Rohloff E-14 Review – Electronically Shifted Internally Geared Hub, Bosch Ebike Compatible The Rohloff Speedhub E-14 is one of the highest quality internally geared hub systems for bicycles and electric bikes. It’s electronically shifted for high precision and integrates with Bosch ebike systems for shift detection, to reduce wear and stress. The E-14 offers fourteen gear choices and a range of 526° of gearing range. This makes it a great choice for climbing and high speed applications alike. Much like the SRAM Eagle 500° cassette (with 10 to 50 tooth sprockets) the Speedhub is a great choice for mountain bikes and urban speed pedelecs alike. It’s durable, with reports of over 200,000 miles of use, only requiring occasional oil changes. There is no external derailleur, so the gears and shifting mechanisms are very well protected. It does weigh a bit more than a cassette and derailleur at roughly 3.75lbs (between 1,700 and 1,800 grams depending on the model chosen). Rohloff offers a wide range of hub spacing options from 135mm, 142mm, Boost 148mm, Fat Bike 170mm, Fat Bike 177mm, 190mm, and 197mm as well as 9mm axle and M12 12mm thru-axle support. It can be shifted at standstill, as with most internally geared hubs and continuously variable transmissions like Enviolo/NuVinci and even has an automatic downshift feature that can return to a set gear when the bike is stopped. This makes starting from standstill efficient.

– Extremely durable, low maintenance and longer maintenance intervals compared to a derailleur and chain
– Shift detection support when paired with Bosch
– Electronic readout of chosen gear
– Automatic downshift on stop with gear choice
– Allows for shifting at standstill
– Compatible with Gates Carbon belt drives
– Many hub spacing and axle size options
– In really dirty conditions, a belt drive might not be ideal… so it’s cool that the E-14 is also compatible with chains

– Adds roughly $1,000 USD to the price of most bikes
– Adds weight, compared to a traditional cassette + derailleur but still weighs less than the NuVinci N380 or N360 which are roughly 2450 grams (5.4lbs)
– Even at 180 milliseconds, it shifts slower than a derailleur

Other details: Synchronized shift process via CANBus connectivity, can shift gears singularly or push and hold button to shift 3 gears simultaneously (following the initial
single gear shift), automatically return to pre-programmed start gear once stationary, designed to endure up to 130 newton meters of torque force (Bosch Performance Line CX motor peaks out at 75nm for reference), it’s compatible with the Bosch Active Line, Active Line Plus, Performance Line, and Performance Line CX ebike motors, they do not currently sell a retrofit kit… it’s only sold with new electric bicycles, manufacturers using the E-14 include: Heisenberg, i:SY, Koga, Nicolai, Maxcycles, Riese & Müller, TDS Velos, Velo de Ville, it is not compatible with non-electric bicycles, I believe that the E-14 was launched in late 2017 for use on 2018 model year electric bikes such as the Nevo GX Rohloff in the video review.


Mike W says:

These bikes look sweet, but unfortunately way out of my price range. Not to brag or anything but I’ve managed to build a custom rear hub, full suspension, 1000w ebike for about $300, thing is rad, does great in my Colorado mnts. A huge part was I was lucky enough to score a santa cruz super light bike at a thrift store for $8. However I am at this point using sealed lead acid 48v battery pack which honestly does suck, but it’s enough to get me going. I am in the process of building a 30ah 48v lithium ion pack from salvaged laptop batteries. Yes it’s a long tedious process but once done I will triple my range and loose weight at the same time. I’m a firm believer and proud member of the ebike revolution!

Alexander Hamilton says:

Wow! A Riese and Mueller that doesn’t look like a WWII Panzer tank.

Johannes Nilsen says:

E thirteen got even more range than sram Eagle, and is lighter there is 11 and 12 SPD cassettes, 9-46t two peace casettes. I haven’t tried one yet.

photogher says:

Fantastic introduction to these upgraded R&M ebikes. I know what I’m saving my $$$$ for now.

Melvin Roberto says:

Would be nice to see it with the new TQ 120S.

VideoNOLA says:

So low key. Did someone die??

Dan Rowell says:

Optibike has been using Rohloff for 10 years now….way ahead of the industry.  The Rohloff support high torque and power.

Veranda Tales says:

How does the Rohloff Speedhub compare to the Nuvinci CVT in price and performance?
What is the model name of the clean design beltdrive ebike?

