Sequel to the Cheapest Electric Bike! – Wave 2.0

$1,000 for an e-bike seems like a pretty incredible deal… but is the Wave 2.0 too good to be true?

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Life Yang says:

wow. what a disappointment.

Do R/C! says:

man that battery pack looks pretty hacked together.

RoboticusMusic says:

You shouldn’t spend less than $2k on an ebike. That will get you an entry level- decent bike if you build it yourself. The battery and motor combined should cost you $1,500. That’s about 30-50 miles of range and low-moderate motor strength. The cost of the bike is up to you. If you can’t afford one don’t buy one lol

Teo Pit says:

I hate it when people that dont know much about motorcycles or bicycles say that the brakes are bad or not good or they make sounds.YOU as long as YOU mounted the wheels,you have to align the disc rotor to the disc brake! otherwise it will be rubbing without pulling the lever,or making squicky sounds….

oiudqjioqw says:

I thought it was that mass murderer Sam Hyde in the thumbnail.

dave himlin says:

1st sign of a poorly designed ebike – battery is mounted above the rear tire.

Cosmo John says:

The cheapest ebike can never be usa made. Its always china made and far cheaper than 500 usd. Seems like people who fund crowdfunding projects are ignorant and naive. They dont know the world

4saken404 says:

Even without the sketchy stuff this looks like nothing more than a bike with a cheap electric hub kit. I own pretty much exactly that. You can buy the rear wheel kit and add it on to pretty much any bike. My current bike is one I got used off Craigslist and it’s basically a kit like that on a basic Wal-mart bike. And I can tell from watching this video that even my beater runs *way* better than that POS.

847,628 views says:

if you go to the indiegogo page the guy spammed the comment section till all the bad comments were gone

ima beech says:

damn, brutal review… but honest. subscribed!

jon rusch says:

i got min in 3 days the handle bars are an easy fix, the battery is my problem maybe im doing somthing wrong but not even close to how long they say it will last. still a fun bike for me. its kinda a go to work bike for me only about 3 miles to my job

randy buff says:

He makes some of the best content on this channel. Great job!

Vitor Leão says:

buy a bike buy a motor and batteries and DYI or pay someone to do it!

Kenny Redux says:


Critix Shadow says:

i would rather buy an E-bike from ROMAI which any of there e-bike are cheaper than $1000 and i already saw many people in my area using ROMAI.better option lol

OldDirtGuy says:

Odd that anyone would fall for such a gimmick in the first place. Cheap bikes have been a ripoff forever. Cheap E-bikes? Are you kidding?

Das Schadenfreude says:

What the shit is up with that battery??? I’ve seen vape box mods with that many batteries that didn’t look half as janky. Running a bunch of 18650’s seems like a damn stupid choice.

NEXUZ says:

with $1000 you could buy a midrange Mountain Bikes or Roadbikes..

lrochfort says:

Taren is fantastic. He deserves to be in more videos. He deserves his own channel for that matter.

RJ Wilson says:

Lunacycle is pretty good. DIY stuff too

Do R/C! says:

that’s horrible. I wish these people could be arrested.

FhargaZ says:

$1000? wtf? Nice review ;D

A Blue Quaker says:

Sounds like Swiftech AiO coolers…

DG TV says:

I wouldn’t even pay $300 for it, looks like trash! Super cheap parts and a battery pack that looks like an oldschool hard drive caddy!

Ronald Browen says:

I built a better one for $620. It has a 36v 500w motor and has a 36v 14Ah Li-ion battery. The motor can output 750w due to 36v 22 +/- 1 A controller. I have a 7 speed cruiser bike

Aiden Francisco says:

almost all disk breaks squeak when wet. My 5000$ Giant 2017 Anthem advance 1 with xt brakes squeaks too.

D: says:

kill me

kaywood Parsons says:

Money sometimes make people very dishonest

Michael Bradley says:

This is the first review I have seen of yours and I’m not sure whether I hate or like you, the thing I know I don’t like is your own inhouse adverts, I was thinking at 420K views google ads would pay more. I would add one more cheap option, buy your own electric bike kit and add it to a bike of your choice, kits with better features are very cheap.

pipeman451 says:

Junk bike

Seraphim_Pheonix says:

Want a good electric bike? You have to build one yourself.

Robert Mirabelle says:

Wow. This was informative and helpful.

Gordon Mendez says:

can we please have a LMG bicycle sub channel hosted by Taran? PLEASSE


im Eyeballing a Ebike its about 2300… i want something to get around parks here better.

frankgon4 says:

any experience with Land Rover electric bikes?

constantin58 says:

So i’f anyone else would buy from China those bikes for $400 and sell them in US for $500 would anyone buy? Nope, everyone would still buy them for $1200 from wave.

Mr. X says:

I’ll bet Wave Bikes company was disappointed by this video review. Not like they don’t deserve it

Clean Shirt says:

Buys poor quality electric bike. Doesn’t have it setup by professional cycle mechanic. Most complaints are due to improper setup.

TRY to HELP you says:

this video was great!!! I’m about to take on my own project

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