Specialized Turbo Levo Hardtail Comp 6Fatti Video Review – Hardtail Electric Bike

https://electricbikereview.com/specialized/turbo-levo-hardtail-comp-6fattie/ The Specialized Turbo Levo Hardtail Comp 6Fatti is the lowest priced Turbo Levo eMountain bike model from Specialized, it’s a hardtail with 10 gears, an air fork and the Brose drive system. You get a slightly smaller battery capacity here but the same beautiful integration into the downtube, it secures with a thru-axle bolt and doesn’t rattle but also doesn’t lock. Beautiful wire integration, clean paint job with optional stickers, one of the few electric mountain bikes with a bottle cage and tool included. Excellent 200 millimeter hydraulic brakes for smooth stopping, plus sized 650b tires for comfort ant traction, no shift sensing on the motor, minimalist casing design.


Pibbles 'n Bits says:

1:56 “Just because its entry level and a hardtail its going to be $4000” Like seriously….does money go on trees? Also can’t believe the rear wheel is out of true on a bike that expensive ( see 13:20).

Joe Pan says:

tyer out of ture

Ted Kidd says:

Sup w that build? rushed? cables all over the place.

Tony Mohammed says:


Joe Goés says:


phuck ewe says:

New York City!? For a Mtn bike review?
Take that biotch out in the hills somewhere and thrash it.
That would be a more informative review.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate your videos, and have seen quite a few of them.
And I know you are mostly reviewing the electric aspect of these bikes.
But we need to see how they perform hardcore.
And some of the other comments were right; $4k for a bicycle is outrageous!
(Yes I know a lot of them are a lot more than that….. Ludicrous.)
I guess that’s why the other guy didn’t let you out of his sight. haha. (Obviously he doesn’t he know who you are! 😉 Or maybe he was worried you’d get mugged, being it’s New York City & all.) :-]

I think I’ll stick with my old 1985 Stumpy I paid $20 bucks for years ago. It’s a little worn around the edges, but still kicking ass if you can hang on.
Thought about converting it to electric, but if folks are willing to pay that much for a bike, I figure I better keep it stock; maybe I can convince someone it’s a valuable antique. Ha!

PS. the camera shot of the rear wheel seemed to indicate the wheel needed some truing/fine tuning.

Thanks for you time & effort making these videos. I know it’s a lot of work.

Iacob Dan-Ionut says:

Look closer ,sorry for the hars comment but 4000$? for a bike?

William Lauzon says:

I support Specialized, I think this beast of a bike is so beautiful. Great video Court!

Simon Colby says:

I am glad to see you hooked up with propel. I recently bought an ebike from a different company and totally regret it. While shopping around I called propel about 5 times and spoke with the owner for quite a bit while he was answering about 100 questions that I had. The customer service where I bought my bike is terrible. (They ended up selling me a 2014 European model (250w) but told me it was the 2015 US version with the 350w Bosch motor. That means my battery is a year older than what I was told. Frustrating as it is a 4,700.00 purchase! Also being a vet I really wanted to give propel the business but had to go with the other store because of financing. Long story short, if you are in the market for an ebike propel is definitely the store I would reccomend. (I promise I don’t work for them haha)


Just came across the bike today on a video , Had to check it out , great review, nice bike , first time seeing the pedal assist , may check it out at a local dealer if they have , thanks for the post

joes joey says:

Hey Court any idea whats ideal psi for this specalized fat bike in this video ??for sliperry weather ice? thanks ! keep the reviews coming

joes joey says:

Great review! pretty good bike for fun off road glad you made this review!at first i tought it was a peice of junk but it does perfom pretty good and battery last long ! wished the motor didnt stop around18-19 mph tho !

Dip Shit says:

great review! i own non electric specialized bike and they are awesome. cant even imagine how it would be with electric motor

George Herman says:

4 grand for an Entry level Ebike? I just don’t get it. You can buy a brand new Honda PCX 150 for $3,500, and get over 100 mpg and can go 65mph. Has tons of storage, led headlights, signal and brake lights, automatic transmission, and many more features. These expensive Ebikes are very hard to justify IMHO. http://powersports.honda.com/2017/pcx/specifications.aspx#F4J3rVfg2lSjKjYt.97

Madeem Ja. says:

What bike stand is that? @court

andre butler says:

you ever test the bimoz kit

HopelessDiamond says:

*Specialized:* for the middle-class liberal who has _’all-the-gear and no idea’_.
Case in point – It’s a mountain bike but he’s complaining theres no rear rack…

Pamela Harper says:

A couple of WILD and CRAZY GUYS out in NYC!
Nice review, as usual.

Potwheelz says:

As just a bike it’s only worth 500 at best. Ebike market is such a rip off. Electric motors are nothing new. The battery is the only new tech. Conversion kits are the way to go. You get to keep your racing ride and have electric speed. Even more than off the shelf crap. Trendy stealth look for the new jokeass generation. They fall for anything stupid and simple.

JayBenny77 says:

Was this the ride that made you buy a specialized?

moedem says:

Back tyre got hella wobble

Doug Kresl says:

Nice bike. Looks like the price point on these are going to be coming down as competition increases. A hard tail with the 650+ tires are the most versatile for both trail riding and commuting. Full suspension seems a bit overkill for most folks.

Cliff Moore says:

I have a gravel road that has a continuous 10 mile uphill grade. Goes from 2kft. to 4kft. elevation. How do you think this bike would preform?
Also, I prefer a 29er on that road and the downhill – are the E – 29ers coming? Thanks.

Samer Saleh says:

hey man really like your videos 🙂 i was wondering what is you favourite mid drive ebike, cheers

BladeoftheImmortal says:

I would really want a good commuter E-Bike but I only have about 1,000 USD, could maybe squeeze 1500 if i budget well. Is there anything in this price range now or soonish in the future? Otherwise I’ll have to go for a moped or electric scooter. but i’d much rather have something that gets me some exercise while i still get my personal transportation. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Mark Elford says:

Nice machine,good review thnx Court.

Steve Hyder says:

Hi, great review. I saw the Haibike Allmtn 8.0. Are you reviewing that soon? I’ve just ordered one, would love to hear what you think of it?

E°Bike Company Mainz says:

Very nice bike, we tested it too in a video. Clean design !!

Fred Hamilton says:

Are you going to review the mate bike?

Sjaak De Winter says:

Little bit old fashion, not a belt chain for example.
I don t like also derailleurs.

Barrybados©. says:

It is a nice bike but that price is not .

HTFAT says:

not really the place to be reviewing a mtn bike,Brooklyn?otherwise a good review.

earthXcape says:

Great review!

Iacob Dan-Ionut says:

4000$ and the f* back wheel is wobbly wtf!?

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