Radrover Electric Fat Tire Bike Review!! 800 Miles Later

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Is an electric bike worth it, especially a fat tire ebike? I love my Rad Power Bikes RadRover (2017) and I wanted to talk about what I like and some of the things I dont like about the bike. I also got to take the Rad Rover out in the snow for the first time, it was a blast!

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Also electric bike review has a great review on the Rad Rover as well as many other bikes, its a great resource if you are interested in an ebike https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ae50ztP4WNY

Some of the stuff I use:
Saris 2 Bike Rack: https://amzn.to/2MnCACv
Saris fat tire wheel holder(needed for the rad rover): https://amzn.to/2W7Sfdv
Bushwaker Paniers (only ones i could find wide enough to hold take out): https://amzn.to/2W3YRcV
Center bag that covers the battery: https://amzn.to/2W3hqhs
Motorcycle 12V headlight (required modding mount..):https://amzn.to/2RXhkbP
Voltage regulator (needed to go from 48 to 12V for headlight): https://amzn.to/2S6idMi
Bike phone holder: https://amzn.to/2QAvKyN
GoPro Hero7: https://amzn.to/2URucPC
Drone, DJI Mavic 2 zoom: https://amzn.to/2S4gjM0

Shot mostly on my GoPro Hero 7
Edited on my iPad with LumaFusion

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Jimmy Chang says:

Great video! How does the cold effect the battery and range?

Michael Workinger says:

— Thanks ! I am waiting to get a bike of similar spec and was great to see such in the riding conditions I expect to be riding in.

Skip Gardiner says:

Great Video and review !!

Leslie Dugger says:

Lower the psi on the tires when riding in snow and sand

The Fish says:

I think if you take the tire pressure down to about 5 psi you’d see a big difference.

Ian Sherwood says:

Too bad he uses the imperial system and not the metric system, when describing distances.

iwannaride365 says:

Great video! Yeah the stock tires that come on the Rover are garbage, for snow, and everything else for that matter. I put some 45NRTH Van Helga’s on and they transformed the bike.

Douglas Sterry says:

Leaf under the snow and grass clipping are your enemy in riding in th winter a tip from bufffalo N.Y. ice is not a problem keep a strate Trac now sudden turn of the handlebars

Sailorr747 says:

New to ebikes, haven’t bought mine yet. This video is the most informative and clearly
presented Ive seen. Good stuff.

Alana Weaver says:

Surprise you didn’t wipe out riding on snow and ice.

rusty wells says:

“How to Change the Max Speed /Wheel Size /MPH & KPH Setting?”


Green Energy says:

I am your #204 subscriber.
subscribe to my station if you like it

mdarnell08 says:

Any feedback on how these compare to the Juiced Hyper Fat bikes, or how Juiced and Rad compare overall?

Rick Sanders says:

Great video. How do you get your overhead shots? Do you use a drone?

Matt F. says:

Awesome video!

John Schauer says:

Thanks for sharing this review. I bought a fat tire eBike a year ago, and I’ve put 1200 miles on it. Almost all my riding has been on trails in Alaska and the Yukon, with probably more than half on snow in temperatures down to -25ºF / -32ºC. Mine is a Felt Outfitter with a Bosch mid-drive motor and pedal assist only. Its quite a different beast from the RadRover, but incredibly fun to ride. Tires and tire pressure make a huge difference on snow. I run 4″ Schwalbe Jumbo Jims in summer, and 5 inch studded Dillinger 5’s in winter. In soft snow, I may run as low as 2-3 psi or up to 8 psi on hard pack. The slushy conditions you are riding in SC are more like what we might see here in mid-October or early May.

Doug Frazier says:

Great video for someone trying to decide on a first ebike. I bought the one that’s easily upgradeable in December of 2016. I have not upgraded the power train yet but I’m ready to go to 25 amp controller for more torque. Mine is 36v, 350 watt bafang motor. Do I have to change the LCD and/or the throttle?

Matt Galloway says:

Great video!
I am super glad to have all that info, especially product links for the accessories.
What about winter maintenance? Do you leave your bike outside 24/7? Do you wash it every day?

Boogie-N-Nature says:

I had an issue with the tail end of the Rad Rover getting away from me in the snow.

allen schmitz says:

hey, its snow and ice..and its a bike, not a magic carpet.

Kenneth Price says:

Great video! Funny, I own a Rad Rover and I just so happen to have been in Greenville last week with my bike. And my wife also has the Rad city step threw. Great little town. Thanks for posting.

Going NoWhereFast says:

Nice ! I was going to get one of them, but I got a dog instead :-)… It gets me outside, but your bike probably doesn’t eat your furniture ! Hhhhmmmmm Maybe I’ll rethink this ! Great Vid !

VideoMusicManiac says:

Best rack that works with the fenders is the 1UP, with Fat Tire Kit!!!!

Mark Lancaster says:

Love my 2018 rover. Take it with me while rving U.S. nice video!!

Therookienomore says:

Awesome video! I have a custom e-bike shipping out to me as I write this. I noticed RadPower Bikes reduced pricing just this last week across the board. I wish i had known that was going to happen before I bought my eBike… You remind me of David from the show “Travelers” on Netflix

F15Ranger says:

love the Rover guys. Love to see more fat tire bike at the cascade bike events in seattle.. https://youtu.be/BCjdIzkio5U

Tim S says:

your rear view mirror isnt the best// get a mirrocycle that connects to the inside end of the handlebar// much better visibility.

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