Review: Stealth Bomber electric bike packs a serious punch

Stealth makes the most powerful electric bicycles on the market – some 24 times more punchy than you’re legally allowed to ride on the road. But off the road, these 85kmh beasts are a unique and awesome experience.

Music: Cory Jach. Test: Noel McKeegan. Cameras: Loz Blain. Edit: Chris Blain


David Hammond says:

Bomber is a pile of crap and overrated

Dnl k says:

quite expensive bike there.

Mckinley Potter says:

y not build hybrid with self alternater charge itself while riding n use gas or electric save weight all carbon frame with titaniam rods for strength

Bjorn Aunet says:

What a pile of shit lol.

Youtube User says:

Aircraft grade… Just stfu

Coinucopia says:

I’d rather get a colonoscopy than shell out ten grand for that thing. You can get a real dirt bike for half that price!

gagacrazy10 says:

Way over priced, nearly the same price as a KTM Freeride

Justin kat says:

why not just get a dirt bike

Jason Stratton says:

What’s the point of having an electric bicycle

ras 47 says:

that boi fast

Marcelo L P says:

Engraçado, só mostrou ela ladeira a baixo e quando estava subindo uma rampinha sem vergonha o ciclista estava se matando de pedalar.
Belo lixo.

Weareallbeingwatched says:

oh dear… Carbon handlebars to save weight on a 50kg electric bike?!

sounds misguided *and* dangerous.

idriss musa says:


the brakes are not Magura, they are from a company called Gator Brake and are an 8 pot caliper.

tsfcancerman says:

just like its not bonebreaking enough to crash/fall during 20kmh but doing it at 85 you will be sure to have a near death experience:)

Jim says:

what’s the point in having an electric push bike if all you do is pedal It?…I’ve only ever seen one guy in London with an electric bike that wasn’t pedalling it duh…

Channel Zero One says:

That bike bottoms out on small jumps. If you did a lot of jumping in your trails that bike would be ruined in a few runs. I do many jumps on my runs. The first few are take you up high and far. I could seeing myself braking this on my trail fast. The real issue here is I could not take this on any MTB trail without getting in trouble.

Sumner Bob says:

uhm narrow bars? really ?? REALLY

Nigel Perren says:

I want one!!

The Zohan says:

Hmm mountain bike twice the price of a dirt bike… give me the 250 please.

jon kaffai says:

tenngrand I’ll just get a 06 F250 turbo diesel and crawl up that hill lol

Shiota Nagisa says:

Why are always a Electric mountain bike its sounds like a motocross bike

WeAreOne IAmAll says:

people are fucking insane, this fucking bike although impressive cost right under 10k dude get the fuck out of here. i hate when they price shit like this compared to a fucking car that cost right under 10k

SPFrobber says:

“On steroids… and amphetamines.”

Sold. GIMME!!!!!!

delirious wolf says:

see it’s a great idea looks cool goes fast and is economical but i can go buy a 250cc 2 stroke dirt bike for 2000 so this little bike is not worth 10000

daveandmerlin says:

looks shit on the jumps

Jack Soho says:

Anyone see at 1:39 he almost hit a duck lol.

Sebastian Lund Nielsen says:

Imagine this with a 85cc mx motor instead of batteries and brushless motors.

motanelustelistu says:

One of the most STUPID “creation” is the “lifetime” waranty.
Plus,who’s lifetime ? Your’s or bycicle’s ? And if it’s bycicle how is that ?
Virtually indestructable but life time waranty . How is that ? It workes perfectly,until it falls appart and can’t be put bat together ?

Dram Stroker says:

this is ridiculous, has nothing to do with biking , … I rather paddle

Johnny Cage says:

50kg is very heavy, might as well go for a proper crosser

WhiteCloudGroovin says:

ever pedal a moped when it dies? It sucks ass. The pedals seem useless.

Kevin Pickford says:

I can get a 1100cc street bike for that much but it still looks awesome

BigDaDo mf says:

think of it as being a lazy ass and defeating hole purpose of a bike … get a dam dirt bike same Shit but lol

jetter820 says:

good thing we all know what steroids and amphetamine feel like.

5treefrogs says:

mate… very very cool… thanks for the upload

bigearedmouse17 says:

Is the log an optional extra ?

Andtp Fack says:

Call me old school but i prefer to gain some solid muscle so i can go places.

bee Lover says:

10 grand, hell to the no,why make shit that the average working person can’t afford, stupid just stupid,it’s a bike not a Rolls Royce.

whatfreedom7 says:

Just buy a dirt bike already.

Gabe Rangel says:

under 10k my happy ass. 😀

chris says:

This bike is a joke cheap crap DNM shock and Marzocchi fork. I’ll stick to my Fox fork and Hope brakes.

MrLufelcan says:

I found one of this shit On Spring Valley Rd at Dallas tonite and this mutafuka who was driving this bike bit me up….. of course I did not want to go more fast than him due the spend limit but….. hell men, this bike is incredible…..

IbigHead 2sameShoes says:


spiritweird says:

I would like to get my hands on one, the price puts it out of reach for the moment though. have to buy a real car first lol

Jodi B-easy says:

10 grand you might as well get a car

donmonk3e says:

built mine for a fraction of that. it would leave most stealths standing.

GooNiES31563 says:

sry im not paying 10 gs for this

caleb klyne says:

10 Grand will get you a race spec downhill bike and you will actually be able to jump it…..

goticab says:

really ugly

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