Schwinn Monroe 250 Video Review – $1.2k Affordable, Lightweight, Single Speed Electric Bike The Schwinn Monroe 250 is a lightweight, very affordable, name-brand electric bicycle available in three frame sizes for improved fit, purpose-built frame with color matched saddle, grips, and deep dish rims. Efficient 250 watt Bafang hub motor feels smooth and responds quickly to a 12-magnet cadence sensor and motor-inhibiting brake levers, top speed 20 mph. Sporty diamond frame and large alloy platform pedals combine for excellent power transfer, longer stem creates a sporty aerodynamic body position, removable battery is easy to charge. Very basic display only shows your assist level and battery estimate, rigid Aluminum alloy frame and skinny tires are sporty but less comfortable, single-speed drivetrain is durable but limited.


Honky Tonk says:

Linear rim brakes works fine for me. They last a long time.


tell me please where is the controller on such a bike?

подскажите пожалуйста где находится контроллер в таком велосипеде?

Ian Mangham says:

I have the 12mag sensor without the ebrake/shut off,when using pedal assist I just blip the throttle so it doesn’t run on when braking.

Andrew Hunter says:

The flash was cheap but nice where as this is cheap and nasty.

Mr Shax says:

For the price that frame looks cheap AF.

Andy Lau says:

This is exactly like that cheap $999 Populo bike except its 200 more expensive because Schwinn think their brand worth a little extra. Well Schwinn bike are crap nowadays so I would advised against it. Unless you can get it for 900 on a fire sale, don’t waste your time.

NFmangatoo says:

This bike looks very good. I would buy it for my summer rides :D. Nice review, and that was a good interaction over there with the cop.

Kathrine Kukova says:

For $1200, this set up is too expensive. I own $1350 Ebike. This bike should have had mechanical disc breaks and maybe fenders and rack. We are talking single speed here=super cheap!! Come on, 250w motor? Its light, i get it, but for commuting, give me some front and rear lights at least… nope nope

b b says:

It’s an ebike fixie lol.

benjie alcantara says:

That’s overpriced.

Mr Jhonny says:

5th like!

Charles Ledbetter says:

Great video ! One Quick question because I am about to purchase one , how far of distance can you go on this bike ? Thanks

WaderII says:

Thanks for a very concise and consistent review. Love that you do your homework and come with solid stats to tell. Keep up the good work!

Vin Chung says:

I think I would choose the E-Glide bike over this one.

Flo Mo says:

I love purist electric bikes. The price is good and the look traditional. A pretty electric bike for beginners. Nice video Court 🙂

Dooneegomaface Ifinnaspring says:

Schwinn did good. They’d have my dollar over the big bike shop brands. Though I’d expect an easily sub $1000 price tag seeing how smaller ebike-specific companies seem to offer more at or around this price point. If I could get an E-glide or Populo for as much or less than duh.

Raven M. says:

Seriously good price $1,200? For a base frame Schwinn with a single speed 250W hub motor. Have we really lost all sense of financial reality just because something is designated an ebike? Ridiculous

ForbinColossus says:

He didn’t need a helmut because he could shoot anyone that got too close

abbaby555 says:

great review Court, I really like the simplicity of this bike

artdrectr says:

“It’s pretty, it’s an e-bike!”
…but it’s not a good buy.
Very little power assist and one speed…will be difficult on any hill or incline.
Not enough zip for hauling much (groceries).
No suspension, thin tires…even on level streets won’t be fun over any cracks, bumps, etc.
No riding in early morning or evening or wet weather. So, no commuting or trail riding.
So, who’s it for?
Of course we could buy a bunch of accessories but there’s other e-bike companies that include those at a better overall price.

Court, you gave this bike a pretty good review, despite it’s limitations. I know you don’t like to criticize manufacturers, but this looks like Schwinn’s money grab.
Targeting people who don’t know anything about e-bikes and who don’t want to spend much.
Can you imagine anyone wanting to keep this bike for long?

Chris Till says:

I like the minimal look but that’s about it. Personally I’d never go with rim brakes again, especially on an ebike. But I suppose most professional road cyclists still use rim brakes and it’s even worse for them when they’re using carbon rims. So I guess if they can work for them at those speeds then they can work for a regular rider.

Ian Mangham says:

I’m early again

augsburg says:

Great job getting an impression from someone that knew bikes but was not super familiar with e-bikes.

Ian Mangham says:

That was a cool copper court mate,great vid man, merry Christmas from England homey

Fred Horner says:

I like that you’re able to get some feedback from passersby sometimes in these reviews. When an average guy comes up, and doesn’t have familiarity with the systems they just seem to enjoy them. Of course if you had a Riese & Muller or Tern for them to also try alongside the budget versions they’d notice the distinctions. I’m excited that larger established companies are throwing their hats in to the market because that will also bring the prices down further as time goes on.

Chinibianchini says:

Why don’t you review any more of the Sondors ebikes? I’d love to see a thin 7 review or one with the new fold bike.

Richard Simpson says:

Be better with a belt drive but great pared down concept. Not sure about the breaks though and with no shocks its going to be bumpy.

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