Stealth Bomber Video Review Ultra-powerful electric bike with nine pedal speeds using an internal gearbox in the bottom bracket. Top speed of 50 miles per hour with a 1.5 kwh battery pack and 4,500 watt motor. Long travel front and rear suspension to soak up bumps and jumps, this thing is more motocross than ebike.


Alex Paulsen says:

All these “cutting edge” electric bikes are using bicycle technology and methods from decades ago. Triple clamp forks absolutely should have a direct mount stem, there’s no need not to. As for the 24″ wheels? Yeah… no.

The Stealth Fighter is even worse, with a “unified rear triangle” type swingarm, where putting your weight on the pedals (standing up) results in the rear suspension being useless.

The number of brands taking Crystalyte motors off the shelves in China, putting it on a full suspension “downhill” styled bike, and marketing their products as “premium” or “innovative” is just a load of fucking nonsense. They’re all using Crystalyte motors with these power ratings, and the bikes are all equally as heavy and out-dated as each other, at ridiculous prices.

That sort of power level is fun, but you can buy the motors, controllers, and batteries yourself from Crystalyte and have upwards of 5KW for considerably less than the $10,000+ that these sell for.

BMW Enthusiast says:

I don’t understand the whole appeal of e-bikes. Like why buy an e-bike if you don’t have any health issues that would physically prevent you from pedaling a bike. Is it laziness? I mean seriously, if you are healthy then you need to get a normal bike, hill climbing will get easier with time

Matthew Stone says:

Can u ride it in the snow

mike x says:

. the cost of the stealth bike you would expect a high quality design motor with titanium axles not a cheap low quality heavy hub motor. a company like siemens could make high quality lightweight ebike motors. cheap hub motors you cannot expect high quality and the axles are likely to snap being made from brittle low quality cheap metal

Tomas Longa says:

Best friend of an off-road e-biker? A selfie stick!

samboy lim says:

what a beaut!!!

Jason Singh says:

50 mph I don’t believe that lets see the 50mph

daspecialist1220 says:

if you buy it here in the us will they make it so you can only keep in in us mode (20mphs) ?

Jonny Bravo says:



Lame yeah! That shit is going to restrict real mtbikers to natural areas where the true spirit of mtbiking lies… ¬¬

Zubeir Ibrahim says:

Can anyone just tell me the top speed, price and how long a full charge lasts

ThingsDemystified says:

This thing still sells for how much? It’s funny how far things have gone since this bike. Now 4500 watts is nothing. You can send the Cyclone 6500 watts, and if you’re hungry for more power, a 7500 watt Cyclone is available.

Fur Shadow Fwuff says:

pulled over for speeding on a bicycle x3 lawdy

Anthony Francis says:

Looks fun!!!!! 🙂 (y)

Cassian # says:

this is the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen… Don’t know what this want to be. Like a Downhillbike from 2006 and some idiot put in an engine.

bradley Macklin says:

for 10k, you could get a brand new top of the line dirt bike that would be a lot faster and more useful then this

Keith says:

if your riding something that goes as fast as a motorcycle, you should probably wear a motorcycle helmet.

just food for thought, but do whatever you like.

Ce Xiong says:

Can these bikes still be pedaled when the battery dies??

Edwin Corona says:

He’s not even pedaling at all,defeats the purpose. I felt like i was watching a motorcycle vid istead of a bycicle.

Mad Bob says:

too much taaaaaalk and ur voice absolutely like gay! no offense just being honest here

Zubeir Ibrahim says:


El señor del castillo says:

Que bien

Patrick Petrie says:

10k isn’t that bad when u co sider it costs u 8k for a good mx bike and this bike lets u run the roads and save a ton of cash as a mode of transportation. … if u put 5k miles on it in a year or two thaats like 20k in petro alone u did not have to pay and u can have fun driving around again. ide totally get one for me and the lower end model for my woman. we wouldd love those things…

Lewis Miller says:

You are a sick DARD

Quad Bikers says:

For £10,000.00 I at least expect the gear shift to not be a shitty shift wheel not worth it

Chris Walker says:

Does it have spode mode?

Delmar Van says:

reminds me of me old norco vps

Santino Wescott says:

how much was bomber

Frognuts 69 says:

Awesome step in the right direction!!

Danny Fubar says:

Those dwankies justify charging $10,000 to build that, Hardy Har Har.

Matthew Dimo says:

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