Super 73 ebike review: the best electric bike!

The Super 73 by Lithium Cycles (Kickstarter project) is my favorite electric bike. It has a top speed of 26 MPH and the battery lasts 20 miles. Find out more here:

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Heinz Fraenkel says:

Come to china – we got ebikes for days

Earumamaadu says:

My gasoline bike costs less than $1000 and it can reach speed up to 60 mph.

egje EORWIJ says:

it’s basically those new era bike wheels on a old mini bike kit frame with a battery and electric clutched motor..

..:BassBoost:.. says:

Would like to see it with a suspension fork

biocybernaut says:

Huh, you took over the annex(e)… good luck with your working on your own Sam—Casey approves… Your new space is a bit tight, but hanging around Casey’s is probably a good idea.

Patrick Haare says:

3200$ for a 30lb frame with an electric motor. Are you mad ?

Don Mega says:

kickstarter is full of incompetent wannabe businessmen. many who are great entrepreneurs, but when it comes to the business side of actually making the project come true they utterly fail.

Ken Ruan says:

60 pounds? sigh.

Richard Longmore says:

Cool !! Looks fun to ride

Rico4you says:

Take my $money! Awesome …great video!

70 CC says:

holy shit id totally buy one if my cancerous country didnt require you to put license plates on a fucking bicycle

Tom Littlehales says:

“18mph top speed with a 20 mile range” for the cheaper model. Definitely a toy then, I can beat those stats on my road bike.

Raymundo Gonzalez says:

electric is taking over the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dubsman21 says:

Very cool, but a mini bike with a predator 212cc is much more fun and cheaper.

Manny G says:

Looks like a lot of fun but I’m worried the frame will snap at the neck. My designer 2 cents. Once redesigned I’ll consider.

B edwards says:

no foot rests big mistake for cruisers

MtnXfreeride says:

All of these e bikes are so overpriced. If anybody’s ever wondering why they don’t catch on that is why. This is a $250 bike frame steel (not even aluminum – most of that money is in the wheels) with $150 motor and a $400 battery. It isn’t like there’s huge R&D when the guy designed it in three days..anyone can take a doodlebug frame and slap on a motor and battery. I just bought a hub motor for my $500 mtn bike and $150 battery.. i get 8 miles with front suspension and less weight for 250 in parts.

Don Mega says:

just buy the cheap $955 version and sell the electric parts to someone else, then buy bafang bbs02 (which super73 uses anyway) with a compatible battery. that’ll be total $1700 or so.

adriane carrier says:

I have an izip Chopper -fast & similar height and weight- & only $550

Jake Smith says:

i just built a full suspension mtb with a 500watt 36v hub kit, ebay style, and 6 36v battery packs… thats over 30 miles of range at an average of 26mph for a total of 450$, all pulg and play stuff, and its only 40lbs. I really dont get why anyone would waste their money on something like this when one can build a much better version for under 500$.. i guess lazy = spend 1000 to 5000 bucks.. wtf.

nicholascremato says:

A pedal version of this with an optional electric kit was offered on kickstarter and I ordered it almost 2 years ago and never got it!

Lance Duckworth says:

Y they no post to Australia ;_____;

bigeve223 says:

I really like this, personal electric vehicles are the future. Quite expensive but 26mph is fast, range is fair (is it 20 mile range factored with the top speed or casual riding?), and the seating position looks nice and casual as I would like.

Very curios about the drive train situation with pedaling… Just one gear? and for that kind of money I would expect a proper fork and headset setup like a bicycle has, it is much stronger.

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke says:

Changing the game on eBikes, yes please!

AA Tech says:

Ever heard of a Sondors Bike

The Right KiNG of Wrong! says:

there is nothing special in this bike it doesn’t even have suspension lol not more than a toy bike

MC Donald says:

WRX at 4:42 though

Ras0ne says:

Just get a Ruckus. lol

mauricesj66 says:

Mountain bike gear ratio shifts would be nice add on

abraham linan says:

It could be a lot better

The Acai King says:

The only problem is those gay tires

the modfather says:

Such unbelievable garbage. Make a cheap bike or get the fuck out.

abraham linan says:



Really nice loving those wheels

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