Andy hoff says:

correction; this Super 73 is priced around $3k +.

eBikeaholic says:

Great camera angles showing the chain tensioner and whatnot. I just checked the Lithium Cycles website… did they discontinue this BBSHD street model? I guess they’re shooting for simpler maintenance with the new models – smaller 250w rear hub motor and 36v hailong shark battery pack. This retro frame style looks cool but I would avoid long rides with it considering potential long-term knee, back, and neck issues from the limited ride geometry options… especially for taller riders. You can see how Chris hunches forward with high knees at 26:25, very unnatural setup – no bueno!

Jon Neet says:

Glad to see you reviewing one of the Lithium Cycles ebikes. It doesn’t look like something one would be able to pedal 5 miles home very well should the battery go dead.

Meno Passini says:

Super 73 is just like the Mini bikes we had 50 years ago from Sears. Quality not quite there, a little dangerous, needed to do your own adjustments and repairs, But a Lot of Fun. Plus, the same problem still of the cops taking them away from us. LoL

TheRealTraumatize says:

Its actually 3.2K

ilikewasabe says:

I appreciate the honesty Court have specified on this video.. Comparing to the other ebikes.. Well… Im not saying that super 73 is a bad brand. They are fairly new and they have to make a profit somehow.. But IMO.. If someone is new to ebikes.. It would be better if you go to a ebike specific bicycle shop for wory free experience or any bike that has Bosch on it lol

ForbinColossus says:

Cute at first look. Obvious prob- no seat height adjustment possible. Seems like someone’s home-made low cost Hanebrink …speaking of which, they are long-established – I assumed you tested a Hanebrink long ago, but maybe not…:

Michael Sprinzeles says:

I have a BBSHD with the same display. If you double tap the settings button to enter the settings menu the line with the series of 3 dots takes you to a new settings menu. In that menu you will find an Advanced Settings option which takes you to a menu where you can choose the number of pedal assist levels (3, 5 or 9) and the speed limit (up to 99kph but it can’t reach that in reality).

Haseeb 2 says:

Do you know of any cases where NYPD actually gave a damn about eBikes? It seems like they would have bigger fish to fry than worrying about whether someone’s eBike has a throttle.

NoodlesTBograt says:

Motor is OK the rest is scrap metal

LongIslandADED. says:

On the new model they fixed the issue with the stem u was talking about, when turning it hits the frame, suspension should be something to add

abbaby555 says:

this bike is all about fun and nostalgia for baby boomers. My dad bought my brother and I a mini bike back in the 60’s that looked so much like this ebike, I’m likely going to buy one just for fun. great review as always Court. love your work

MyStyleHD says:

Great video, thanks for being honest. I really like the design of the bike and I kinda want it, especially here in Amsterdam will this bike stand out. Nice to see a different side of the bike instead of the BEST BIKE EVER vids. Keep it up!

NFmangatoo says:

Wow. You finally reviewed this bike. I was going to buy it, but it takes too long to ship. This bike is amazing.

Brady Loughner says:

Maybe im part of the “problem” but i dont really care about the leagality stand point of the bike. think about it …. i drive 5mph over the speed limit past cops everyday and nothing happends, do you really think your going to get your bike impounded for going 25 instead of 20? Its not likely!


There is a reason these are in high demand and this company has been extremely back logged with orders. If you have to ask…..these are not for you.

BnSt_1 4 says:

Do motan addmoter

Anchor says:

If something goes wrong and you need work done, where do you take this guy? Thanks

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