Stromer ST1 Limited Edition Video Review – High Speed Commuting Electric Bike The Stromer ST1 Limited Edition is a limited run (only 399 produced) speed pedelec with premium integrated lights from Supernova and Toplight, Aluminum fenders, rear carry rack from Racktime and Magura hydraulic disc brakes. High end Shimano Deore XT drive train with nine sprockets geared for 28+ mph riding speeds, comfortable Ergonomic locking grips from Ergon, custom Carbon fiber fork with sturdy 15 mm thru-axle. Offers smooth, silent, pressure sensitive pedal assist activated with a TMM4 torque sensor, four power levels, two regen levels and integrated regenerative braking via the right lever. One of the heavier electric road bikes I’ve tested at ~60 lbs, weight is balanced across the frame and kept low for improved handling, charger uses a dongle to connect to the battery that could get lost easily, chain stays are extra wide and I’ve clipped them while pedaling.


Is it worth it? says:

you got something on your teeth

Mike Cassley says:

ok thats it i am having one ,just ordered today in uk

Matt Burrows says:

Nice review with many specifications Inc seat post diameter but I was left wondering how many watts the motor was rated for.

Clive King says:

Nice! can it still get a puncture?

Coolkeys2009 says:

Now that bike has about the right level of performance and the torque sensing looks very good.

alexander martinez says:

do you get these bikes for free?

Beenthere Donethat says:

What bikes do you consider this bike’s stiffest competition?

buddyzakocs says:

Those balls on the end of the handle are not to keep your hands from falling off, they are so you don’t get impaled by the levers if you crash.

Stefan Schmidt says:

I am always surprised to see that no bike comes with a rearview mirror. I love having it on my regular bike when I commute to work as the bikelanes can be rather crowded at times. When you have a powerbike like this and are cruising in 28+ mph I suppose it come really handy since you ride in “mixed” traffic with cars. Do you know why this is the case, that noone uses mirrors or equip their bikes with some? Anyway, I like your videos and your review of the Hibike sduro hardtail 29 eventually had me trying one, get hooked, and buying it. Great stuff and great fun!

LivingLifeElectric says:

Do you own stock in Thud Buster and Body Float?

James Jacocks says:

Comment on the weight was important, hope folks were listening. Have a Turbo X and I use a rack for long portage — it keeps you tuned is all I gotta say. The Stromer would not be so slick on rough byways. I like a front shock and 27.5s at the minimum. In the urbs it would be a Q ship. You shed tire rovings on those zombies at the lights. Nice vid. Ear catcher: “Some cool stuff on two wheels is just down the lane.” I’m on my way.

mike x says:

alot of electric bike frames lack torque arms or clamping dropouts to make it impossible for the motor axle to slip out. without them the motor can slip out of dropouts

ILikeWeatherGuy says:

gah I hate that charger! charging is inconsistent with the Bionx system lol

joes joey says:

holy cow man have you seen the new ohm e bikes? they look really nice and seem to improved many things while keeping the power and speed !! nice review by the way the stromer is legit!

musicalhelp says:

What the biggest consumer aggravation in business today? The first thing you want to know about anything which is the last thing they want to tell and then you have to ask. The freaking price!

Christopher Colm says:

Seems like you need a second camera mounted on your chest always running so that you can use your shifting/braking hand while filming?

Juan Noval says:

First to post!!! YEAH!!

MatRdmCooper says:

man this thing eats the commute!

Uddhab Das says:

oh go its so fast and there are some weird noise from the regen i guess.
this vid id cool and the bike is really awesome. god wish it came to india at affordable price.

cresshead says:

balls on the end of the brakes are so you don’t imale your hand if/when you fall off the bike…safely feature

Karel Castelein says:

Nice review. Personnaly I found there are still some flaws on the bike.
1. Front fender is too short to keep all the water from splashing onto your feet. A mudflap could bring some help, but longer fenders would have been better.
2. Extra bosses for an additional water bottle would have been nice. It’s no extra cost for the manufacturar.
3. A Tubus rack is much sturdier and preferable for me. It adds an additional leg to keep panniers away from te spokes, plus it can carry a heavier load while weighing not more than an Racktime. A rack attached to the frame (wishbone) is always sturdier and flexes less.
4. I don’t think I would be happy with the wide range MTB sprockets. Gaps are too big for me.
5. I prefer a kickstand on te rear end, in stead of the center. This is much more stable with panniers.
6. And while I’m running down my list….why not a Pinion with a Gates belt. No more hassle with greasy chaines, etc…

For a little less, this one is more my cup of tea
Comes with very smooth welds

For me, this looks like a good bike, but at this price….I want a bike the way I want it without any compromises. And that’s possible, except it won’t be an electric one.

The Master says:

I got to ride a very similar stromer at the ebike fest in houston, by far the nicest bike, but a little too much for me. I am thinking of doing a homemade one myself, and doing probably a middrive.

John Moura says:

Good looking bike!

zoltan87 says:

Wow, I am so glad I decided to watch this video. I am planning to buy a suspension seatpost for my parents and I haven’t heard about this one before. Will do some research now. And about that stem: I had no idea something like that even exists with some built in dampening effect! Haha, you just never know what interesting side information will come up in a video. I really like your channel, keep up the good work. Regards from Hungary.

malcolm Wallace says:

what kind of tires are those

Dejan Loncar says:

Greate camera angle, tnx man you are No1

Festivejelly says:

Such a beautiful looking bike.

Jay Arriola says:

Read an article last night about how advance lithium will be years from now. smaller, holds charges longer, efficient.

The future is looking bright. E-bikes will be lighter. Maybe in the future we’ll even see one powered by a battery made of graphene as well?

Uddhab Das says:

this bike is supper sexy.

jessasdad says:

Groin cam!

Stayshtum68 says:

Yay! bottle cage mounts.This is a beautiful looking bike.The only giveaway that it is an Ebike is the big motor.The weight of it lets it down though.60 pounds is very heavy if the battery runs flat.You say that the battery is 36 volt 14 ah.That is about a half a kilowatt,not a full kilowatt.Still good though.

Daniel Pasterski says:

Hey just wanted to say thanks for your video’s. I recently just bought my first electric bike for my birthday and since I live in Portland on the west side the hills were killing me. Since I have bought it I have rode my bike to work everyday and after the next year I plan on getting another one and phase out my car. Been a lot a fun and these video’s really helped me make the decision. Thanks for your work 🙂

Juan Nieve says:

In northern Europe something black on your teeth just means Snus = nuuska here in Finland very normal, no need to explain/excuse it 🙂 On other notes sweeeeeeet bike!

You Toober says:

20:10 – i bet that car driver to your left saw how fast you were going and said “holy sh*t!!”


Jason Grant says:

‘Masculine jewelry’! Love it. Your reviews are the best.

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