Ness Rua Video Review – $1.4k Sturdy Folding Electric Bike, Fenders, Rack, Lights The Ness Rua is a colorful folding electric bike with sturdy cast rims, strong rear rack, wide alloy fenders, and LED lights, the suspension fork and slightly wider tires improve comfort. The 12-magnet cadence sensor is responsive and doesn’t require much effort to activate, just keep the crank arms turning, twist-throttle on demand helps you get going. Decent 160 mm mechanical disc brakes with motor inhibiting levers improve safety, nice bell on the left, plastic chain guide, folding support arm, and steel derailleur guard. Basic 7-speed Shimano Tourney cassette and derailleur gets the job done but uses a larger shifter mechanism that can require more effort, a bit heavy at ~52 lbs, two-step on/off and key must stay in the battery when riding.


LivingLifeElectric says:

Does that thing have a Dongle?

frank doster says:


Honky Tonk says:

Please review sub $1000 electric bikes.

Tung Nguyen says:

is sonders the cheapest ebike?

James Mason says:

black & yellow always looks great

Michael smith says:

I need to get a cheap electric bicycle. As Close to $1000 as possible. Don’t care if it’s folds. Unfortunately Kansas City doesn’t have a whole lot of options for getting your e-bike repaired.

Since the motor is in the rear can you still drive the bike without a chain? (For emergencies)

Is this one worth going for?

luis fernando says:

Range? Thanks

Seb K says:

11:38 Woah looks like you’re going backwards for a second !!!

yes4me says:

How fast does it go?

Tung Nguyen says:

how many ebikes you have?

Erich Straka says:

They should have removed the front brake posts since they’re using disk brakes. Still needs to be improved.

Flavio Costa says:

hello, since when I signed up I accompany your videos, your explanations and your vision about EV is one of the best, but have you already tried the E-Rockit of steve gulas?

Jeff Zekas says:

my concerns as a buyer: 1. will there be dealer support when stuff breaks? 2. What is the real world range? 3. how reliable will this bike be, say, a year or two from now?

Carmine212 says:

I’m sure the rims are Aluminium alloys. Of course they said magnesium cause there lighter. Aluminium alloy will be the predominant metal.

Major Twang says:

Please lets forget about the disk brakes, assist, fancy wheels, shock, seat, lights and LCD…;?)

What the world needs now is a regular quality folding 7 speed bike

(Tern or Dahon comes to mind)

a 250W high-torque-geared-rear-motor, small battery and a thumb throttle for under 700$.

Now! you’re talking.

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