Stealth B-52 Bomber unboxing + first ride!!! The 50 mph electric bike

what’s up, awesome peeps! i hope you had an awesome holiday season and a happy New Year! we’re kicking off 2019 with something special…. the Stealth B-52 Bomber electric bike. this machine is a work of art is like nothing else i’ve ever tested. with over 6,300 watts over power on tap and a top speed of 50 mph, it’s what i consider to be a super e-bike.

because it’s so powerful and fast, i’ve upgrade my helmet choice to a full face helmet, just for some added protection. i’ve been rocking Ruroc helmets for quite a while when i ride stuff like this and i think it’s good choice… not as heavy as a motorcycle helmet, but more protection than a bike helmet.

enjoy the unboxing and first ride, awesome peeps and stay tuned for the full review, hill climb challenge, full range test, tow test and MORE!

unboxing of accessories at 2:17
unboxing of Stealth B-52 Bomber at 11:14
first ride at 23:00

Stealth B-52 Bomber:

Ruroc helmet:


Matthew Wraa says:

Hey do you need a cameraman/drone operator/editor? Im a videographer in Roseville and my sister (a barista at Pete’s) told me about you. You can email me at if you’re interested. I work for cheap bc video production is a passion of mine (and it will eventually be my profession).

harrvey says:

Can this beast do a burnout?

Evangeline Gleason says:

haha my dude comin through with the Stealth review nice

Knighted Cyclist says:

HAHAHAHA YES! I have so many questions. But first of all, thank you so much for finally posting this! I saw on your IG a while back that you had gotten this bike and I’ve been waiting for it ever since. Soooo, first of all, the price tag. Wow. That’s a lot of money, but okay, I get it. IT’s a top of the line electric bike so I guess that makes sense. Bu t I guess for this amount of money I’d realy want this to be able to replace a car you know what I mean? Like, I see you have the knobby tires on there and that would concern me for commuting purposes. Is there an option to have road tires for this? Have you tested those? If so, what are the differences? Does it really make that big of a difference for off road? I feel like it would make more sense to have slicks on there or at least some sort of hybrid. The other thing I really want to know about is the real world range. I know yyou are are going to do a full review, but please make sure to test this as this would be one of the biggest selling points for me personally. If I’m going to drop this much money on something like this, I want to know I can go a LOT further than a regular electric bike. OTherwise it’s just an expensive toy, which is fine, but not what I’m personally looking for. Anway, again, thanks for posting this and I am excited to learn more when you post the full review. Any idea when that might be? L8r.

Piseth Peav says:

The $12,450 E-Bike.

Willie Sporer says:

How do you monitor battery life on this? Can you swap out the battery?

Roy Hurdle says:

nice dude

Guigui says:

Did you get it for free ?

city slick says:

Welp. im already sold lol. No but seriously, very nicely done here. I’m always impressed with your work, but I’m more excited about this than your other videos. People will whine and complain about the price but when you’re lookign for the best of the best of the best your going to have to pay for it that’s just the way it works in life. Frankly, this is out of my price point at least with the upgrades and stuff, but I would consider this more seriously if you could atttach saddle bags and if it had built in lighting and blinkers so it could be road legal. or is it road legal? I doubt it. Keep it up and just turned on the notification bell thing for when you do the full review. Any chance of a giveaaway on this????

Life Yang says:

Stealth B-52 Bomber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

SuperMang says:

100lbs without the battery? she thicc

Katlyn Smitham says:

oMG your reaction when you rode it had me dead

Charles Ross says:

How hard was it to put together? Is it something I would need a professional for?

Mia Williamson says:

Maybe 5K sounds fair but this is just too much for me and pretty much everyone else

Hillary says:

The bike is so cool!

Lawrence Harbin says:

AMAZING unboxing and also the only one I could find. Can’t wait for the full review. Can’t find that either.

ItsMyLoginName says:

I saw this bike, or an earlier version of it a few years ago and it’s what got me interested in electric vehicles. Awesome.

SithLord 69 says:

I can’t wait to see you do a full ride review. It’s a Beast.!.

Jam Player says:

Well hey first and the bike is really cool

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