Oyama CX E8D Video Review – Lightweight, Rigid, Folding Electric Bike

https://electricbikereview.com/oyama/cx-e8d/ The Oyama CX E8D is a sturdy, rigid-frame, folding electric bike with large comfortable tires, full-coverage plastic fenders, and a capable rear rack with pannier blockers and spring latch. Decent Shimano eight-speed drivetrain with intuitive grip-twist shifter, mechanical disc brakes with motor-inhibiting levers, thicker spokes and seat post for strength. The motor and battery are nearly hidden on the frame, the display panel is very basic but easy to use, a built-in USB port on the battery allows you to charge portable electronics. No integrated lights or reflective tire stripes, basic six-magnet cadence sensor is slow to start and stop, steel fork reduces weight but isn’t as comfortable as suspension.


Vegeta says:

Can you try the commuter electric bike from genesis it’s 799$ and probably better than that bike

Michigan Mister says:

ahh, that springy bounce ova love, in the sultry summer air!

Arnold Winters says:

Your girlfriend Sharon is very attractive, and asked smart questions. Good review. I would like to see her in more of your videos.

Pure Water Window Cleaning says:

Great review, as always! Thank you! How would you compare this bike to the Voltbike Urban?

AlexandrosTGreat says:

First! Keep up the awesome work!

James Mason says:

You need a e boat

Tankbits Scatter says:

Nice seeing you in front of the camera instead of behind it for a change Court. What a fun review from both of you 🙂

Julia M says:

Did she say she has two toddlers? Just say’n you don’t need baby mama drama.

277kne says:

Don’t like. typo

Ft. Lauderdale Beach Life says:

Viewership is going to increase …great taste Court. Good luck to both of you.

Welsh Whoopee says:

Would love to see both of you in more videos like this, good work to both of you 🙂

277kne says:

Don’t lime the look of the straight handle bar.

Steve Petttyjohn says:

Court, you dog – you’re such a playeer! A ladies man…

Gar_ee says:

Sounds like there’s gonna be some ElectricBikeReview.com and Chill later tonight 😉

MrRaiders323100 says:

hopefully someone could help me so I bought a seev 800 and I live in Los Angeles gonna use to go to work the problem is what the law rule for that and what class will it be and also can I ride it in the bike lane.?? hopefully someone get some info thank you new to this

mattyj342111 says:

For a bit more the rad mini is a much better value so much more you get but at 70 lbs it’s much heavier

John Moura says:

You are The man!

BGarcia_Plays says:

1:05 Obama Wank?

Delphster says:

This bike is very very similar to a version of the Shinga Trotter T400 bike I have here in Europe. That too is a folding e-bike, that blends in, although the wheels are much sturdier I think. Same 250w motor, just this looks a little more curved. Great review, it’s good to see other electric folding bikes being reviewed! 🙂

Bruce Ballad says:

This is so cute. Oh, the bike is also cute.

Christopher Wain says:

love the video nice to have super critical exsprienced view & the one off first time use of the young lady ,,,nice team 🙂

Chris Bates says:

She is Cool. That folder really does not look electric

Eugene Hanc says:

Awesome video! nice to get the perspective from your new girlfriend! Hi Sharon!

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