Specialized Turbo Vado Review

https://electricbikereview.com/specialized/turbo-vado-6-0/ The Specialized Turbo Vado is a high-speed, feature-complete, urban electric bike with unique tubular fenders that have flexible extensions and water routing system to keep your legs, back and face dry, integrated lights and a tight modern rack. Available in four sizes including high-step and mid-step frame styles with gender-specific saddle and grips, custom tuned 50 mm suspension fork with lockout, sturdy thru-axles for improved power transfer and handling at high speed. Removable TFT touch-screen with integrated Micro-USB for accessory charging, Mission Control smartphone app syncs with display for GPS readouts and battery optimization, powerful 180 mm hydraulic disc brakes. High-end Shimano Deore XT Shadow Plus derailleur with one-way clutch to reduce chain bounce, narrow wide chainring delivers extra hold, rear light goes bright when either brake lever is pulled, bottle cage bosses on both frame types.


George Herman says:

That rear rack doesn’t have much support. For some reason I thought it funny they test the bike in a wind tunnel. Sounds like ridiculousness to me. I like the bright yellow color though.

JAxis Computer Repairs says:

i have a normalk mtb, my next goal is electric

Sergey Yevtukh says:

So, Court, does Brosei motors overtaken Bosch & Yamaha motors by the storm on lux ebike market in 2017? in your opinion. ..?

Chad Holdorf says:

Love your reviews, great job. How did you get the stats to show up on the bottom of the video? That is awesome.

ajish kumar says:

This is the best review yet, very comprehensive. Keep up the good work. Given a choice between this bike and the BULLS SIX50 E2 Street, which would you recommend ?

John Lambert says:

I wonder if these can be unlocked the same way as the Levo so the assistance doesn’t cut out?

George Lawther says:

Hi court haven’t been watching much content for the past few months might even be nearer 5 months 🙁 mainly because of replicated designs but this new model caught my eye! really loving the new fat tubing on these specialized bikes and so glad they are adopting the mid drive! Keep up the great videos mate and I’ll try to keep up from now on as the 17/18 ranges appear 😉

marty232 says:

i love the look of specialized eletric bikes

Lord Crimsiden says:

best eletric bike i can get for 2 grand by june ?

David Macdonald says:

much nicer to see a longer review thanks .

Martian Megafauna says:

Great work as always.
I just wanted to give you a shout out for your CAMERA WORK. You ride one handed and juggle that thing but the video is seamless and useful. I cannot imagine how poor my version of those rides would look like.

Javier Peletier Maura says:

Thanks Court. Great technical presentation and report at Stanford. You are an artist

mcomme420 says:

155bpm! Is it the effort or the stress of going at such a high speed?

Stephen Cho says:

The weight of this bike minus the battery and motor is 41 lbs. Similar non electric mid to high end versions weigh ~25-30 lbs. I understand extra wires, controller, display… etc adds weight but 10-15lb?

Curt Rayner says:

Awesome as always! Tell me if you could only buy one would you buy a Levo or a Vado? I know they’re different, but maybe a Levo with a less aggressive tire? I can’t decide which way to go!

Raymond Lew says:

Gee Court, why do you keep passing on the right?

ForbinColossus says:

‘Court goes to Campus’! Nice nice footage thru the Uni… Looks like you had definite fun. That bike has the best fenders for blending in and looking non-noobish. Helluva kickstand. Needs rear suspension in this class..Your video ‘telemetry’ added some goodness. Well done, sir.

hamhumtube says:

Thanks. They put stopper for brakes why not on gear lever as well

MBA NONI says:

What happened to your subscribers? I thought this channel hit a 100k a while ago.

Dave Caldwell says:

Been missing you Court ! This is a great looking bike btw.

Stephen Donohoe says:

Ive watched a lot of your vids, i would like to ask your opinion on, what bike would suit best for 90% on road 10% lite off road with decent milage, as i am looking to buy, i am 6foot tall, thanks in advance.

Yulian Baskoro says:

where is the eurobeat song for background music ?

semidemiurge says:

great review Court. That’s a sexy beast of a bike. tempting

Ravindra Kempaiah says:

Thumbs up for the nice downhill footage. Two thumbs up for the East Eden, Leland Stanford and water bottle cage mention 😉
Great work, buddy!

Will says:

Some of the best content on YouTube, thank you.

Casey says:


Saw you guys Friday on Sandhill road by Stanford campus while I was biking
to my yoga class.

Bob A says:

Hi Court-This is some of your best work overall! The new Specialized, the scenery, the Garmin Virb, etc. I love this bike design and the class 3 (28mph) seems great for this bike. Looks like this will be a good bike to be compared to the Stromer St1 or ST2.
I love those shots from Stanford, but how can a palm tree be that expensive?? I think I need to make my next stop in that area the next time I’m up visiting my relys! LOL Thanks again Court and ride safe. Enjoy!

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