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Full review: https://electricbikereport.com/rad-power-radrover-electric-fat-bike-review-1/ The all new 2018 Rad Power Bikes RadRover electric fat bike with 4″ wide tires and 750 watts of power is ready for mud, sand, snow, and fun rides around town. Some of the highlights of this eFat bike are a 750 watt geared rear hub motor, large 48V 14ah lithium Samsung battery, RST suspension fork, pedal assist & throttle, and much more. The RadRover is priced at $1,499 with free shipping (lower 48 states) and they have month payment options as well. Full review: https://electricbikereport.com/rad-power-radrover-electric-fat-bike-review-1/


Mike B says:

Such an otherwise nice bike let down by the choice of a rear hub motor versus a mid drive.
Off road there is no comparison and a very heavy fatbike with huge drag from those big wheels needs every bit of boost it can get, not to mention weight off the back end (no suspension).
If you are just riding on the street, none of that will be a problem. But why would you buy a fatbike for street use?

dave himlin says:

These ebikes may be 1 of the best bargains out there today. Ive built several electric fat bikes. IMHO, the biggest downfall is the larger tire surface, always meant way more flat tires . I now built a stealth type ebike capable of 50 + mph and with moto cross tires that are tubeless and about 2.5 ” wide. Flats are no longer a problem.

Chris Duke says:

For less than $1500 you could get a better bike like a Motobecane Boris X5 and put a 750W BBSO2 mid drive motor and a 17.5Ah battery on it and go 25mph with longer range.

Juan Rivero says:

Love this bike soon one of them going to be mine. to go to the city to go to the beach Toronto.

shadowdance4666 says:

If geared motors are any good then how come they are only in the RadRover?

HackHunter1835 says:

I was waiting for this. Well done. Im waiting for that new 14ah battery to come out for the 2017 models. Of course i bought my 2017 after the black friday deals.


Now if only they come with remote alarm systems to help detour thieves…

Advection says:

They should make the tires bigger so that it’s even heavier and creates more air resistance to reduce range and speed. **sigh** Another case of choosing style over function 😛
There’s nowhere this bike will go that a normal 1.95″ tire bike won’t.

Charlie The Tuna says:

Too many stickers, I would remove as many as I could, I like the plain look.

Stephen Morton says:

no regen brakes?

Glenda Raines says:

we have a bike with a 80cc motor on it my husband builds them for anyone interested in having their self 1 can contact us and we’ll put one together the number is 530-240-5400 order one today

dave himlin says:

48 volt – 14 AH battery packs should be standard on most ebikes over the $1200 price point. This would be a positive move for ebikes. I have to laugh at many of the overpriced Bosch ebikes that want $7000 for a 36 volt- 11 AH battery system.

Suzanne Beaudry says:

Is this bike too big for a women of 5.2 inches tall ?

Faith & Action says:


James Lieb says:

Why not put the battery where you said the water bottle is going to go? You grab the water more often.

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