Sondors Indiegogo Electric Bike Video Review The Sondors Ebike was originally called the Storm Electric Bike and was launched through Indiegogo in early 2015. It’s a crowdfunded electric fat bike designed to be affordable and simple, available in four colors, single speed drivetrain with throttle only. It offers limited power for climbing, sand and snow applications because the motor is mid-sized at 350 watts, optimal use would be urban or trail riding. You can add a fender and rack thanks to threaded eyelets on the rear section of the frame but you cannot add a gear cluster or internally geared hub, consider a Schlumpf gear or Efneo at the bottom bracket if you want to change your cadence range. This bike comes with a limited 30 day warranty, lower end components (brakes, saddle, wheelset), more involved assembly required than other ebikes I’ve built.


Ever Clara says:

Does the bike has like a generator built in that regenerates charge when you pedal? or once the 15miles are up, that’s it? I’d love a bike like this that I can commute with, both manually and electrically. There’s electric scooters that recharge with manual use so… any tips?

Vince Bauer says:

How fast does that bike go how long is battery life

Richard's Tech-Knowledgey says:

Ungrateful kids. And the adult’s the one to apologize lol…

ackly14 says:

are there any other budget ebikes that you’d reccomend in this or possibly a larger/stronger form factor? I ask as a heavier dude who wants to get back into biking but i’m having the issue of range. i’m hoping an ebike can help break things up and make going longer distances alot easier. know of any decent bikes under 1000? and what would you say the weight limit on this bike is?

TAM says:

Is it water proof

Ephesus RH says:

What if your 6 feet and 225 pounds

bdub2868 says:

can the rear sprocket be swapped out to a 22T or 23T?

DeimonLord127 says:

Super low price ???!!! 1,150$/1,300$ It’s a low price WoW :/

Ben Lee says:

Does it come with instructions and all the tools you need?

Mike Harms says:

In some countries they have very strict laws against that about what sondors did say one set of specs to get people to invest and then put out something that’s totally different they could be sued for all sorts of false advertisement and product liability. All I know is if I’m going to give one of those ebikes companies who are fledgling and asking for money like on patreon and other sites like that they’re going to have to sign a contract that these specs will not deviate from my bike have a great day

Tung Nguyen says:

this bike look kinda ugly imo

André Gomma de Azevedo says:

I’ve ordered mine in August 2016 and they said they would send me on late September. I’ve just received an e-mail from Sondors saying that they will only deliver it in November… So, buyers beware, they may take much longer to deliver than they actually indicate…

Syed Ahsan says:

Can this available in Pakistan

Valentin Miholic says:

We’re you using a DJI Osmo to film this?

valveman12 says:

For the price it looks like it would be a good commuter and some trail riding. As always Court a great review.

Akin Jakin says:

Its pretty noisy….

carboncubss says:

What is the white e-bike your buddy was riding??

Kevin Lemcom says:

I was going to buy one of these but the only 13-mile range and no customer service changed my mind maybe a scam sending someone 700 bucks and not knowing if you will get what you pay for if maybe you won’t get anything at all for 700 bucks.

Kazuma says:

can you review the Sondors fold bike pls =)

Fred Ragers VII says:

No bell included?

Mike Boyd says:

Maybe unused sensor is for add on computer?

Fred Ragers VII says:

controvershy, lol

Bob Camacho says:

I’ve asked Sondors several questions via their website and they always respond. As soon as I run out of questions I’m buying one for myself!

Scott Finlaw says:

So I am new to this okay so my question is I’m approximately 240 lb and I’m looking for a bike with speed so what size motor should I be looking for? I’m not sure on the wattage that I should be looking for if you could please advise I would appreciate it thank you

Super Hashu says:

Are these fine in rain?

edcruz11 says:

Great electric bike reviews! If I wanted to buy a backup electric charger, is there one I could buy online somewhere that is compatible to the sondors electric charger! Mahalos from HB

Rob Blumhoefer says:

If there’s some small hills where you live, will using the pedal assist work the same as full electric or will it be easier?P.S. I love your videos yu actually know what you are doing unlike most people!

X6800 says:

Get me that triangle case!!!

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