Pedego Platinum Interceptor Video Review – Premium Cruiser Electric Bicycle The Pedego Platinum Interceptor is a premium cruiser style electric bike with upgraded suspension fork, suspension seat post, integrated LED lights, a sturdy rack and hydraulic disc brakes. Powerful 500 to 1,000+ watt hub motor from Dapu with high-torque rating and durable protected wiring system, it’s zippy but compact and light weight. Comfort saddle, padded grips and oversized handlebar offer a relaxed upright riding experience, USB charging port on the display panel for portable electronics. Only available in one color choice but you get two frame styles (cantilever high-step or wave step-thru), display panel is not removable, bike is rear-heavy.


Nubianette says:

Nice, but maybe I wouldn’t get the step-through.

Mike Duffy says:

I tried a Pedago bike around 6 years ago. I did not buy it because of the frame shake. I cannot imagine going 20mph. Even around 15 was not good. If I were Consumer Reports I would rate the bike unsatisfactory.

Wilton M says:

$5000 ?? did i hear right? dammm

jerome grzelak says:

ouch 5 grand r u kidding

Kiri Riel says:

like the step through…


overpriced by about $1000.

brighton dude says:

As a European I’ll say I really like the US style cruiser bikes. Those Pedego bikes are very nice indeed!

Bill Gulsby says:

Yet another review of an expensive bike that only a few can afford. Disappointing.

sam cam says:

the interceptor would look great in matt black with a bit of chrome.

007vsMagua says:

This is a nice bike. The Cruiser style really appeals to me…love the seat. The frame seems sturdy and I love the way the rear rack is integrated along with the battery/control pack. I think I could probably give someone a ride if needed? Some lightweight plastic fenders with mud flaps would work wonders. Excellent drive train. Good brakes. The front cable wraps could be upgraded so it doesn’t look like electrical tape. Smart software…I’m glad the bike can be set to neutral so the throttle doesn’t work.

I recently watched Court’s review of the “EG Oahu 500 EX” and that is also an appealing Cruiser. At almost half the price it does have some advantages and disadvantages.


_Can go 28 mph with pedal assist.
_Has fenders.
_Almost half the price.


_Throttle can’t be deactivated.
_Mechanical brakes and not hydraulic.
_Along with many other things.


___The rear rack sway may be attributed to a loose battery pack. If it was my bike I might glue a narrow piece of old inner tube rubber to the inside part of the frame that holds the battery.

Joe Blogs says:

it looks nice and but you could get 2 juiced ocean currents for that price

Mark Elford says:

First ! ok not first.

Tahir Rana says:

No Chem Trails !

Kyle Sherman says:

looks like my izip…they need a dual shock..on this model…shock in the rear would be great!

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