Magnum Premium Video Review – Fast & Powerful Folding Electric Bike The Magnum Premium is a folding speed pedelec (capable of ~25 mph) that also offers throttle on demand, you get plenty of power from a 500 Watt hub motor and 48 volt 13 amp hour battery pack. Two frame styles and four color choices let you personalize the product a bit, folding mechanisms have locks for safety, I like the reflective tires and LED lights even though they require separate batteries. Cast Aluminum rims can handle more weight than spokes and won’t go out of true or break as easily, decent suspension fork, seat post shock, ergonomic grips and gel saddle enhance comfort. With so many features the bike weighs more at ~61 lbs, the kickstand would stay out of the way better if mounted towards the rear vs. bottom bracket, key must be left in to ride.


Christopher クリストファー says:

Batteries that are not integrated into the bike look amazingly ugly, especially in these smaller fold bikes.

Camp Runamuck says:

Max weight of rider and payload or max weight of rider ..I’m a big guy looking for a bike for my Vanagon camper van this would work if it will Haul me ..right now I’m leaning toward the juice rider you reviewed but this would be better if it would Haul a 300 pound guy

David Hoff says:

We (my daughter and I) have two of the mid-step (black with blue accents) 48v Premium bikes and we love them. Solid bike, great power and range. That handle on the frame does come in handy. I rode about 32 miles on mine this past Saturday, and I have to cross two railroad tracks that have no ramp on them. The handle allows me to just pick the bike up as is and lift it over. I have about 6 miles shy of 700 miles on my bike (since July of last year). I cant wait for the weather to be nice/warmer so I can start riding it to work again. Another great video/review of a great bike!

Miphone tech says:

If you can do a review of fisher electric bike that will be great. You can also check my Israel YouTube channel about electric bikes in Israel.

Quike Navarro says:

Great video and great channel. Congrats.
I think every time you have the chance to remove the battery you should.
It would be a great addition to your review.

Allen Janes says:

or an airplane. that thing will fit in my baggage compartment

JohhnyPump says:

Marvelous video, and what an impressive folding ebike. Folding bikes are my preference(I own 2, non-electric), this one is awesome. Camera question, your videos images are very stable, even when you were jogging, the image stabilization was rock solid. What kind of camera(or phone) did you use? Thanks for your work, when it comes to ebike reviews, you are unrivaled. Thanks for putting it out there.

Gumption1111 says:

Finally a 500 watt folder.

Mark S says:

Not crazy about the looks but the versatility is amazing… Does the frame flex, considering it is a folding style??? What is the approximate range??

Armin Hirmer says:

nice bike

Peter Kenyon says:

I love folding e-bikes. The 20 inch wheels are great for getting around. I hardly ever fold the bike, I just love the geometry (no neck pain) and the step through. I’ll always be a small wheel devotee. Thanks for the vids. Keep up the exceptional work.

Dale Wildey says:

I like the step through bikes the most. So many options out there. It’s really exciting to see what’s going on with bicycles and tricycles today. The electric bikes stepped everything up to a new level

Mike B says:

What is with the website? Been taking FOREVER to load for weeks. Useless basically as it takes a minute on any click. NO other websites having same problem. You’ve got an issue!

Nyana11 says:

The motor noise is really annoying ,imagine it like constant mosquito sound on all your tours

minnie saab says:

I really love this one!

McNuggetEh says:

Wondering how the initial take off is. Does it sweep you off your feet or is it more intuitive? I think I have a similar hub motor(Volt Mariner) and just wondering if it’s been dialed in different with the controller. I love mine but realize it can zip you off in a hurry and that may not be the best for a more tentative rider. Looking for my folks. Thanks 🙂

Mathew Davis says:

Hey Court, have you ever used the Genesis folding bike? Matt

rcespin says:

what is the folding dimensions of the bike and the weight ? thanks

Ariel Baum says:

try riding with no hands on this shit

veronique chicheportiche says:

what a lovley bike! GREAT REVIEW!!

Seb K says:

Finally a decent folder .

melonbarmonster says:


xX_RealFaZeMember_Xx says:

love the חי necklace Jesse has xD great review btw, my friend has the classic version and I am looking into getting a classic too

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