Populo Sport Video Review – $999 Electric Bike, Light Weight and Tuff

https://electricbikereview.com/populo/sport-electric-bike/ The Populo Sport is an affordable, fairly stylish, surprisingly peppy single speed electric bike that would be great for urban riding, available in five frame sizes and four colors. Very affordable at just under $1k, especially considering the wires are internally routed through the frame, the torque sensor is so compact and there are two USB charging ports. Nice looking battery, locks securely to the frame but can be removed for charging or reduced weight… the bike only weighs ~37 lbs with everything attached! Wish the display was removable for protection, no suspension and all-Aluminum frame with narrow tires can be a little stiff, no rack or fender mounts, basic brakes.


Kenneth King says:

I definitely would like a bike like that

Fat Bike Freak says:

Tire size is relative to genre of bike. 28mm for this type of bike is considered a fat tire. You need to hang around some roadies and fixie riders…

benjie alcantara says:

Purchase this bike from Sam awesome ebike! my very first, perfect for riding around town. planning to take it to the beach! great reviews my friend..

Karl Fonner says:

Bring a magnet and check those forks they have to be steel this is the second review that you said their aluminum forks there’s no such thing as aluminum forks

xstickyricex says:

Where can I get one if those cool helmets?

rccrashburn says:

Overpriced because there’s no suspension, has cheapo brakes, no throttle, no light or reflectors, sorry but I’m just not all that easy to impress like most of you.

Fat Bike Freak says:

Did you guys says 4 sizes? Their website shows 5…

Haseeb2 says:

Nice bike, the only issue I have is that the wheels are too thin for an electric bike. Even if it is used on the road, you never know when you may run over a pot hole or bump in the road. If you damage the rear wheel, you are pretty much screwed until you can take the hub motor off and put in in a new wheel.

William Wonder says:

Nice to see the price of these electric bikes coming down.

Mike Suding says:

It looks similar to the Propella 1.0 bike I bought last year. Their version 1.5 has an intro price of $799. It seems like a good value because it has disc brakes, front quick release, and throttle (in addition to pedal assist). It’s a bummer the Propella is the battery is 6.6Amp-Hours. At 4:10 he mentioned the Populo is 10.4Amp-hours (much higher). That probably explains the weight difference of 2lbs. Also very similar as he mentions is the Sondors Thin which is now $598 + $194 shipping. Sondors also has disc brakes and 8.8Ah battery.

MonotuneMc says:

this is a fair price for a e-bike..And also No disturbing electric wires outside on the Frame..Looks very Clean And comfortly. Compliment to the Engineering Staff (Team).Good Job.

Ivan Zhong says:

How much is this in cad

Justin Garcia says:

Does this one have a warranty like the eglide?

Mark Elford says:

Dig it.

Carlospicywiener says:

Very nice bike for the price,hopefully the production will have v-brakes rather than inferior cantilever.v brakes must be cheaper

Ron Sebastian says:

Cheaper and cheaper please 🙂

Jaladhi Pujara says:

Another nice review! What helmet is Sam wearing? Do you know?

chgofirefighter says:

I stopped watching after the 20mph top speed limit, I love my Stromer ST 2 🙂

Bharath Naik L says:

Hi, How are you ? I’m following your channel and like the content very much. I recently built an fat ebike with 1000w motor, 26A controller, 48V 10ah Battery. The problem is that I’m not get mileage.. It comes nearly 15-18km. Why is that ? Please help!! 🙁

hiber nate says:

I’m gonna buy this bike soon..I’m just waiting for my local dealer to get the medium black version…hopefully next week.

Josh Amidon says:

Looks like Juiced got some competition! Cool bike man, I think it’s pretty cool for the money. It would be useless for me seeing I live up a very long dirt road and my town in Massachusetts has the worst roads in the country, but I like it!

Rui Coelho says:

250w is europe legal…


Nice review, I’m loving this bike, beautiful, getting it asap, and that torch helmet!! Off the chain!!

Michael smith says:

I’m looking for my first ebike would be better to go with this one or the juiced?

cresshead says:

good price and it looks very decent too.

Danny Frank says:

Would you know of any dealers in the NYC area that sell this model?

pipeman451 says:

Cheap bike? Affordable bike. As was mentioned a daily driver with piece of mind for a K. Keep in mind all these 3-5 K E bikes are extremely expensive. Margins are high and tons of competition and money to be made. Rad Rover another affordable value bike. Price minus novelty is value. Keep up the much appreciated reviews.

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