Raleigh Sprite iE Video Review – Comfortable Neighborhood Electric Bicycle

https://electricbikereview.com/raleigh/sprite-ie/ The Raleigh Sprite iE is a comfortable neighborhood style electric bike with smaller wheels to lower the frame and slightly wider tires to improve comfort and stability. Available in four frame sizes and two styles (high-step and step-thru), the paint jobs are classy and the rear rack, front fork, and chain cover match. Simple compact display panel is easy to understand and use at first blush but offers some fancy readouts like range, has walk mode, offers Mini-USB charging, and works with an optional boost button. The motor is powerful and well placed but not as responsive or efficient because it just measures cadence, this is good for people who don’t want to push hard to keep the bike moving. I personally feel that the Raleigh Sprite iE models would be good for older or senior riders who just want to relax and cruise around town but want something more reliable too.


Chris Till says:

Those brakes…. no thanks, I don’t want to go back to the late 90s and early 2000s. Non-hydraulic discs should be the minimum requirement at this point.

MisterBassBoost says:

Quite good video, awesome!

frank doster says:

You are a reviewing maniac

james meteyer says:

when are you doing the Super Commuter+ 8S

James Mason says:

that blue is a nice color

Jayden I'm says:

when are you doing the new trek e bike

Steve Donovan says:

The shifting on that made me a little uncomfortable. In building my ebike I first had an altus and it was very similar so I replaced it with an ultegra and it’s been a very nice difference. I also have v-brakes even though I could have built disk because I knew from all my previous biking they would do the job with the kind of riding I prefer, very casual. I put some cool pads on and I’ve yet to fully squeeze the handles, they stop just fine. And that motor cutting off well, all I’ll say is if I could hack the software, I would 🙂 Just imagine in the UK good old Raleigh has to cut if off at about 15.5 mph.

Andrew Hunter says:

New trek next week I’m so excited can’t wait. thumbs up emoje

bparkinson1234 says:

Oh… Also added a suntour suspension on her bike… needed to use shim … amazon has them… and raised the handle bar 2.5 inches and added gel seat… she loves the bike… she cruises paths around Denver and neighborhood. maybe 18 mph max….

Michigan Mister says:

solid bike for 2 grand but needs some simpler add ons, disc brakes/battery cover. 3 things EVERY BIKE should have: motor inhibitors, full chain guard, and PLEASE, no exposed wires under the crank! Raleigh is on the right track here. Court, how long have you rocked that helmet?

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