Optibike R15C Carbon Fiber Video Review – $13.9k Superebike, Long Travel, Electric Motocross

https://electricbikereview.com/optibike/r15c-carbon-fiber/ The Optibike R15C Carbon Fiber is a full suspension, downhill capable, superebike with carbon fiber frame, swing arm, battery casing, and handlebar designed by a former motocross champion, Fox air suspension, Boost hub spacing with plus sized tires. The frame is incredibly strong and rigid, capable of handling the peak motor output of 190 newton meters of force without bending and wobbling, custom mid-motor can reach 35+ mph for off-road OHV trail use. Powerful 180mm hydraulic disc brakes from SRAM offer adjustable reach, brake actuation pressure, and quad piston calipers for heat dissipation and strength, integrated dual-beam headlight illuminates forest paths. Extra-large 1,534 watt hour battery pack weighs 14lbs and is fully removable… the company is working on a 3kwh pack for 100+ mile rides, configured and accessorized to order, more expensive than competing products because it’s in a league of its own, display is not removable and does not offer a USB charging port or precise battery readout, Rohloff hub is sturdy but adds weight and cost, it can shift at standstill but not under full power, throttle only with this particular model.

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Cuong Le says:

Luna Apex is a lot cheaper. Full carbon-fiber frame. Ludicrous mode is 2500 watts too.

Keyboardbeatz says:

I would buy it but it’s under $20k, too cheap

NWforager says:

i recall Optibike having that super bike back in the early 00’s and was just recently wondering what happened to them . This is the sort of bike that starts off new tech . R&D costs a ton of money . Wait for them to be used . Optibike actually has a Used section on their site . Pretty inexpensive older versions <3

James Mason says:

Great bike

sean shredsteen says:

Very cool design! Great lines! Something that powerful and strongly built screams for a triple clamp fork. Fox 49 with a shorter direct mount stem for that moto look 29” wheel front in a 2.6 and wider rear wheel in a 27.5. Little tight w where the rear shock is but atleast a 150mm dropper or more would be preferable. Also, if he’s building just the one frame size , it’s possible to build the headtube in a much larger diameter to have offset cups to have 3 sizes or just for adjustAbility. Norco does it on their aurrum hsp. Buzzworks and Chris King both make offset cups for that purpose now. Overall, very impressive design. Moulded to perfection. Geometry looks spot on too

Drealmers S says:

$13.9k so cheap

Andrew Cattenburg says:

Beautiful bit of engineering, the world needs this kind of technology to evolve, if for no other reason than to eliminate noise pollution near wilderness areas from internal combustion engines. I think the bike fits nicely between a KTM E-ride and my $4K FLX Blade. I would add that, although my Blade is not in the same league in terms of frame rigidity, its Bafang G510 (1000/1500 peak watt, 160Nm ) is silent by comparison and also runs 4-pot calipers, a first class fork, and you can squeeze in 2.8″ Schwalbe SupermotoX’s.

langhamp8912 says:

It’s not unreasonable compared to buying a good dirt bike, trailer, and pick up truck. In addition, you’re often driving hours to get to dirt bike specific tracks whereas this is completely legal on the street and semi legal in places wherever they allow bicycles.

Maybe I wouldn’t consider this a good value yet compared to the alternative it isn’t bad. Probably the non flagship would be half the price, and now this becomes pretty feasible.

Finally, no one is holding a gun to your head to buy this. My electric bike was a mere $1300, reasonable in my opinion.

Keyboardbeatz says:

Jokes a side this guy is awesome and the bike is moving forward in commercial technology

Tony yates says:

The engineering is undeniably great, but for me, the product still needs aesthetic and ergonomic refinement.
The front light cluster looks too awkward, the control screen could be better, maybe use something like a KOBI, something thats better looking and more flexible.
If I’m paying $13k I’d want the bike to wow me with the overall look, this one doesn’t quite get there, I know it’s a fine line between form and function and bottom lines are bottom lines, but $13k is asking a lot and if your asking a lot I expect a complete product.

R Zu says:

With the power and battery capacity, it would be nice to see a touring version with ability to attach panniers, etc.

ValhalaFiveSix says:


Daniel Lopes says:

Thank you Court for asking about the little guy, for getting cost/affordability things discussed. Keeps us listening and who knows in future we may be able to afford such a bike.

photogher says:

This bike serves to make one feel better about only needing to spend $7K on a R&M. 😀

Mark Elford says:

Stunning machine.

Dreamer 111 says:

This bike desperately needs a Cycle Analyst and the Supernova M99 PRO.
Pedal assist, or at least cruise control would be nice too.
Other than that… spectacular bike!


