Stealth Electric Bike B-52 Bomber in Singapore – 5 YEARS LATER!

This is such a bittersweet review on my beloved Stealth Bomber, quite possibly the best e-vehicle I’ve ever owned and the immense joy has been priceless…probably the last time I will ever review this ebike simply because it has been outlawed by LTA’s standards.

So call it what you will but this is my tribute to….”MY PRECIOUS”

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Nice review ,how much you selling it for? I really interest it

shak dog says:

very nice bud. great promo for stealth. maybe next spring

ST7878 says:

Compare to Dualtron ultra is also not lta comply but why still people using on public?

Eloy Garcia says:

Can I have link to Kickstand website? Quigley motorsports???

Faiz says:

Tbh.E-bikers are road annoying asf.They anyhow ride on the road causing accidents and all.

Rotormatic says:

Also, is the punishment for riding illegally going to be something like a public caning with your whipped ass shown in the newspapers the next morning? I heard the Singaporian punishments can be quite severe. 😉

Broken Monarch says:

5200w omg power bro

adam ganjaman says:

Hi man what’s the battery like after all that time ?

zomgpow says:

Dat 944 though hahaha

Tan yi wei says:


Rotormatic says:

Is it possible to officially register the e-bike and pay the minimal fees to ride legit?

Terry07 says:

Seriously I thght throttle ebike is a good idea…with pedal are you going to ride without being tired or sweaty?

Zhen Ye Tan says:

That’s one hell of a machine, how does it compare to the ultra? Anyway as a fellow PMD user I really appreciate youtubers like yourself trying their best to remind fellow users to practice safe riding. hope you get more subs so more people will get your message! keep it up! (P.S. I’ve been eyeing the ultra for the longest time! might pull the trigger soon! heh)

ivanteo1973 says:

Singapore government will not allow electric bike like this to exist on the road. Otherwise no one will buy regular bikes and petrol taxes will be affected. Like wise for electric cars. Its all about revenue.

Sveno Mick says:

rego would be the go and a lot more people would buy them great transport good Australian product very good review.

Alexander Gramatkovski says:

Are you intrested in selling it ?

Drifter Choo says:

I always wanted that monster !! how much do you paid for it plus shipping?

Kian Siong says:

if only its allowed 🙁

Lino Jacombadje says:

Changed the brake pads 3 times ?!?! Formthe past month or two I changed mine like 4-5 time ( the rear one ) maybe because a wheelie alot ….
The 2016 b52 e awesome btw

johngy40 says:

why dont you look into putting lights indicators etc on it and getting it road compliant

Muhd Sufian says:

should try ride on pulau ubin

Jablow Maikok says:

How many km can U ride on a full charge? Why u need to carry the charger around.

Broken Monarch says:

I feel you bro the last few things you say.
It is really sad. Ya it is all depend on the rider.
Cars, motorbike everything can kill people.
I ride my scooter for many years too and
has 2500 km with one of the food deliver company
Never had an accident too.
Then suddenly this cannot, That one cannot.

Anna Nalbone says:

my question is … after 6 years how the battery is behaving?? how much range you get out of it??

galih Aji Arganata says:

can u ride it in the rain?

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