Rad Power Bikes RadRover Video Review – $1.5k Affordable Fat Electric Bike, Twist Throttle

https://electricbikereview.com/rad-power-bikes/radrover/ The Rad Power Bikes RadRover is an affordable, powerful, electric fat bike with responsive 12-magnet pedal assist and twist-throttle on demand, available in two colors with lots of accessory options including fenders and racks. Only one frame size but the top tube is sloped and the shorter stem pairs nicely with the mid-rise handlebar for upright or forward body position and taller or shorter riders, sturdy oversized pedals. Spring suspension fork with compression clicker, lockout, and preload adjust, the fat tires offer a good PSI range for improved comfort and managing soft terrain like sand and snow, optional suspension seat post. Integrated headlight but the back light runs on independent AAA batteries and could get blocked by your coat or a rear rack bag, nice adjustable kickstand, upgraded battery pack with locked-off mode, great price with optional Velofix assembly and delivery.


Taylor McKay says:

I’m currently saving up for one of those radbikes when I was little I had an accident and the meds I take because of that accident make it to where the doctors won’t allow me to drive a car but I don’t need a license to drive one of those

ricky rice says:

Great review! Thank you and Happy Holidays!!

woggs1 says:

I ordered a black one this morning, now the wait begins 🙂

Ruslan Abbasov says:

How upright do you sit on this fat tire bike? Is it a big deference on upright sitting between rad fat tire and rad city?

D Danilo says:

Kudos to Rad Power Bikes on their 2018 lineup! I think they offer a tremendous value in a well=equipped e-bike. I just purchased the RadMini, as I appreciate the lower saddle/standover height, and I’m totally pleased I can own a really nice e-bike without spending $3-$4K. Also, the quality of your review is top-notch, Court! Thanks!

ronnie mori says:

…the black one is dope…i wish they could ship here in the UAE….

ilikewasabe says:

Great job on the videos you are putting up Cort! The variety and the insights on each and everyone of them are greatly appreciated. It’s a big help to us consumers to have your honest reviews, since we can’t test all the ebikes out there


i love these fat bikes i want one with threw axles 750watt rear hub motor front and back disc brake hydraulic.. and a 48volt 20amp lithium battery in center of frame i like going far and 60/72v 20amp min for my likings

payasofeo69 says:

It’s pretty much the same bike as Téo and those other guys in Vancouver. Mostly all the same components and assembled in the same factory in China. The price is great but it does feel a bit cheap. Will have a good look again next spring.

Glenn Watson says:

…maybe its just habit, but each time you introduce a guest/owner, I hit the like button 🙂

kidwithaviolin says:

I think this is the one I’ve been waiting for. Super reasonable price for such a good looking rig.

Kamikazie Valdez says:

For the extra battery its 499$ for a replacement?

Mark Elford says:

Those seats velo plush, are very durable and comfortable.

guitartec says:

Cort, Thanks for the updated Rover review. I am considering both the Rover and an Ohm as 2nd choices, as I am waiting patiently for a Hyperfat. Will the Hyperfat ever become available for us non-founders, and will you ever review it? Can you give Tora a nudge for me? All I get is uncoordinated talk from Juiced at this point.

David Keenan says:

Great review. I bought a Rad Rover in the fall . 200 plus miles and I have loved it. No issues yet. Sorry to hear the 2018 battery won’t be compatible with the 2017 . This is a great value, you get great power and is comfortable. I commute and ride for fun with it. The customer service with Rad has been great . That is a big deal when spending $1500 .

This Guy Miguel says:

Awesome bike

Isaiah Yhomas says:

Do you buy these ebikes just to review them or something?

ForbinColossus says:

@18:40 DUDE, best view ever of the drivetrain. I am liking your camera angle mods! (and wipes)

Gino Janssen says:

Dam cheap . And looks pretty ok . Still i only drive top end bikes . But for ppl who drive les kms . This bike is realy ok !!!!

Honky Tonk says:

You still live in a car?

Tim of free thought says:

Awesome . Prices are getting quite reasonable and that model looks great . That will be on my shopping list !

David McNellis says:

Do you know if the new battery is compatible with last years model ?

Raven M. says:

Your enthusiasm for Rad bikes is very noticeable. More so than any other bike reviews. You’re really into these things.

Scott TheOzoneGuy says:

Love my RR. 5 months and nearly 1700 miles of casual riding. Asphalt and sand. The fat tire is confidence inspiring in the loose stuff.
Their customer support is knowledgeable, cheerful and responsive.
As for the non-locking grips. I like that there is some twist adjustment. Depending on my riding position and the road/trail surfaces I can adjust the grips to a more comfortable position for the conditions. They don’t slip once positioned. Big Thumbs Up.

E3kTheCat says:

they should offer a kilowatt battery as an option for more money, wouldn’t mind paying extra for a bigger battery.

Ken Seniwongs says:

I ride this bike almost everyday in Canada. Unlike Canadian bike companies, this US company even has a 500W version to comply with the provincial law. Well-built Bike. Awesome service team!!

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