Populo Sport V3 Video Review – $1k Single Speed, Light Electric Bike

https://electricbikereview.com/populo/sport-v3/ The Populo Sport V3 is an affordable, single speed electric bike available in three colors, driven by an efficient 250-watt hub motor for a top pedal-assist speed of 20 mph, no throttle. Extremely basic setup makes for easy operation and potentially lower maintenance than electric bikes with derailleurs and more advanced components. Curb weight of 37.2 pounds is far lighter than most electric bikes, making carrying the Sport up stairs, into elevators, and lifting onto bike racks a relatively easy task, even with the battery pack on. Good entry-level electric bike that skips on the frills and accessories in lieu of only the most necessary components, though adding the option of disc brakes might be nice for those who want more stopping power.


Owen Jennings says:

Super review man. Don’t know what some of these moaners are on about!

Populo Bikes says:

Hey, thanks for the video review! I wanted to clarify that the sizes / colors offered on the Sport V3 are Black, Polish, and Blue (no White) and it comes in Extra Small / 49cm, Small / 52cm, Medium / 55cm, and Large / 58cm.

Neal Hickey says:

I own a populo sport V2, have it a little over 6 months now and I love it! I cant help but feel though that for the extra money the V3 doesn’t look like you get much extra for your money…

Honky Tonk says:

fixies are useless.

Herbert Torres says:

No chain guard thats a biggie but you could probably buy an aftermarket one so not really a deal breaker. Good entry level bike. The range must be phenomenal. That is the bikes strongest selling point. No usb port, but that can be overcome with a rechargeable usb battery backup. No throttle is the biggest downer for me but I don’t know if that is really that essential given that you are always in one gear and it is only a 250 watt hub. I would have liked see an uphill demonstration before buying. The bike does not look ergonomically friendly so I would not buy but thats just my comfort level.

Ariel Baum says:

how is this channel still going with those horrible comments: ohh i like the brakes ohh i like the pedals ohh i like the value ohh i like the motor , you should not use these guys for more then looking at a muted video of a bike.

like come on you have no real experience with bikes and it just for you to get money doing youtube with next to braindead knowledge of bikes.
please do us all a favor and stop misleading

Michael Sprinzeles says:

Nice entry e-bike. Not sure that 1 speed would cut it for most riders but this is a very efficient set up with few things to break. Chains falling off is usually the result of changing slack in the chain. Single speed bikes keep the chain tight compared to geared bikes so chains falling isn’t typically a problem.

rccrashburn says:

1:25 “It comes in 19″, 20″, 22″ and 23″ frame sizes.
Am interested in the SOH of the 19” frame particularly.

Srinivas Patil says:

How to buy it… Y means I am in India so I am asking you

Chris Till says:

I like the minimalist aesthetic. As long as the components aren’t too cheap, it should hold up quite well for mostly flat urban riding.

Ddr Hazy says:

Cheap bike but Popul at best is netting $200/bike. Only they would know how much the warranty offered is cutting into their thin margins.

huetubesux says:

Get a Sondors…. Twice the bike, half the price…

Waldo says:

WHAT? A different person? HERESY!

FOXHAN says:

Overall good review.
I own a Populo Sport V1, what are the improvements with the V3?
How many hours can I use the bike going from full battery to zero?
Which bike would you recommend that would be the next step from the Populo Sport V3? (Same kind of stats but slightly better.)
As for the USB port the Populo Sport V1 has one, it’s nice to have but I rarely need to use it.

stupidscum josh says:

I really like the bike

rccrashburn says:

What are the various Stand Over Heights for the different frame size offerings?

Test 2018 says:


Spectre says:

can this thing go up hills if it has no gears?

David Keenan says:

Yes , there is no reason not to have a USB port on a battery. For one K it’s not bad . I’ll like the light weight of the bike

ilikewasabe says:

i own the v1 and its still going strong. had to adjust my gearing though. but overall its a good reliable commuter. Highly recommend it for the budget mindet commuter

David Keenan says:

Can’t view this video , please go back to old video format

Benjamin Jehne says:

…Those little 250W motors get pushed up to 500W. It’s the same like withe all those other motors. Looks very similar to the motor on my bike, where you can see, how much power is given into the motor. But it’s not very smart to mount this on a single speed. The cobination gets very unefficent with that single speed…

ArthurDentZaphodBeeb says:

Lol. Court must cringe with reviews like this. “Bottom of the barrel” isn’t going to please many companies who pay for these reviews. USB seems like a bare minimum offering, even on a $1K ebike. Dunno if you mentioned how it felt riding, but adding a cheapo suspension post would probably add a bit of needed comfort.

Na S says:

great review, man

sam millr says:

Those are dual pivot calipers, not v brakes.

Kill4MD says:

Nice review but had to point out a small thing, these are caliper brakes and not v brakes. They are generally more reliable then v brakes

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