Michael Andersen says:

That system is soooo slick. Too bad it costs an arm and a leg.
Cheers for doing this!

Wayne Carkeek says:

Why use a syringe to drain the oil.. just gravity and a funnel with a hose on the end of it . I would put a tiny rare earth magnet on the drain grub screw to hold any metal particles away from the gears too. Just make sure the screw is already inverted when you remove the magnet so the fist thing to come out is the fine metal. You will get some when new and less and less as time goes by. Oil is cheap and hubs expensive too.

Raoul Wymann says:

in my book, it’s Percentage… not degrees….
thanks for the video

eric moss says:

You should install paddle shifters. It has that sound. 🙂

Atom says:

Thank you Man! Thanks Germany

Chuck Bryan says:

Very cool bike; I think I will start saving up to buy something like that. (By the way, it is not pronounced de-rail-yer – instead, it would be de-rail-er)

Pr says:

Why no automatic upshift/ downshift? Automatic gear change takes place only after complete stop?! This is plain stupid. I had Rohloff with mechanical shifting mechanism and it was very annoying in hilly areas. I thought that electronic shifting was made on purpose, to offer fully automatic mode. If it is not automatic during the ride – it is meaningless. You still need to upsift/ downshift instead of concentrating on the road.

I had Shimano Cyber Nexus 8 and it was automatically changing gears up and down. I must say that Shimano is one step ahead of Rohloff in this regard.

rs parker says:

I have the Rohloff E-14 hub on my R&M Supercharger. Do you know if the electric system can be retrofitted to this drive train?


Great review of some interesting new technology, I own a LEVO and ive gotta say it’s so hard to go back to a normal bike. Having said that, it is really hard to take you two seriously while wearing finger cut gloves and helmets while not on your bikes.

Pushyhog says:

Have both pinion and rolhoff. Pinion is smooth and 18 speeds. Gates belts is the North American dealer for pinion. The rolhoff is needed for rear set-ups.

Mark Peralta says:

Great, that means the Bosch can be configured to have motor cutoff on shifting. Maybe, I can link the cut off to the brake lever (with sensor) so I can slightly press the brake while shifting my derailer. That’s what I do with my other ebike. The Bosch automatic detection does not always provide smooth shifting and it irks me when it slams. That also prevented me from buying a Bosch ebike. If it comes with brake sensor (at least on the left side) then I may reconsider getting a Bosch. The motor is top notch compared to other brands thou.

Alan Falconer says:

Whats wrong with young people now. I understand that electronic bikes is a good idea for old or disabled people but otherwise nooooo. Stop being lazy and put the effort in. Its much more rewarding. Anyway I used to have something similar to these 20 years ago it was called a husqvarna 250 motocross bike but 10 times more fun. Ive owned a pedal of some form for 56 years (im 58).theres not many feelings better than doing a full day in the hills on a mountain bike knowing you’ve by your own steam. In an ever increasing obese society this is the last bit of technology we need.

Mary McGovern says:

HI EBR i for one am delighted with this review for E bikes these speed hubs are the way to go no more derailing your gears or bending the shift or long oily chains i can only see plus plus with this set up so thank you ,paul djerassi. should raid for all your reviews so again a BIG THANK YOU paul.

Bob A says:

Nice review guys and very well done as usual. Great team here! For the future of Ebikes in general, I personally would like to get away from the heavier models in hopes of the ultimate E-bike that comes in at approx 35lbs with all of the bells and whistles as a class 3. Perhaps we will see this in a commuter as well as an EMTB in the coming years of evolving tech. For me, being I am a smaller person, would be a better fit. Heavier hardware all around probably would be better for a larger/stronger rider to handle IMO. Cheers!

M Stevens says:

After watching dozens of your videos I’m happy to see the speed hub featured on a Reise Müller frame with a belt drive. I think this combination is the best the in the market. Can you review of the Super Charger?

Nisco Racing says:

I am waiting for the bike industry to have multiple models on this technology.
Chains needs to rest some day 🙂

Mopar 70 says:

Please do a review on a Koga E-World Traveller. Probably the best e-trekking bike, completely configurable and one of the early E-14 adopters.

shadowdance4666 says:

Do ya still review the smaller bike companies with the less expensive models or can they not afford u?


I have always liked the Rohloff speed hubs, but just can’t get myself to pay that much money for it, even though I have seen the schematics and was really impressed with the craftsmanship. I am a sucker for innovative machinery.

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