Review of 500W Electric Bike Conversion Kit. EBIKEKIT.COM Trike e-bike kit.

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This is a review of the electric bike conversion kit for trikes from Find out why this is one of the favorite products that Unbox Warehouse has had on the table so far.

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E-TrikeKit™ Adult Tricycle Conversion Kit
with Heavy-Duty (Low Speed / High Torque) 500w Direct-Drive Hub Motor
36 Volt 9 Amp Hour (AH) Lead-Acid Battery Pack and 2 Amp Charger
The E-TrikeKit electric tricycle conversion kit with 36v lead-acid battery pack is specifically made with increased pulling power for heavier adult tricycles.
Who’s it for? This kit is built specifically for upright adult tricycles. The heavy-duty direct-drive motor is designed for increased torque and a lower top speed. This kit also has speed-limited reverse (30% of forward top speed). Paired here with a more affordable lead-acid battery pack, this trike conversion system offers an economical option for those seeking moderate performance for shorter distances.
The E-TrikeKit™ is designed specifically for adult tricycles.
Upgraded in 2015 to include our LCD dashboard display, 36v/48v 12FET controller, speed-limited reverse function, and locking e-brake handles, the system is easy to install and operate and gives the rider total control over top speeds and power output. This trike specific conversion kit allows you to turn any conventional 3-wheel adult tricycle into an electric-assisted adult mobility tricycle.
System Specs:
Watts (Nominal/Peak): 500w/750w (EBK 22amp controller)
Top Speed: Approx. 14 MPH @36v in 26″ wheel (4MPH Reverse)
Range: 8-16 Miles
Charge Time: 3.5hrs (0-100%)
Weight: 30lbs (13.60kg)
Performance: Medium
Efficiency: Low
Stealth Factor: Low



clash of clan says:

give me link plzz I want to buy it

Benjamin Brandon says:

Super cool!

Maxwell Lynch says:

I’m looking at a kit that’s 350w motor. 7.8ah 36v battery 280wh. Is that suitable for 20 mile range per charge?

antwon Stark says:

who else had to go back to see if there was a shadow lol

Yuri Ramirez says:

Very cool review. The shadow moment was funny. That tricycle is next level now!

BLP3 TV says:

Hello this is legit! Let’s go for a ride.


Where do you find these jerks?

SmartError says:

What’s that? Some Unbox Therapy copy? Find your own style…

jackb2374 says:

Is your son the guy that does the unbox therapy videos? LOL?

Tek Whirl says:

That’s a really cool, bike!

Prathamesh Lad says:

Whaaat an energy man..great

Kenny Smith says:

Careful folks, not sure how much this trike was used before the review, but I have two front hub motors that are so noisy, one right out of the box and the other with 20 mi on it, that they can’t be trusted at all. I’d expect them to fall apart anytime if I used them. Some of these motors are pure junk, so unless they’re tried and true, I truly wouldn’t try them.

Guess I should ask the author how many miles the bike had on it when the review was done?

Steven Drone Video says:

How does this channel not have more subs. Love the thumbnails.

BryDuhBikeGuy says:

Thankx.I’ve been looking at kits.That looks way easy.Is that a SLA battery?I’ve also been looking at them because they’re 30% what a Lithium,and you can series and parallel for endurance.Is that why you have the 2nd batt?For the amperage,or just back up.

jAg69rTz says:

why are you yelling !!!!!

Biker Boiy says:

LOL on trike with smaller wheels you only want 250 watt motor 500 watts is why too big and make the front wheel unstable cornering on those trike has to be low or over one goes

Elliot H. Sanders says:

Nice review. Sorry to bring bad news, but these are Chinese made motors, lithium battery, and controls, as stated on the site.

Fitz- PSG says:

That was really cool!

Speaker Fanatic says:

Nice review man. That bike rocks!

Johnny Sims says:

good vid dude I guess I’m a ebike expert too lol

Michael Bradley says:

You cheap bastard.

Nick Walters says:

I’ve got a 36v 500w wheel kit if I buy a new 800w controller would it give more power to the wheel

Jim Jones says:

Buy the chime stuff. Nothing wrong with it.

KhemicalDaawg says:

That back seat for the trike is soon good! They worldwide shipping? Finally a solution for my partner ha

Cornelius Howlit says:


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