QuietKat Electric Bike Review

Hey everyone! As requested by many, here is my review of the QuietKat electric bike (QK eco 750). I have used this bike for hunting, fishing, scouting, commuting to work, trail riding, and other outdoor recreation purposes. If you have any questions please leave comments below!


My Camera Setup:
Camera Body: http://amzn.to/2hVv4TQ
Lens: http://amzn.to/2uAI8E7
Microphone: http://amzn.to/2vStyHI
Tripod: http://amzn.to/2vS7tZY
Adaptor for camera/spotting scope: http://amzn.to/2uACJwN
I use the tripod for my binos too! Adaptor for binos: http://amzn.to/2uAyTDM

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Nathan Lenon says:

I’m in for the giveaway.

Cordeiro Made says:

I’m in for the giveaway!

snowridr22 says:

I’m in for the giveaway

james casteel says:

I’m in.. thanks

Paul De Kock says:

Great review. What would you say the charging time is on the Battery?

Tucker. U says:

I’ll be in

hoani paku says:

Had a good look at the QuietKat Electric Bike , $3,200 here in Aussie ( Australia ) , could buy a cheap 4×4 for that price lol but look’s like a fun way to hunt if your on flat land, like most of this country is

Merr Terr says:

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J Chen says:

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Gurr G says:

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Adam Buzzo says:

You should watch into the wild movie and compare and contrast!

Ty Lastname says:

I’m in id like the book

Miguel Garcia says:

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Hadi Anwar says:

Im in for the giveaway! XD

BCD Outdoors says:

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Last name of the author is said like “crack” and “hour” put together. Lol

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rob rohrer says:

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bryan monty says:

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Kenneth Huffman says:

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TigerShark says:

i just blast up that trail on my harley, maybe i will hit an elk

madman Lives_On says:

I’m in try lowering the tire pressure to 8 psi .on rough trails lower a bit more .

John Boland says:

As a mountain biker, thank you so much for championing responsible e-bike use in your video. Very commendable!

On your wrists, there are a number of changes you could make that would help. Start by just lowering the pressure on your tires. Those big fat tires shouldn’t need more than 10-15 psi.
Then look at swapping out your handlebar. A carbon fiber or chromoly steel handlebar will reduce vibrations. Also, you might want to get a handlebar with different sweep and/or rise to get your hands in a more comfortable position. Then look at changing out your grips. Most stock grips suck. Personally, I like chunky old school Oury grips. There a number of brands of gel-type grips that might work for you. Also, check out Ergon grips. Those are not necessarily soft, but have a very ergonomic (hence the name) shape that a lot of cyclists like.

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