Raleigh Superbe iE Video Review – Beautiful Vintage Styled Electric Bicycle

https://electricbikereview.com/raleigh/superbe-ie/ The Raleigh Superbe iE is a vintage-styled electric bicycle with beautiful alloy paint-matched fenders, rack and chain cover, you get several frame size choices and two styles (high-step and step-thru). Lots of little upgrades and accessories like an alloy chain guide to keep the chain on track, mini-USB port on the control pad for charging accessories and a triple bungee for the rack. Clean simple cockpit, small quiet motor (with impressive zip for it’s size) and the rack-mounted battery don’t attract attention… especially if you put panniers on the rack. Rear heavy design impacts handling and causes some frame flex, two-step power on process can be annoying, wired for lights but not included and no reflective paint on tires.


actnowone says:

Step through’s are a women’s bike in my opinion but it’s still a nice looking classic style bike you would see in the likes of France or Holland

/Pol/Ack The Polack says:

First (Finally got it ebr I FINALLY FUCKING GOT IT!)

BashfulLion says:

Pretty bike. Not my style, but I can appreciate it. Great review as usual man, love to see and hear all the info you have.

David Macdonald says:

The older tec is what I have been saying to you for some time it’s actually not as bad as you think and again with a cadence sensor and poor leg function it works for you , Bosch mite do good motors but they don’t suit everybody .

Seb K says:

21:20 – Wahoooooo 🙂 !!!

Anyhow I’m sure you could leave the battery on . It won’t be using much when idling . My battery has an independent on/off switch but you can leave it on and it doesn’t use any power . It just activates the processor in the battery to allow it to work . Two of my higher end Ebikes have these batteries and my commuter’s battery has no switch .

Sparka J says:

do more e scooter reviews! and step-thrus are for girls hehe

Mark Elford says:

Really like the simplistic LED display… .looking forward to the day when you say im 138lbs.

Tardisius says:

I like the hood ornament =)

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