Finger cut gloves and helmet while doing an interview……..I can not take you seriously

Duane Jahn says:

14k for a bicycle? Nuts

Andrew Cattenburg says:

I’d love to see a head to head comparison of the derailleur equipped version of this bike against the Luna Apollo.

Mole Js says:

looks beefy and heavy even for a true downhill ..after all these year, I wish they can come up with a more competitive(style) looking bike .Unfortunately ,they may be more fitted for motor cross territory .

iakona23 says:

Can you ride this without the electric motor, for instance if you run out of battery and have to peddle home? Is there a drag when you peddle without electric assist or can you peddle freely?

iakona23 says:

Thank you for the great review and interview. I’ve been following Optibike almost since the beginning. They were probably making the best electric bike in the world for many years starting around 2007 (maybe they still are.) The high price kept me from buying one, but for those who have the money, this bike looks like a good value considering the performance and that it is hand-built in Colorado with many of the parts being custome designed. I don’t understand some of these negative comments. If you would rather purchase a cheaper bike, there are great options starting under $1000 and at almost every price point going all the way up to $10,000+. More choice is always better. Nobody gets angry because they don’t like the price of a Tesla Model X or a Porsche 911. You can always buy a Prius or a Honda Fit or any of a number of cars with prices ranging from $14k all the way up to $500,000+.


The price comes off as completely outrageous…but I do like to see something finally built in America. I have never ridden an Optibike, but I have had my eye on this company for years now. As always, great review and video and I really appreciate the owner of Optibike’s passion for electric bikes. Thanks Court.

Larry Conger says:

Ugly, but this isn’t going to be widely accepted in the mountain biking business industry

Patrick Sullivan says:

Wow totally impressed! I can’t wait until electric bicycles are sold in Walmart stores, they’re way out of reach for me. Hopefully soon it’ll happen. Good job on the vid, very informative & professionally done

cresshead says:

That’s a beast of a bike!

redrum murder says:

Do you know what brand battery they use? At that price point I’m hoping it’s name brand..

Stephen Kasapis says:

Looks like a fantastic bike, can we buy this bike in Australia.

metamorphicorder says:

I got to get a better job.

Yung Berno says:

That bike looks DOPE! Wow… really good video.

DUKE RIDER 790 says:


John Durkin says:

Seems like a 2018 update to the Stealth Bomber – except 4X the price. I wonder if EBR should review bikes that are Class 4 (Moped or Motorcycle), and should not be represented as an eMTB (don’t think this was done, but the bike looks eMTB-like) – if this bike shows up on a MTB trail, will get us all kicked off. Seems noisy and heavy – why not just buy a $1700 Addmotor Motan (or buy 4)??? If price is consistent with value, would be well accepted by those want speed and throttle, but I would think the number of potential customers at this price is very limited. For reference, Piaggio just introduced an e-scooter, the Vespa Elettrica which is half the price and comes clean with being a class 4.

Also be nice to disclose the motor manufacturer. Bafang? Don’t believe Optibike is manufacturing their own Motor.

Its very responsible to disclose your commercial relationships with vendors. I think it’s ok to put the disclosure at the end of the video or in the text with perhaps just a subtitle message to reference the disclosure.

M Stevens says:

Wow. Love what they are doing in terms of development. Merging the e-bike with a motorcycle seems like a no brainer. Using carbon shows how serious they are about making a great bike.

Fransia Potiente says:

The service will cost more than a car,s for sure…

Honky Tonk says:

14 gauge spokes, kind of thin for a $14,000 bike.

Dreamer 111 says:

If possible, please review the Neematic FR/1.
More power, more battery capacity, lower price and with pedal assist.

Bikerelated says:

Nice bike, good to see premium components all around.

courcheval says:

too bulky for my taste. Might have considered it with pedal assist tho, like a lighter version of the german erockit.

Sean Ó Briain says:

The specs are great but honestly – who has 14k for a bicycle? Like, what exactly is it really offered for that extra money. For 10k less (a 4k bike) – you’re still getting an amazing bike. I just keep seeing this inflated prices in top end bikes like these and wonder who actually buys them?

R Zu says:

Can you upshift and downshift under power, or do you have to let off the throttle when you do?

are vee says:

One word – Cringe. Maybe two – Not!

Paul Sasso says:

What do you think of the Sur Ron? Have you tested one? I’m guessing this Opti bike is a lot more refined, but they seem to be in the same category.

henry de Sterke says:

You repeat yourself too many times.

redrum murder says:

I like how your being more vocal and pointing out the flaws… your channels definitely going to take off..

andy lebbon says:

Cool love design game changer

MegaTrdi says:

Please test Sur-Ron 200Nm, 2 Kwh, only 4K $ Lunacycle

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