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https://electricbikereview.com/riese-muller/charger-gx-rohloff-hs/ The Riese & Müller Charger GX Rohloff HS is a rugged, high-step, Bosch powered electric bike that can handle two battery packs for increased range, the GX would make an excellent touring or bikepacking platform. Available in three frame sizes and two color options, upgraded touch points include ergonomic grips with bar ends, Brooks premium leather saddle, and Thudbuster ST seat post. High-speed motor option lets you keep up with traffic or just ride further, choose from a tough internally geared 14-speed Rohloff hub or lightweight 11-speed cassette. Heavier and more expensive than a lot of other bikes, built to order so there’s a wait time of 1+ months, dual-battery option is not available on the smallest frame size.


Lynn Recker says:

If I were to go with a Riese & Mueller Charger HS (and it is tempting), I think I’d stick with the Mixte GT Nuvinci HS. Costs $1200 less (with one battery) and a Gates belt drive. I was surprised to learn the Rohloff used a chain drive.

yoma measureacher says:


Taylor Guziewicz says:

Rough streets of New York E-biking it out of the hood

Sita van Waarde says:

Fuck you al i ride a non electric bike for a long time and i like to ride a car

datanerator says:

heyy thats my old neighborhood in brooklyn. biking there is a brush with death lol wonder if being able to keep up with traffic on an ebike would help

brighton dude says:

As ever you do such a great review! This eBike is impressive. Front carrier is disappointing, turning with the steering is not good. Rohloff is an attraction for me as it is so efficient and reliable. I would prefer the Delite you reviewed as I like suspension on the rear.

runner4eg1 says:

who buys this a dumbass. $6,000 no way you go get motorcycle for less than that. Hell you can buy 2 mopeds for that price. wait a minute you can get a used Prius for that price. a a fool this money are easily parted.

Columba Kelly says:

6000?? I could make 6 of them for that price

Dennis1987 says:


James Mason says:

how do you oil the chain

Sita van Waarde says:

6000 ? Yeah i buy a car

sorie kondi says:

I have been waiting for this video, I like the GX. If my riding season were a little longer this might be perfect. Though the speed could see me riding longer into the summer in PHX. Either way expensive sure, though I like it.

Rodolfo Castillo says:

6000 bucks? hell nah

Jone Gomez says:

What a sexy bike that is! hmmmmm yeah!!!!!… Can I afford it? Hell NO, but I can still lurk from the distance 🙂

Mr. Flipster says:

u will need a bike insurance with that bike price.

Eugene Hanc says:

Too pricy.

Michigan Mister says:

6g, but damn, this sled reeks of macho right down to the mustard. everything precisely purposed. Court, only question is can you shed more light on the (my) ABUS mount?

znout65 says:

Are you going to review the newest SONDORS bikes that came out? (X, Fold, & speed)

Armin von Werner says:

0:10 Internally geared Rohloff hub motor? And the ride begins at 17:40 … 😉

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