Riese & Müller Multicharger Vario Video Review – Midtail Electric Cargo Bike, Passenger Seat

https://electricbikereview.com/riese-muller/multicharger-vario/ The Riese & Müller Multicharger Vario is a versatile midtail electric bike with long sturdy rear rack capable of carrying a passenger up to 125lbs, optional padded seat, pegs, and adjustable stoker handlebar. Measuring ~74″ long, the Multicharger is the same length as a regular charger, only available in one frame size but they do sell a mid-step for those with shorter inseams, that model does not support a second battery. Adjustable air suspension fork, premium suspension seat post, ergonomic grips, and high-volume tires make for a comfortable ride, integrated lights, sturdy fenders, and chainring protector keep you clean. Heavier and more expensive than competing products but extremely well made, sturdy double leg kickstand, included ABUS folding lock, and drivetrain options set it apart (Bosch CX or Speed, Gates Carbon belt drive, Enviolo NuVinci N380SE), longer lead time because they’re hand assembled in Germany.


Johannes Nilsen says:

nice fenders, do you know what they are?

Armin von Werner says:

I’m not sure what your Uber driver rating is going to be when you turn up with this to your pickup…

kfekadu55 says:

Is it possible to add heated grips and a usb outlet for charging

Martin Schmidt says:

Nice bike. The Best you can buy. Very high quality and function. Tough like all r&m bikes. Yes Its expensive but you get more value from it in the long term. No taxes, No insurances and the fuel is very cheap. 20 Cents for a Full battery. 🙂


Need some help… Big time…. I cannot find a 29 in front wheel electric bike kit anybody can you help me

Bikerelated says:

This is a really neat Tern GSD competitor. Still amazed how pricey this bike is considering a Suntour fork and MT4 brakes. Tires are too narrow, I’d prefer 24″/4″. Headtube angle is not great: I know it’s a cargo bike, I would still prefer a bit more travel. Also a flat handlebar on a cargo bike is just weird, why not a Jones loop?

cresshead says:

i prefer the other display…bosch ashould open it up as an option

abbaby555 says:

Excellent review!
Thanks for sharing

Sunshine State Lover says:

That thing must have amazing range with 2 batteries

Robert Rob says:

That is one of the bicycles I have been considering. Hope they lower the price on the two battery model. Looks like a great commuter bicycle.

Johannes Nilsen says:

you sohuld check out Pedaling innovations Catalyst pedals, they are made for mid foot position, and they give better pedal stroke, and more stability, it was benefits for all types of riding, for example when landing drop or jump you wont sink, and foot don’t fall off as easily.

Johannes Nilsen says:

the rack wont effect steering too much, nice feature. but the suspension seat post is silly, I rather have big tyres, which will not compromise the saddle position, and pedalling. with dropper post, the issues with stepping over bike to ride it is not an issue. so it has benefits for commuting bikes too, but I use different method for fixed post, I lean bike over and step over top tube, straighten it and then pedal.




Finally finished the video and I really like what R and M are doing. It looks like they are constantly improving and you know all of their products are top of the line. I have only seen 2 of their electric bikes being ridden here in San Francisco so far. I would like to see a bare bones lightweight model for around 2.5k. Something more people could afford. Thanks again Court and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Benjamin Jehne says:

This thing looks awesome. Build like a tank. <3 I like the option to take someone with me, or have more space for bags and other stuff.

Johannes Nilsen says:

7:14 the Bordo lock is easy to break into just lift up the arms out of the rivet, but the alarm lock is more secure.

John Richardson says:

Interesting rear seat and handlebars. Doesn’t look real comfortable, but since it is flat, it makes a nice cargo shelf.

Tom van Bodegraven says:

I just love these reviews!!

blewyd says:

Nice but 70 mm is short. Walmart bikes have they same travel

Johannes Nilsen says:

7:14 I strongly advice against pedalling the way you do, there is risk of foot slamming forward to the ground and and it grinding against the asphalt, and the pedal slamming into the back of your leg, this is very painful. I recommend using mid foot position for stability, and improved stroke.

hako NCR says:

1 first

reinplat says:

I think the second person feature is meant for taking a kid to (pre)school rather than for chauffeuring an adult around.

ForbinColossus says:

Would make a great *shopping* bike ! Best looking cargo bike I’ve seen! For carrying children, seems like child seats are a must – that setup is clever, but alittle like putting kids in the bed of a pickup truck and telling them to hold on. Not legal in some places. (But man oh man, I loved riding in the backs of pickups).

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