Sondors THIN Electric Bike Review

It’s an electric bike with a 50 mile range that costs just $500. Techwalla editor Dave Johnson takes a close, hands-on look and gives his recommendation.


FRESHMC2882 says:

can you still ride without battery ? and do I have to wear a helmet when I ride?

sputnic says:

Nice review , thanks
Just got mine and have been starring at the box for two days , but getting ready to assemble it my self.
They suggest taking it to a bike shop if you don’t know what you’re doing , how ever I’m taking the change .

Zippy DaChimp says:

200 dollars for shipping is Bullshit.

BiknutProductions says:

To find out what owners really think join the 5000 member “Sondors Storm Owners Group” on Facebook

BobGames says:

Is it possible to ride that bike in rain?

Quike Navarro says:

Great video!

christopher metcalf says:

its 600$

I Superman says:


T Getz says:

It’s WAY over $500

DroidTech says:

just build your own electric bike with a complete kit that costs 600$, that’ll do 28mph

MandoMountain says:

UTTER RIP OFF!! Do not buy. There is not one person for support, the two weeks I have had mine I had a blow out that forced me off the bike and another flat on the other tire a week later. They are stiff, only give me 15 mile range on flat terrain (they sell it as 50), not even close to their selling point. HORRIBLE. I cant even write on their page anymore.

babsisfish says:

Got a Rad Rover and was so happy with it I got another.

Vaidotas Ratkus says:

I disliked this video because it is comertial not a review. For people I suggest to watch other peoples review to figure out if this bike is for you. This video contains qute some lies: 38pounds is not true, its more like 46,5 (still ok but not 38), price is 500$ but dont forget 200$ shipping. Less than 20miles on battery only is correct but how much less? it depends on riders weight, if you more than 180 pounds it is way more than 20 miles.

ChiefJustice Middleton says:

can you actually mountain bike with this machine.

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