RADROVER Quality Review, Rad Power Bikes, E-Bike, 300+ Miles, Electric Bike

This is a quality review of the Rad Rover, 300+ Miles. Rad Power Bikes – Electric Bike. A bit of a long video – but worthwhile if considering a Electric Bike. Covers the E-Bike, a couple of options, GPS addition, Bike Rack, Cover, more.


Caden Ransom says:

Thanks for the great overview. Just now researching e-bikes & all the details you gave are a real help as I consider my options.

ReefnRide says:

Install a GPS app then your phone will work as a regular GPS without any services.

guitartec says:

I’ve been looking into a few different fat-tire ebike for several days now, mainly the RadRover and the Juiced HyperFat. Interestingly, I was escootering on the bike path near my home in RI today when I came up on a guy riding his 2016 RadRover. I pulled him right over and we talked for several minutes. He loves his ebike and only had great things to say about it. The only concern I have (with any fat-tire ebike) is that I will be riding it mostly on pavement and all you hear on these fat-tire ebikes are those aggressive Juggernaught knobbies wearing out and slowing you down. I don’t know if any of these ebikes come with 26″x 4″ centerstrip road tires. Maybe I should be looking at the RadCity?

Mainer Man says:

1:56 “Warsh it”? Mid-Westi?

Christopher Smith says:

I’ve been checking out these RadRovers online, and of course, it’s virtually impossible to check one out in person since I live 2,100 miles from the factory…..so I have questions. I think my biggest one is centered on the weight. I believe the factory claims 63 lbs with the battery installed. That’s *almost* double the weight of other non-powered fat bikes in that price range. You’ve added some additional items like the rear rack and fenders. Do you find that the all up weight is still manageable *without* the power assist? I don’t want to find myself trying to pedal a boat anchor if the battery gets depleted while on a ride. What are your thoughts?

PhenomenalWorld says:

what’s the fastest in MPH you’ve been able to go on this bike?

D60Ebby says:

GPS & USB tips are great. Thanks

William Koelsch says:

dont use a hose to wash!? voids warranty!!!

L J says:

What type of bike rack is that again, link please thx.

Bob Job says:

Hi Christopher, I have been looking into ebikes and the radrover looks very good but i am quite large at around 300lbs being 5,7 would you recommend this bike

MTB Dream'in says:

I am originally from St. Paul MN! Small world. I am about to pull the trigger on a RadRover white model. I moved to St. Augustine Beach, FL, which is a beach town. I have a couple 3G beach cruisers, which are great, but still biking on the sandy beach can get challenging. I think this bike would just make me want to get out and cruise in the sunny weather.

ElectricBikeReview.com says:

Great video Chris! thanks for the update. Heads up for you, someone at a shop recently told me to be careful when tuning or adjusting disc brakes, to not touch the rotor where the pads grab because the oils in your fingers could make them squeak or just not work as well over time. I mention this because you were getting pretty close there when pointing them out and I wanted to save you any wear and tear down the road 😀

jessestylex says:

How good is the battery? Does it hold a good charge each time? Do you notice any degrading in battery performance after 300 miles?

Hm Nava says:

Hey Christopher, check your display module it has a USB port hookup hidden on the left side of it. No need to connect your GPS directly to the battery just connect it to the display module.

goose2die4 says:

I have a Rad Rover which I really like a lot. It has 300 miles on it too !
I received it in mid June and have only have one real problem with it.

Did you know there is a USB port on the left side of that LCD ?
You can’t charge with it But you can run your GPS on it to
which I have when I spent some time vacationing in Northern

Street Guardian USA says:

Are you happy with the standard size fenders? You show the rear one flops around a bit. I’m thinking about getting the FULL size fenders but they don’t look as good as the standard ones do. It’s the old form vs function question. (besides price)

Outdoors 44 says:

I am looking to buy one but would like to ride one 1st, I live in upstate NY by Binghamton,

Carpenter Family says:

Do those ‘shorty’ fenders keep you dry ? I’ve seen other reviewers that said they did not and recommended getting the ‘full’ fenders.

TheRealHuckJones says:

Great video! Thanks for covering the rack/cover setup, I like what you’ve done there. Great overview of the bike! Makes me love mine even more! A few more months and we’ll be out on the road as well, can’t wait!
Thanks again Christopher, keep em coming!

Tom Neuhaus says:

better off to take out the spacers for rack. just saying

Brayden Moore says:

I really like this video this is f****** awesome

Eye on art says:

Sondons is cheaper and better ebike

Jas Web says:

I’m 6’0 and 343 lbs. Will this bike support me? Everyone tells me to get a fat bike. There are a lot of hills where I live and I would like to have an eBike for the pedal assist until I get stronger. Any suggestions?

Joe Urway says:

Hi Christopher! I don’t know what type of terrain you have done most of your riding in (looks flat currently) but on hills have you had any trouble keeping the wattage at or below 500? Thanks for any info you might share about this or other observations.

Amadeo Flores Jr says:

What kind of bike rack is that you got please let me know

Marks Daman says:

On their website they show a graph that clearly states that a 230 pound rider over hilly terrain should get 17 miles no peddling. Which should work perfectly for me. Would you agree with their claim?

poche12651 says:

Have you tried standing beside it and walking it up stairs with the power assist?

E. W. S says:

Good job on your video review.

jsameth65 says:

Hello, Could you tell me where did you get the fenders for your Rad Rover. I am looking the same one like yours on my Rad Rover. Thank You!

Adamm Jarvis says:

One question for you, if you don’t mind!! Does it have a place to mount a water bottle holder? if so – how far apart are the mounting holes from each other?

Frank Overbeek says:

Great Video, I have a Radrover also. Love it, lost a lot of weight and have fun. But you need to get a level and have your seat set level, yours is way wrong.

Goru Minosyan says:

This is a super, excellent, perfect, smooth review!

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