Rad Power Bikes – Electric Bike Review + Giveaway!

WIN A RAD POWER BIKE! A couple of months ago, Rad Power Bikes sent me a pair of e-bikes for my boyfriend and I to test out. So far, we’ve logged a couple hundred miles, clocked over 20mph, and found a great new way to exercise our dog Charlie. In my new blog post and YouTube video, I share all the details about the two electric bike models we’ve been riding and the unique way we’ve been using them.

Rad Power Bikes is also sponsoring a giveaway on my website and is giving 1 winner the electric bike of their choice. See the details and enter to win here:
GIVEAWAY: https://bearfoottheory.com/rad-power-bikes-electric-bike-review/

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I’m the gal behind outdoor travel blog Bearfoot Theory, and I dig mountains, music, and fresh air of all kinds. I travel in a 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van and you can usually find me wandering around the West with my GoPro in hand.

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Adam McGrath says:

Did you meet your BF on OKCupid? I swear I saw you on there a while back (I live in SLC.)

Chloe Froning says:

How tall are you? I’ve been thinking about the radmini but I’m only 5ft so I’m worried about comfort.

Rational Bushcraft says:

I’m liking the mini.

Vesper Martini says:

Please tell me you’re giving away your Sprinter, I’m in.

flpirate45 says:

The rad mini is the for me .Folding bikes are the best. PAUL

Nic Traylor says:

I’ve been interested in getting one of these for use in my Vanstyle. thanks for the vid!

Ashlee K says:

loved watching your dog run with y’all! Mine wouldn’t last 2 seconds lol

Santiago Goytia Zamora says:

Very nice bikes both! Really helpful review! Gave me a good idea of both

dennis elmido says:

Great bike. Love these vids

Mr. C-Turner says:

Where are you in this video? It’s gorgeous!

Carl Michael Beadle says:

I think you may have just solved my problem. Good luck to you and your adventures. I will definitely be following

Screww Googlle says:

Liked/Subscribed… I cannot tell a Lie….
Your smile … and professional presentation got me right off the bat !
(:}) I just picked up a Used RadWagon today with 15 miles on it…$1100.00
on Craigslist !

Adg e bike says:

Nice fold up, but both really nice. Cheers.

ben shafer says:

Sorry how do I enter ? didn’t quit catch that

Traler Tresh Games says:

That radmini looks amazing. Thanks! Now I want one… lol

Adriane C says:

Looks great but the price point ($1500 for RadMini) has to come down to $500-1000 range for ebikes to really take off- I’ve got a Currie Izip Chopper that is $550 new – no pedal assist but super fun & goes easily 15 miles

NJO says:

Just came across your channel from a tiny house channel that toured your van. Love what you’re all about. Sub’d.

JaponicaGemini says:

Is this international? I’m in Canada

Kris J says:

Hows the battery going? Can it be use in rain and snow?

Michael Smith says:

love that little white folding one; I see lots of E-bikes that one is unique.

Joel Schofield says:

Canadians can’t enter the contest

Mr. Mountains. says:

Very cool bikes and great review / comparison.

James Clack says:

I need one of this bikes really bad I did my application for financial but could only get approved for 700 I have 400 saved up if any thing you can do would be much appreciated I’ve been walking to work for 6 years please help

Donald Johnson says:

I like that Rad Mini

Tamara Wendt says:

Hi, I’ve been following your channel for van living. I was just test driving ebikes here in Michigan and really want one – ideally a folding ebike. I was starting to save up for one and am thrilled to see your contest. I don’t know if they are all going thru, but i have several friends who I know used my referral link for the contest. When will you be announcing a winner? And how are you selecting? Thanks for this opportunity and for all the inspiring beautiful content you put into the world.

jMon says:

as an aging cyclist i am intrigued… i wonder about the weight of these bikes and how easy are they to use without pedal assist

john dyer says:

I would have entered and if I won I would have paid delivery
Can you charge on your van

Ian Hawkes says:

Cool BearFoot I love your VIdeos, keep up the good work 🙂

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