Smart Ebike Video Review – Electric Bike From Smart Mercedes Benz A custom electric bike from Mercedes Benz Smart, designed in part by Kalle Nicolai with a drive system from BionX. The Smart Ebike combines the highest quality components from SRAM, Magura and Ergon with custom LED lights, optional rack and panniers and upgradable suspension fork to deliver a premium city riding experience. The motor offers 350 watts of power and runs off of a 48 volt 8.8 amp hour Lithium-ion pack. It’s gearless and direct drive which offers four regen modes (to slow coasting, offer a workout and save your gears) as well as regenerative braking. Instead of a cassette and chain you get an internally geared hub from SRAM with three speeds and a carbon belt drive from Gates. It’s an impressive machine with a beautiful drive system and free smart phone app that works with Android and iOS.


Tim D Stevens says:

Shaft drive is the best E-bike

raymond bitar says:

yoo i need charger for this bike from where i can by it
thank you

Robin Tankard says:

Great review.    Here in the UK Smart have just cut the price from £2500 ($4200) to £1800 ($3000), plus they are giving 3 years 0% finance.  Not sure what this means (maybe they are planning to discontinue it?), but makes it much more affordable.

L Pollichis86 says:

Hey I would like to know how much it cost one of those bikes

Marcos Rodriguez Miralles says:

Sorry my bad english. Can I buy that in some mode? I m from argentina.

Gardener Rob says:

Love that shut down it does when it has been inactive for a while, great feature. Really like the design of the bike, looks very nice. 

abdellah kna says:

without electric meter? is it work?

Anthony Steele says:

i wonder what power an ebike would need to be in order for it to match a road bike… then it would be a road bike with the joys of off-road tires.

alief perwira says:

Wuuuih mantep…

Steven B says:

The Smart, the Audi, and the Faraday Porteur may just be the only e-bikes that don’t look like bikes with battery packs just stuck on them, unless there are others I haven’t yet found. The VAST majority of offerings are plug (inadvertent pun) ugly, almost like afterthoughts. There was one that I saw, the Diavelo (YES, I think it was called), but I couldn’t get a handle (no, not another one!) on what the bike’s profile and specs were, despite googling to no end. I’d seen two different bike images, both beautiful, with a Protanium shaft-driven power train. One was copper coloured, but another one was light blue, with a slightly different design. I emailed them via their Facebook page to get info, but no reply (tsk tsk). That was well over a week ago. Do you have any information on that one?

Santeri Miettinen says:

love your vids but i´d like to correct that smart is actually part of daimler just like mercedes benz is 🙂 cool bike btw

Richy Hood says:

Wish I had 3k

javier suarez says:
saul herrera says:

Beautiful ebike all the way around!! Any idea if it will go on the market here in the US??

Jonas Ng says:

What is the cost? Where to find the website selling the Smart Bike?

Simmozheim Tube says:

driving this bike since 3,5 years and its still running perfectly after 8500km without any repair or other problems. i needed only a new rear tire, thats it. but only one complain: under -5° the electric controller drives crazy to need new resets. and the technology is not anymore current state. smart-bike needs to much battery. after those years its hard to make 40km with one charge. although it was also hard at the beginning with the brand new bike.

Manzurul Alam Mahim says:

where it’s found in bd ? Pls advice with latest price

Mario Larouche says:

I just got the gray model with rear rack, upgraded seat and air ride front fork. The dealer told my they are waiting for a cable to be able to reprogram the governor up from 25 to 32km/h. 

A few questions:

What app are you using?
Is the bike bluetooth ready or is there some other piece of hardware to be added?
Is the USB port for charging or is it a communications port as well?

BTW, great review!

Michael Loughlin says:

What a cracking bike love the overall design as usual another well put together review very well done mate I’ve now subscribed I’d be a fool not to.keep the video’s coming…..;-)

Niels van Rikxoort says:

Excellent review! Thanks! One question though, do you think this bike is suitable for a 20 km commute?

Contact CW says:

Looks like a good commuter for flat and smooth cities. Three speed would be challenging in Sydney.

SuperPapadzul says:

The only thing I like about European bikes is their mandatory factory installed dynamo powered lights.  They have smaller E-motors, slower speeds (usually 15 mph) and they are expensive.  I just found out from a friend in the Netherlands that E-bikes must be registered as low speed scooters (15mph) any faster than that and a motorcycle license is required.  Also somewhere in Canada, police are cracking down on E-bike riders; enforcing the helmet law and speed compliance.  I guess we have it easier in the USA.

Dale Bergeron says:

Very slick.

vinicius says:

max speed?

Daniel Wolf says:

Can someone tell me what the advantages and disadv. of such a belt drive system is compared to a chain?

Orry Clips says:

It’s just a super expensive bike, it doesn’t have a throttle

Ladislav Jurdik ml. says:

Really nice bike! I chose 7 months ago Yamaha Haibike instead of this, and i should´ve gone with thisone!.. The only problem i concidered was long time battery charging, worse batery chemistry and engine power and efficiency, but in the other hand its much less maintenance needed in Smart Ebike i see, also i had to change tyres ( Swalbe stock tyres are really not good ). For people who cannot decide, go for this bike! 🙂 you´ll save money later due to less maintenance costs on this bike… ( cargo, regen, lights, and you can modify speed over 25 km/h in PC app through USB)

cubecube bean says:

Is there any bike safe routes (protecting from those thousand pound vehicles) around in your town?!!
Young people, how about organize lobby groups for building those routes?!!

Sherry Wang says:

Do you know how and where you can get one?

Rob Schmitt says:

I like this design. But im afraid if I’m going to buy a bike like this that it will be stolen. I want a bike with this Carbon Belt drive.

Joseph Agresta says:

Can you send me one of these?

Lúke says:

Where would you purchase one in the United States?

Keyboardbeatz says:

How tall is the man in this video?

John Jones says:

I think the review failed, or at least didn’t attempt to address, battery range. Of course I accept several factors impact range not least weight, terrain, weather and so forth. Good review in terms of the aesthetics and dare I say the cosmetics, but as for the basic fundamentals……..

Wilson says:

Where do you buy the bike

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