Pedal Assist vs. Throttle Activated Electric Bike

This video is meant to serve as a quick guide for electric assist vs. throttle operated electric bicycles. The former is categorized as Class 1 in parts of the US and Europe while the latter is considered Class 2 and not allowed on as many trails and in certain cities.


SDU-Tango says:

what is the best bike that I don’t really have to pedal, going 5mph or faster (by power without pedalling), have total distance at about 8 miles per charge, and cost around $600 or less. I saw one like Ancheer for about the price but I know nothing else about it. I do know that it does have a throttle mode that I don’t have to pedal but I don’t know if it really is and how fast how many miles and more details about it. my use will be mainly be bringing my baby to park with baby seat, going to a bank or buy something close by or errands in my neighborhood which most of them have less than 3-5 miles back and forth total, and my area do have some hills but if bike like these couldn’t climb that I could probably go a little long way to avoid it if needed. do you have one in mind that you can recommend that meets my need? thanks in advance and good day sir.

Ari Kishinevsky says:

I’ve been watching since 15k. Always loved your vids. Because of you I got my first e bike.

Maggz Gaming says:

would you sell the this bike

Timothy Bradek says:

Regenerative breaking? Class two electric bike, how many classes are there? Why use the term “cockpit”?

Rocking in a free world says:

The pedal crank arm is catching the stand. Not good.

rahul barolia says:

hello sir
love watching your videos very interesting & helpful
i wanted to to buy an E Bike can you please suggest me some good E bikes and can you please make a review on fat tyre Ebikes plus throttle for example rich bit fat tyre E Bike if possible make a review on that thank you sir
Happy new year 2017

Armin von Werner says:

I’d like to see the xiaomi mi qicycle ebike reviewed. Is it available in the us already?

Shadi2 says:

some controllers have brake detection. if wired correctly, the motor will not activate/cut out if either brake is pulled.

tempac91 says:

What’s your opinion on the Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike? It’s 450 GBP which seems a bargain.


Very good! You have a new subsbriber, from Brazil, electric bike rider too…

David Sonshine says:

The eBrompton is my favorite

guysbot says:

Should you charge your battery after every use or is it better to drain it all the way down ?

Renax the Man says:

Clearly biased, if you’re worried that on bumpy terrain you’d accidentally activate the throttle, then I’d say theres a larger chance of a accident with a bike with pedal assist, for tecnical riding you’d often shift your feet half a turn or so and if you because of that get a sudden power surge it might very well cause a problem.
Aswell as while lifting and handeling the bike its more likely that something accidentally catches on the pedals than the tiny thumb trigger.
Also, the grip trottle might be a problem on rough terrain, well, why do motocross bikes use them?

Anton Runner Live says:

BionX? says:

I created this video for use in some recent court cases in NYC, I didn’t have time to appear as an expert witness but wanted to help clarify and exemplify different electric bicycle technology… that’s why I introduce myself and why the format is a little different 🙂

Flo Mo says:

Court, almost 50,000 subscribers love your videos. I’m one of them. You’re awesome.

Winvsking says:

What was wrong with the kickstand on the Stromer, seems not very Stromer like to me?

Casey Neistat says:

Off topic but can you add fairings to e bikes to add range Court.

Kyle Sherman says:

your awesome bro, thanks for the info

DarekTube1 says:

What kind of injury you had?

Cloud Base says:

Thanks Court!I have 8,409 US miles on my ST2.  My longest ride is 114 on flatter bike trails w 15MPH speed limit, I can re-generate 30% of my battery coming down off my local mountain.(3800ft) This bike can make a 50 mile commute very feasible @ 19 to 25MPH .  Jed

Mike Mallette says:

I prefer thumb throttle over twist throttle. Seems like a safer use of the throttle.

Elhanan Maayan says:

Do you know of any strain gauges for d.i.y? only thing else is bb torque sensoe.

Anthony Malovrh says:

Left crankarm is hitting kickstand.

Pablo Lopez says:

What is the electric bike in the background? it’s white, what is the brand?

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