Mark Sparx Custom Sondors Electric Bike in Brooklyn

While visiting Greenpath Electric Bikes in Brooklyn, New York I met a gentleman named Mark who had purchased one of the Sondors fat tire electric bikes and proceeded to outfit it with gear and accessories for his commute in the city. Mark has increased the range of the bike by adding larger batteries and he got help from the two local shops, Greenpath and Propel. His pannier bags contain different batteries (one 36 volt and one 48 volt configuration). His bike has custom yellow accents to help motorists see him and he wears a cool motorcycle helmet as he cruises around. Mark has owned the Sondors since its first release in 2015 and it’s still running strong. He added a Cycle Analyst ebike display from Grin Technologies, this panel improves control over the two batteries and to adjust speed. He uses vinyl to create yellow accents on his black bike and purchased the fabric from a shop in Times Square. He’s working on some custom wiring to keep the bike looking clean and said the bike has had no issues riding in the rain or snow! Even water and sand at the beach. He crosses the Brookly Bridge and Williamsberg Bridge regularly. I was particularly impressed with Mark’s front rack because the Sondors did not come setup for that initially, it’s another custom job. Mark said he’s 5’9” and weighs about 240 lbs and the standard 350 watt motor has held up great. Apparently he usually rides around with speakers and a JBL setup so he can have a good time at block parties!

You can read my full review on the original Sondors fat tire ebike here:


Joe Blogs says:

pimp my ride… yeeewww

Saline says:

Tracy Morgan rides an Ebike?

KD R says:

Mark Sparx is a groovy Brooklyn Dude! I love it!!!

Stuart Brandt says:

Hello Electricbikereview guy I need to speak to you about my ebike push trailer kit I am working on that is my own invention……………….here is my cell please give me a call at your earliest convenience…………..4342515007…………….Thank You.

Knut Essigsud mit Dill says:

awww…he’s cute 🙂

Electric Bike City says:

People like this put a smile on my face. Great interview Court!

Mark Elford says:

Awesome vid…

BroManz says:

Listen i know you dont like the sondors, but its a great DIY BIKE… IVE learned sooo many things about electronics since i had the bike and custiomizing it..sondors as a company kinda sux, but the fb group im in is a great indirect support sondors has a 48v 20ah triangle, a 750w motor and a 35a controller i can do 30mph all throttle for 20miles minimum…but looking at the bike as is it do suck, but upgrading and customizing is sooo much fun on it

kfekadu55 says:

Hey e-bikes reviews can you make a video about accessibility of e-bikes for people who live in the Midwest like finding dealers, servicing the bikes and insurance?

Karl Fonner says:

I hear the cops in New York City are confiscating all electric bikes is that true ?

Tardisius says:

Good interview =)

stanolauko says:

What a nice person you found, I have smile on my face looking at him 🙂

Michigan Mister says:

I want that lid, looks comfortable.

Huey Tlatoani says:

can you use the bike without the peddle assist? like rely solely on peddling?

Mario Perez says:

i wanna buy a sondors bike, i live in Florida, and wanted to know what would be the overall price after it arrives at my house

Seb K says:

That motor sounds like the gears are grinding which means they need oiling asap . Also the stem is connected to the steerer tube not the headset .

JOHN says:

great guy did a great job it is even quiter then many others

Ed says:

that dude was so happy about his bike I like watching him and keep on ride mark

Michael Dirksen says:


Bob Wardrop says:

You might want to consider doing more videos like this. I may have no interest in a Sonders, but I like seeing how people customize their ebikes to fit their lives. There are a lot of people doing some interesting and crazy things in the ebike world and it would be fun to see you cover stuff like this from time to time.

Clothed in shadows says:

You should do a review on the juiced bikes “hyper fat”. Tora just released a new demo video that has a 38:00 minute run Time and, it looks serious.

Grin technologies also has some sort of new ebike battery thats compound-capable. I think this would be a good combination of ebike products to review.

NWforager says:

it would be great to see what people use to Lock these Ebikes up Cort .

milliamp says:

I probably wouldn’t buy a Sondors but one thing you can say about it is that you don’t see a lot of DIY mods like this made to $5,000 ebikes. Nice video and cool dude.

brighton dude says:

Mark is so chilled and does such a good interview about his customised ebike. Such an enjoyable video!

Kameron T Devin says:

Just once again love your spin on the bikes that you review, and the community that you share with all of us… Kam

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