Review: Stealth H-52 Electric Bike

Flair Action Sports riders, Jack Field and Rhianna Buchanan, put a Stealth H-52 Electric Bike through its paces for Transmoto.

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Konstantinos Tselios says:

10.000 $ ? wow that’s a rip-off, an XR650L cost 6.000 $

Inq' Quire says:

Dude – Quit the babble and RIDe the fcking thing

Saarinenn says:

10 000$ Id rather get a new KTM 300cc 2stroke for that kind of money

Munther G-mail says:

the seat is too high, looking ugly

Michael Bradley says:

This bike is completely illegal, it has no pedals so there is no point in having the “street legal mode” because how can you go anywhere under “pedal assist mode”, not that the “street legal mode” is legal anyway. By default you are promoting illegal activity and it’s unfair to us who are obeying the law and using street legal electric bikes.

william wikholm says:

a ktm e-sx costs 11,400euros…

Chris Miner says:

Awesome! But over priced, staring at $10,000?! Crazy, but can get up to $15,000. You could buy 1 or 2 brand new dirt bikes for that price

Cave Edico says:

where’s the pedal??

Bollywood bomb says:

Nice videos

Elias__ Kohl says:


Syntage Yuki says:


Jason Weber says:

Anyone know if it’s street legal?

Charles Jones says:

Could definitely see some future real world uses like Spec Ops night missions, but the distance would have to be doubled at least. Also, if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford one.

JosephA W says:

I appreciate the Video. Bikes expensive, all new tech is, especially if they aren’t mass produced using robots.

Stefan Whitehouse says:

How much do they weigh?

3cheerz says:

Rich toy

Vekcor Pest Solutions says:

The price is $10,000-$14,000 depending on options. they can keep it

Craig Max says:

There 10000.00 arnt they.

Lesme Aguilar says:

I want one but i dont have a nove money

suntzuwarsword1964 says:

HAHA..The coppers can’t hear ya rippin around the bush…worth the money !

Craig Max says:

You can buy an Electric MX or Moto.

SOKRVT says:

How do they justify the crazy high price?
Because 10k you can buy a yamaha r1 and that thing is pure tech and machinery. It’s also much safer in the street and will last a hell lot longer than this e-bike.

Higgo says:

Bloody great!

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