Orbea Gain bicycle review | Electric bikes are here to stay

Thanks to Tullamore Cycle shop for letting me review the bike. If you want to see more please subscribe.

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Tony Power says:

Seems great. But for 2.5k they can feck off if they think iam throwing the bike away when the battery dies, and it will! How do you change the battery? It’s a joke. Even the 600€ shit city bikes you can keep the bike and get at the battery , maybe even upgrade it as the tech grows. Mind you they are Spanish , so I guess it’s not their fault! Lol

warcloud500 says:

0:07 orbayguh gain……smh

Eric Rochford says:

If we had better infrastructure for cyclists in Ireland this might be a runner for many commuters but hard to see it being popular here. Nice to see the non-car stuff too!

Daniele Bergonzi says:

Good thinking a one stop shop
Bikes & Cars
I will cancel the rest of my YouTube subscriptions

Colm Malone says:

There should be insentives like a grant scheme for ebikes

R Tap says:

The Deliveroo lotto winners new wheels

toyotaprius79 says:

I really hope they will, but like in so many ways we have a small population and thus markets that’s also dependent/influenced on UK trends, we certainly don’t attract the variety of choice other countries like the States, UK or mainland EU. Like for electric cars, early adopters are crucial, for most (new) companies, 1 customer in a group 2000 isn’t something to sniff at, but how many would that get here? The bikes they have are perfect contenders for city mopeds to assisting less agile riders to keep up with safe traffic flow. A lot of them are high quality looking, industrial and practical as you’d imagine to find the Netherlands or Germany. A lot of them out there are selling without costing crazy (+€1000) money. This bike is amazing looking, but like how you said it’s more designed for a serious long distance commuter. Y’know, for someone who can actually compare and reconsider the costs of their commute. The Orbea would be perfect for the midlands and Tullamore in fairness, but who would (despite the one in 1000) afford it?

Unfortunately, if -fine gaelers- the current direction is anything to go by such as one recent French Mayor’s proposal, the market for electric bikes could easily be hyper-regulated and taxed in the name of concerned safety, when this could actually be a real world improvement to cycling adoption and traffic reduction in Ireland’s cities.

Brian Cullen says:

More bicycle videos would be cool Bob. Good for us. Good for environment. Zero emissions. Zero Tax. Guilt free transport. The way to go. The way we HAVE to go. PS Cool white horse @2:28 !

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