Review: QuietKat Ambush 750 LT Fat Tire Hunting Bike reviews the QuietKat Ambush 750 LT (Zion) for use for bowhunting and hunting applications.


wakeywakey says:

Put another 200lbs on the trailer and see how long the battery last.

Alien Nash says:

waoo brother that bike has nothing to envy to an UFO everything earthly is super

Dane Ardente says:

fails to mention its $3,500.00

MrFreeride1113 says:

The bell is handy when approaching other people on the trails, roads, and bike paths. Yelling at people isn’t as popular in Colorado these days. It’s for courteous to ring when your 100 yard away. You’ll may use it.

eBike Generation says:

Awesome review! bell and all. you never know when that bell will come in handy 🙂
The Ambush LT is a great performer, there is also the 1000 watt version, the Warrior LT (Canyon) that is also worth checking out. both of those are the smaller frame size with a stand over height of 26″. The full collection is pretty good, there’s a bike and frame size for everyone. the full collection can be seen here the bikes are heavy, but with the extra tough frame with a lifetime guarantee the weight is worth it.

Ant Kec says:

They should put Snort wheezes and doe bleets for a horn lol

TheHotandshot91 says:

or you could buy a four wheeler for that price and use it for work to fun etc

Gerhard Boepple says:

How about making a 2 wheel drive bike

Jay says:

70lbs is heavy

Ant Kec says:

Great review

James Lee says:

damnit, they did make a lighter one….I got the beast mode one, hard to ride without assist

JaimeAstin says:

Sean Fitzgerald says:

A 70lb bike?!

TheTracker says:

Nothing is scent free to a deers noise especially those rubber tires!

Anthony Tyrrell says:

lost me at 4000$

Jangles Benson says:

It is a nice toy , however I could hear the motor . I have a different brand and it is two wheel drive , looks quite a bit like yours only has a 350watt in back and a 250 watt in front . They sure are fun . I use mine for mountain stream fishing .

Richard Turner says:

Interested until got to the price, almost $4,000 with accessories. Most bow hunters could not even think about spending this much money. Innovation and technology is great but financial expectation from it is often off the chart.

Old Man Fat Bike says:

Nice review, enjoy your new hunting buddy! Ride On Man 🙂

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